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  • Artist Info: I have been on here for a good many years now, and Gaia has changed an unbelievable amount during that time. This, however, is now what I wish to speak of. My name is Sarina Slytherin, and I am known as the daughter of Salazar Slytherin, though many people have never before heard of me. As far as my existence goes, I have only been talked of as a fairtale or figment of others imaginings, so I am sure that there are few people wondering why I am even still alive today. The answer is that I am only half alive. When I was around the age of 25, before my father went in with his friends to build Hogwarts, a terrible tragedy befell me. I was kidnapped by beings known as vampires, and not the ones that everyone has come to call sparkly pixies. I was used as a blood slave, this a rather humiliating position that many humans may find themselves in at some point if they are not careful. One of the vampires wished to procreate with me, but that perverse dream of his was never to be realized since I stole a bit of his blood one day when I accidentally cut him open with a blade I just had happened upon the same day. Enough blood ran into my veins that I was able to get a bit of the abnormal strength these creatures possess, and that was when I made my escape. I knew immediately that I was no longer fully human, but half of each. The vampire blood I devoured has trapped me inside the body of a 25 year-old who will have to watch all of her family pass on. There is one perk to being the way that I am, however, and that is the fact that I have retained my ability to walk within the rays of the Sun. I never contacted my father again, for he had already left his friends at Hogwarts, and no one knew where he had vanished to. This is my story, and it is all I have to tell. <br />
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