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  • Artist Info: I'm simply a lil character created by someone who wears a fitting pair of reading glasses that draws and writes his/her own world with inspirations ranging from the SCP Foundation, Command and Conquer series, various mystery novels, various crime dramas on TV, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, a few isekai anime that're known, Bioshock Trilogy, folk myths, all forms of music, and lastly The Bible (Yes literally "The" Bible).<br />
    <br />
    The name of my world can be named however one sees fit, but the fundamental plot is that it is a peaceful world, one that's ruled under an oligarchy but nations still retain their own control of "their" territory, and only the factions who reign supreme are allowed to wage war with one another, crime is controlled by the factions themselves, but it's a means of giving local law enforcement a reason to exist; though they don't know that. A nation's military protects the borders and also act as a warning and as support to whoever faction they're sided with.
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