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  • Artist Info: hello i'm going to tell you about myself,<br />
    I read like there is nothing else in the world but good books...<br />
    manga and fantasy are my favorite...<br />
    I am writing and drawing and mostly imagining at least 200 graphic novels...<br />
    I am 17 years old...<br />
    I extraordinarily enjoy tales about loreleis,sirens and mermaids mostly in that order... 3nodding <br />
    I plan to post pictures that i draw...maybe...<br />
    so I will try to "keep you posted" cool <br />
    see you! wink <br />
    oh by the way I am a super fan of 'kingdom hearts' whee number one,two,chain of memories,300 and somthing-or-other to 6 days,<br />
    so i am FREAK'IN OUT eek about the new kingdom hearts game-to-come-out, I SOOOOOOOOO want the pre-order copy... cry <br />
    and I currently have my avatar dressed as Tashigi, from One Piece, one of my three favorite mangas one piece, fairy tail, and rave master. whee
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