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  • Artist Info: right...few people know me but i mostly keep to myself... i want to be a professional photographer and a friend said i can post pictures to be rated...so i'm gonna try that...i'm only here for that...sorry...<br />
    <br />
    is what i said...apparently i'm a liar...damn...oh well anyway...favorite color blue like older type music (like swingg jazz and such) and have a better feel of nature than big time city industrialization...yay go me. i never go anywhere without my camera, mp3 player, phone, or scissors...cause you never know when you'll need to do arts and crafts. so i have it all in my little backpack has been decoreated by my three favorite colors and a peace sign...the peace sign to match my hat and my three favorite colors are blue, black, and green. yay for me!
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