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  • Artist Info: I'm not mean, but i can be..I'm somewhat of a moody person.<br />
    I love to talk and hang out with my friends in person and virtal.<br />
    My parents and not togther. I live mwith my dad and i love it. I use-to live with my mother, but that was..hummm..not the best, but i don't reget the friends i made when i was there.<br />
    I miss them dearly and i wished that i could see them all the time.<br />
    I'm not the best person with relationship's and all.. They and i end badly and with heart-brake's yad yad...Anyway's i like lots of music and i love the color green. I like to play Halo on my compter and read book's. It seems that i for some reason get grounded alot.. And for now i can't talk on my cell, go on myspace, can't use my house phone(or keep it in my room).<br />
    I can talk on here when ever i can...I miss talking to my frineds...<br />
    Well if there's anything you would like to know about me, just leave a comment...<br />
    Thanks for reading and all.<br />
    <br />
    Leslie<br />
    (Bubbles)<br />
    <br />
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