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    I'm from Sweden and I'll soon be 17. I go to Secondary school , known to you as High School, and I just started my second year. My main course(?) is crafts & design, I learn how to sow and design clothes correctly^^ yay fun biggrin !! Anyway, I'm really short, and I'm asian ;D. <br />
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    I'm an ateist, which means that I don't believe in gods or any higher power. But that doesn't mean i believe in nothing. I believe in angels and I believe in Karma and reincarnation. But I don't believe the world was created in 7 days. <br />
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    ~Morningstar: your love is great towards the one who gave you life, even as you spend eternity in the flames. If you hadn't loved and adored God so deeply and intensely, then you'd still be in heaven.~<br />
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