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    R U A BOY OR A GIRL <br />
    am a 28 y/o trash rat<br />
    Contact;<br />
    Discord: Eilks #1115<br />
    GW2, ESO, Sims 4, 76<br />
    Dirty Filthy +18Furry Artist<br />
    allergic to life and sensitive to food -GERD-IBS.<br />
    The bestest nihilist optimist. -(INTP-A)<br />
    Imma depressed, anxious, lifeless husk /fingerguns.<br />
    I am very relaxed and chilli<br />
    Love and good b/ass only pls<br />
    "cringy dumb goober gob."
    <br />
    Alex is looking 4 gf<br />
    Bret is a b-b-baka uwu<br />
    Monte is my diaper pail baby<br />
    Myles is my sweet bubby, potato baby &lt;3<br />
    Obsessed with space, water and Gideon Emery's voice. emotion_drool <br />
    A-sex/romance, NB?, the world may never know.<br />
    i use lmao a lot even tho its not funny.<br />
    i am lesbianese for sarah she my whole ass soul. #bfffl<br />
    I am Engaged and a parent
    <br />
    [Arts n Signs] [Face]<br />
    (Comment) (Private)<br />
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