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  • Artist Info: Happi is a female who enjoys being spontaneous and is very unpredictable. She loves sugary treats, nature, toe socks, being lazy and her friends and family. She will listen to just about any type of music. Genre doesn't matter, as long as she thinks it sounds good. She loves shopping for clothes just as much as getting some new games for her Wii and Play Station. Even though she fails at video games, she insists on playing them anyway. She loves her friends and is liable to rip your throat out if you hurt them in any way. Happi is currently single and plans to stay that way for a long time. Her dream guy would be sweet, caring and would take her for who she is and love her through thick and thin. She is also a tree-hugging eco-freak. She also hates animal abuse. And if you must know, she is a Democrat. As much as she is addicted to the internet, she would love to get away from her house and go camping. Her perfect ending to a day would be watching a sunset with her best friends. She hates spiders, stubborn people, snobs, emos, preps, conformists, and conformity. Happi is a Jehovah's Witness. No, she is not some crazed fanatic who would rather die than accept medical care. D your homework before you judge.<br />
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    Happi is much to complex to fit into this space. Talk to her. Drop her a line and find out who she is for yourself.<br />
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    [ L i n k s ]<br />
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