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    • Watched by Dark Riders by Lavanda-luna
    • This is the first part of the first chapter of my book. I want to see how it goes over with other people. Please feel free to leave comments to tell me what you think. I hope you enjoy it! :D
    • Julia by Ah Vino
    • the first chapter. i found this on my computer from so many years back. i guess ill TRY to finish it now. xD
    • Bong-Chong-Dong Ghost by thegreatcomet
    • This is the story of Bong-Chong, but instead of the schoolgirl in the original, this is with my OC, Ieath Kagami. For those who have never heard of Bong-Chong A.K.A. Cho, she was a woman who committed suicide after losing custo...
    • Crimes of a Hot Vampire Part 6 by Honey C H I L D sweet
    • It's been years since I've updated my story and decided to start now. I made this one my account on Quizilla, though I doubt many read it XD. Just wanted to know where to improve. I don't describe the characters so here is a l...
    • InsAne: Injct 1 + Chpt 1 by Juubei323
    • InsAne Injection 1: The Whiteness and Chapter 1:New Job Ok, just so you don't get confused if you haven't figured it out already Injections are Zamion's chapters and the other chapters are Kira's chapters...Yay! *= ZAMION DOES ...
    • Warrior of Ice Ch. 1 by Eppoif1
    • This story is about Tommy, it takes place 3 years after the original Frontier story, Tommy's now 11. He's called back to the digital world, but it wasn't like before. The 'Ten Legendary Warriors' have disappeared, and something...
    • Somewhere At Midnight by X-HayKay-X
    • A good friend of mine gave me the idea of an island where it is always night. Here's what came out of it. Hope you all like it. Comments encouraged.
    • Irises at Mount Tom by nihilist queen
    • *This is the latest that I've written, and my best. I currently haven't had the inspiration or motivation to continue past the first sentence of chapter 2, so I thought to upload it here and see if I can't spark that creativity...
    • A Berry Berry Halloween by Rueka
    • Micha, Shima, and Dillon are all part of a story I'm working on right now. Shima and Micha are the main characters though, and I absolutely adore them. Especially my cute cute cute Shima. I love him, even though I'm practically...
    • Lost Memories by xMsPanda
    • In my 9th grade English class, I was told to write an essay. The prompt basically stated "...interview an adult, friend, or relative asking them their opinion on education." Since I have a broken family, and work took up too mu...
    • The Promiseand the Pain by hidden puppet
    • hello (>///<) : this is my first story so please go easy on me ^^; if you want that is >.< . This short story is about a girl who make a promise to her self and a boy who changed her life.
    • The Highway of Nightmares by Doctor Graybles
    • Broken Lives Part One: I'm pulling out all the stops this time! It's been about three years since I wrote Broken, now I'm changing it and expanding the story. A lost man with amnesia attempts to find his way in a shattered vers...
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