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    • Dark gate by Keaton Phoxx
    • Death isn't an easy thing..this is another one of my story's about a girl, who dies, and then turned into an angel. However, while she's an angel, she runs into the girl who murdered her, and plots revenge. ~Love, Kari Phoxx
    • Why? by iSalma
    • Oh my, my uncle, Khalo, Or as I call him, Bamboo Butt... was like 'Suty....' and then he pulled me and I was screaming in terror like... ''AHH!!! GET AWAY FROM ME BAMBOO!!' then I ran away and ran to his wife.the next day, I wa...
    • Fang & Fur 3 update!! by Artemis Apollo
    • Description: Rhea and Yuna are experiment made by vampires. Weapons for a war that will soon come. On the run from their creator, trying to find peace in a world that knows not of their existence and would destroy them if they ...
    • peace by joy1579
    • this never hapend but the person i talk adout in the end the one who loved her is true and he loves you to if you feel like you need to find him or to talk with him please read the bible god bless you!!!!!!!!!!
    • A Monochromatic Dream by Lady Emergency
    • Okay, I hope this isn't too terribly graphic. I have other pieces that would probably cause severe mental damage that I have and you don't want. Her name is Cyanide, his Thirteen. Um...enjoy?
    • Hidden Stranger -Part 1- by Winnie La Pooh
    • Fourteen year old Yuuka Hironami was a lonely girl, living with herself, and her disfunctional family. But one day, however... She finds that no one is really "Alone" This story is written in third person omniscient point of...
    • If only walls could talk... by XDandrooXD
    • I did this as part of my yr 10 (age 14) english coursework to Imagine, Explore and Entertain (also Describe). I used a jail cell from the movie 'The Shawshank Redemption' as insperation for which room to describe. It would be...
    • One Last Breath (Itachi Uchiha by Sylverx
    • okay. its about itachi from naruto. and before you say anything. i did not copy this from quizilla. you can even ask me (kakashinightroad13) because it is me. so hah XD
    • Running by assassin number 392
    • This is a fan fiction of the book "Maximum Ride- The Angel Experiment." It took me a year to finish it. I really hope you like it. There is more and if i get a lot of good comments i will post the rest of the story.:D
    • The Unknowns of Liest by Liest
    • A small piece because I was bored... besides I have a load of stories with this character as I used to Rp him... Let me know if I should continue it or not x3
    • One bloody,living nightmare by Awkward Giggles
    • Don't say I copyed twilight, I was writing this befor I even knew twilight excisted x.x If I get into the spot light I'll post parts 2-8 up then.... o.o Please excuse my typos and bad grammer... =3
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