• There once was a child a long time ago when the vampires lived. The child's name was Joss. He was a boy who had black ha, as dark as the night sky, and eyes that are crystal blue, like the waters of Miami beach. He is also a fairly slim boy for his age; for him being 17. He is also 6 foot 2 inches. But anyway, onto the first day he began to slay as a vampire slayer; wandering the earth and other places!

    Joss wandered around town till he spotted a man, a few years older than him with a wooden stake over his nack, and a light blue bottle that was the size of a measurement cup, filled with holy water, and closed with a large cork. Joss flashed a smile as he walked over to the man. "Hello sir," he said in a friendly tone (Joss). The man drew his gaze up to him while he sat. The man cleared his throat and said, "Hello, who would you happen to be?" Joss gave a small frown at his question then sighed quietly. "Whats with all the items you carry; Sir?"The man gave him a slight glance and glare at the same time. "If you want to find out, follow me on my journey. And by the way, The names Otis." He said with a slight smile then got up from sitting in the chair. Otis seemed like a foot taller than Joss, but was only 6'9. Joss nodded his head and also gave a smile. "Well my name is Joss, Pleasure to begin a journey with you Otis."