• You wake up one morning in your room at the Las Noches. It was a breezy, partly cloudy day. You got out of bed with an adrenaline rush to say hi to everyone. Except Grimmjow *sweat mark*. You got dressed into your Espada uniform and walked down stairs. It seemed like ages before you reached the bottom floor, since your room was so high up. You walked in the kitchen and stood by the sliding glass door. You were staring at the pond covered and hidden by grape vines and cherry blossom trees. You saw Ulquiorra sitting in the moss-covered bench. Alone. 'As usual' you thought.

    You thought you would walk out there and say hi to him, since he was all alone. You quietly slid open the glass door and stepped outside. You noticed out the corner or your eye that Ulquiorra turned and glaced at you,but then turned back around doing whatever it was he was doing. You closed the door and started walking tawards him. You saw him looking down at something, and out of curiosity you looked over his shoulder to see what it was. It was a pink-white cherry blossom. He was just fiddling with it.

    "Hey, Ulquiorra." You said as you walked infront of him and sat down beside him on the bench.
    "Hello, ______" He said quietly.
    You just stared at him as he looked down at the flower in his pale hands.
    "What are you doing out here, all alone?" You asked him. He looked at you with his emerald eyes, then a moment later he stared into the distance.
    "Just watching the scenery." He looked back at you. "And you?"
    "Oh, I just got up a little while ago, then I saw you out here by yourself, so I thought I would come out here with you." You said.
    "Oh. . ." He said softly.
    Then all the sudden he looked up, as if he was startled.
    "What's wrong?" You asked him, following his glance but seeing nothing but grass and trees. He didn't say anything.
    He stood up, and started walking taward a tree with low, heavy vines.
    "Ulquiorra?!" You tried again, louder this time. But still no answer came from him.
    You just watched him with a confused looked on your face. He knelt beside the tree and it looked as if he was holding something, but you couldn't make out what it was.

    You started to walk over to him when he quietly said, "Don't tell anyone."
    "Don't tell anyone wha-" Before you finished, you knew what he was talking about. You leaned over him looking at the white kitten he craddled in his arms.
    "Ohh. . ." You softly said as you knelt next to him. "I never knew you had a soft side to you." You said jokingly.
    "At times." He said. "But you are probably the only one who knows I like kittens." You giggled a little, and so did he.
    "And that's the first time I actually heard you laugh. . .You know. . .When your not 'evil'". You told him.
    "Ha, I know. But I feel like I can do anything around you and you won't tell anyone. Like I feel safe around you." He said.

    You blushed at his remark. He then looked at you, and you blushed even more.
    "Are you blushing, _____?"
    "No, of course not." You said, attempting to cover your face with your sleeves. Ulquiorra just smiled. Just seeing him smile for once made you smile a bigger smile than Gin.

    Seconds Chapter::

    It was nightfall at the Las Noches. Everyone was about to eat, when you noticed that Ulquiorra wasn't at the table. You got up from your seat when all the sudden Aizen-sama Caught your attention.
    "Miss _____, where are you going? We are about to eat." Aizen-sama said. You moaned under your breath.
    "Umm, I was just going to look for Ulquiorra. He isn't here."
    "Oh, you're looking for that little emo-brat?" Grimmjow said in a mocking manner. You just glared at him.
    "Shut up, Grimmjow." You said. He rolled his eyes.
    "I'm sorry, I don't take orders from women. Nonethless anyone." He said, acting 'all that'.
    "Grimmjow." Aizen said. "Stop acting so immature."
    There were "OOooos" all around the room. Grimmjow looked the opposite direction.
    "Whatever." He mumbled.
    Aizen slowly looked back at you.
    "Yes, Miss _____, You may go see Ulquiorra. But you may miss dinner." He said.
    "Oh, it's alright." You said, standing up.
    Everyone watched as you left the room.
    "Hahaha, Grimmjow's jealous!!"
    "No i'm not you a**!" You heard as you left.
    "Ugh. . ." You thought. You walked down the lit corridors. You came up to the spiral stairway and started walking up. It took you a while to get up there, but at least you got some excercise. You looked down the dark red hallway where his room resided. You started walking down the hallway and turned, staring at his door, Slightly open.

    'That's strange, his door is usually closed' You thought.
    You opened the creaky door cautiously. Unknowing what would be on the other side you called is name quietly.
    "Ulquiorra. . .?" You searched through his room. He wasn't there. Then you saw a line of light on the floor. You fallowed it with your glance, it leading to his bathroom. The door was slightly open, the thin strand of light on the floor.
    You opened the door very slowly.
    "Ulquiorra?" You asked. You opened the door all the way and saw Ulquiorra sitting on the floor, leaning over the toilet.
    You had a nervous look in your eyes.

    Before you could gain your voice, he gripped the sides og the toilet and started to gag. Like he was throwing up, but all that came out his mouth was stomache acid.
    "Oh my god, Ulquiorra! Are you okay??" You practically threw yourself tawards him and held him in your arms.
    "No, i'm fine, ______" He said with a weak voice.
    He started to caugh. You didn't want to sufficate him, so you let him go. He covered his mouth and caughed again.
    "What happened?" You said with a sympathetic voice.
    "It's nothing. . .Probably the stomache flu or something" He said.
    "Is there anything I can do?" You asked.
    "No, I'm afraid not. But you can stay here with me. It would make me feel better. Emotionally, anyway."
    You stared at him with a surprised look. 'Is this a dream, or is Ulquiorra Schiffer actually asking ME to stay with HIM!?' You thought. He cocked his head to the side from all the akward silence.
    "I mean, you don't have to. . ." He said, looking down at the floor.
    "No, no! I want stay with you. I'd be glad to help" You said quickly, smiling. He gave you a weak smile, but then turned back to the toilet, gagging again. You rubbed his back. Then he stopped. You got up off the floor and grabbed a small towell from the counter and ran warm water on it under the sink. Ulquiorra watched as you did so. You sat back on the floor beside him and wiped his mouth with the cloth. He slightly blushed, almost unnoticable. You smiled.

    He turned away, knowing that you knew he was blushing. You put the towell back on the counter and laid one hand on his shoulder, and used the other one to turn his head back tawards you. He blushed more this time, the pink under his eyes stood out against his pale-white skin. He smiled faintly. Then you pulled him closer to you, and pressed your lips against his. His eyes were wide, but then closed. He kissed you back, and put his arms around you as he did so. But then, he quickly pulled back. You thought you did something wrong, so you blushed even worse than he.
    "What if I get you sick?" He asked quickly. 'Oh, it was only that.' You thought.
    "Oh, it's okay. Ulquiorra. I'd rather be sick with you than be sick by myself."
    He blushed again, and he brang you into another kiss. Just then, Grimmjow swung open the door so quickly it almost hit you. 's**t!' You thought. You didn't realize that you have been with Ulquiorra for far too long, and everyone was done eating. . .

    To be continued. . .