• Academy of the demon


    A long long time ago, a war was fought in our World. A battle between human and demon for the rights of the land. They once lived together in harmony, but soon, as they found a new realm, now known as the human realm, filled with rich lands minerals, water, and animals, but could only sustain one race as the humans and demons wanted the same thing, they became bitter enemies. Years had passed before the war ended, many lives were lost, but finally the human race were dominant and left the demons in the realm they had once shared now known as the the Demon Realm, And thus they were split in two. forgotten by those too young to remember the great battle and only told to the young of the noble leaders of the great clans, races and tribes of the elements, the elements listed here from most noble to least noble. Ice, Darkness, Light, Fire, Earth, Nature, Electricity, Air, Water, Sound, Poison, and lastly Blood with the exception of vampires who are both darkness and blood they are the lowest demon in nobility due to their unsanitary need to feed on blood. The humans gave up their heritage as warriors and gave up their powers to live in peace, that so called peace that is today. It was almost as if the battle never existed. Yet, some demons still live in our world. Seeming to be nothing more than normal. Our story begins as everyone is piling in from all over the realm to go to the most well known demon school in the demon realm The Red Skies Academy.

    Chapter 1: Beginnings----------fall

    Part 1: Room #1
    A boy was walking towards the school a large duffel bag hanging off his back he had long silvery white hair that reached to his shoulders, his eyes were silver and his pupils were ling and sharp looking almost like a cat's, he was wearing a black coat with white trimming around the back of the neck and went straight down from the front sides of his neck to right above his chest then snaking around his shoulders and straight across his back, and on his shoulders were two belts that each ended where the trimming, was the zipper of the coat was a cross that attatched in the center to a hollow circle with an x in the middle of it, and all along the sides of the zipper track were strange white markings that looked like dragon wings, he was wearing black gloves that had a symbol on them the exact shape of his zipper, black pants with the same dragon wing design going down the sides, and he was also wearing black boots the laced up part of the boots being covered by his pants and around the bottom soles of the shoes was again the white dragon wing design. He was holding a crudely drawn map in his hand squinting as he was trying to pick it out
    "damn it!" he said loudly
    "why does he have to suck so bad at making maps!" He said once again loudly
    "my father's the leader of the village yet he cant even draw a decent map" he said as a boy with long brown hair that was spiked back on the back of his head while his bangs remained in the front of his face but not covering his stone brown colored eyes. He was wearing a brown unzipped sweater, and a plain white t-shirt inside, he was also wearing dark blue jeans, and was carrying a small bag slung over his right shoulder and was holding the strap with his right hand and his other in his pocket. He walked up behind the boy with white hair and said
    "wow your right that map does suck i know the way we can walk there together if you like" the other boy startled realizing he was talking outloud turned and said
    "sure i guess" he stopped for a moment and extended out his hand to the boy
    "my name is koyokotsu whats yours?" he asked the other boy stopped and took his hand and shook it
    "the names drake nice to meet you" he replied kyokotsu and drake continued walking down the road they then came up to a long path leading to a large building the academy! The campus of the academy was enormous and was covered in lush green grass and trees with a river flowing in the back of the school, to the left side of the school was a field with no trees in it to the top left corner of the campus was a large lake with a few trees around it, and to the top right a large forest as they made their way to the school they noticed a large fenced off area with a door leading into it from the school filled with trees and a large open area in the center. In the center a woman with black hair just past her ears, wearing large white poofy pants with a long blue cloth with red insignias on it draped on the back of the pants and a slightly smaller cloth on the front, she was also wearing a dark blue halter top with long dark blue gloves that reached up to her shoulders with red insignias on them. She was lieing asleep against a large lion with four gleaming yellow eyes it was red and orange the lion almost looking as if it was on fire they paid no mind and walked up to the doors. Kyokotsu looked over at drake
    "who was that?" asked kyokotsu as they walked in the front doors
    "your guess is as good as mine" they both looked to their right and saw a map of the school the school had 5 floors the basement gym with a fairly large stage on the side. On the first floor the room and the fenced area that it leads to, which is what they just saw, were the fighting classrooms then there was the principals office, the infirmary, detention hall, and defence class.Tthe second floor had the cafeteria, library, and lounge. On the third floor there were all ten student rooms and then there was the roof. Kyokotsu looked over at drake and said
    "its not that big really"
    "i guess so" drake replied
    "i think we go to the principals office?" asked kyokotsu drake looked at the door down the hall
    "sure lets go with that" he said they both walked to the door and walked in a woman wearing small glasses over her red eyes, she had a pink shirt on, and a long pink skirt that reached to her knees looked up at them and said
    "hello how may i help you two?"
    "Yea were checking in i guess" kyokotsu replied
    "and your names?" she said
    "i'm kyokotsu" replied kyokotsu
    "and i'm drake" said drake. The woman pulled out some blank sheets of paper she closed her eyes and instantly perfect detailed profiles of the two were written on the paper photo's and all she skimmed through them and paused at a part of kyokotsu's profile that was blurry a whole half of the page was blurry and unreadable but she paid no mind and then pulled out two keys "you two are lucky enough to be the first ones here that means you two will be roommates" she said as she pulled out two keys and handed them to kyokotsu and drake they both looked at eachother then back at skai.
    "the rooms are on the third floor and if you need anything come and ask me ok? oh and by the way i'm your principal miss skai" said skai
    "ok thank you" kyokotsu said as he headed for the door drake nodded to the principal and followed kyokotsu as they headed up to the third floor they looked around when they got to the third floor they went to the door with the one on it and kyokotsu opened the door with his key and they walked in the room. The room was fairly large and had two beds, two dressers, and night stands next to the beds. The room also had 2 bathrooms one on either side drake immediately went to the bed on the right dropped his bag on the floor and plopped himself on the bed closing his eyes and resting meanwhile kyokotsu had sat himself next to his dresser and began unpacking drake eyes still closed said
    "and your not tired and lieing down...why?" kyokotsu replied as he had pretty much finished unpacking
    "I am I'm just doing all this first then i dont have to do it later" he said as he finished putting his things in the dresser he then stood up and hung his spare coat on the coat hook next to the dresser. he then pulled out a roll of weapon hilt wrap he then placed his hand above the bed he then hovered his hand over the bed all of a sudden black ice started forming creating a tip of a blade he moved his hand slowly down the bed as more and more of the blade was created eventually he created a full sword the blade was in a giant diamond shape except the top part of the diamond extended creating the main part of the blade and a small spike ball was attatched to the bottom of the handle he then wrapped the handle and repeated again and made another realizing that he had a roommate he said to him "by the way if you dont wanna be permanantly frostbitten i siggest you dont touch these ok?" drake looked up and stared at the swords
    "sure thing wait where did those come from? i didnt see any swords on you when we came in" kyokotsu laughed
    "thats because i just made them out of a special ice technique and if you touch it you get frostbitten and the only way to heal it would mean it would be given back to me double and my body can heal itself from that because of my race" drake looked impressed
    "so you can control ice? what clan are you from?" he asked
    "oh i'm from the mountain dragon clan where you from?" he said as he looked at the wall and saw a weapon rack he then hung the blades on the wall
    "well i'm from the earth demon tribe" he said proudly
    "cool" kyokotsu said as he fell over onto the bed "aaaah now i can rest" kyokotsu said relieved he then rolled over and dozed off to sleep drake also did soon after

    Part 2: Rooms #2-3

    A girl was walking towards the direction of the school she had brown hair that reached a little past her shoulders she was wearing a long black open trench coat, with a white tank top, black jeans, and black shoes she knew where she was going because she had been shown and told where the school was many times before as she had been dreaming of this day ever since she was small and she finally got to go to the school of her dreams the red skies demon academy as she walked down the familliar path she had walked down a few times before she looked over in the fenced training area to see a woman she recognized sleeping on a large red lion that she also recognized like usual she then jumped up high and right over the fence and landed inside the large fenced area she walked up towards the woman and said "hey kyokou wake up!" kyoku awoke to see a familliar girl standing in front of her
    "oh hello holly are you here for another tour around the school? you know you arent allowed here during the school year and todays the first day. well i guess ill give you one last look around before a full year of school's wait" kyoku said as holly couldnt help but smile bearing her long sharp fangs she began to giggle as she said
    "nope i dont want a tour because this is finally my first day in the school!" she said excitedly as the large four eyed lion awoke with a large yawn "oh hello dante good morning" holly said with a smile dante looked at holly and let out a small roar in greeting kyoku stood up and congratulated holly
    "well good for you holly i didnt realize it had been 5 years yet" kyoku said with a big smile "well i look forward to teaching you later on" holly looked up at her and said
    "ok thanks well see you around then...miss kyoku" she said with a huge smile kyoku looked a bit annoyed and smiled
    "you dont have to adress me as miss just kyoku is fine ok?"
    holly giggled as she said "aww and i was looking forward to calling you miss" kyoku smiled
    "well if you do then ill just have to give you more work to do then" she said with a grin holly then said
    "ok fine" she said in an annoyed voice kyoku then said
    "if you want a key to your treasured room 1 you better hurry before someone else gets it" she said with a smirk holly perked up
    "your right well ill see you around kyoku!" she said as she turned and jumped the fence again running towards the door as she did kyoku waved and then went back to sleeping as did dante holly opened the large red doors and briskly walked towards the door to the principals office she quickly opened the door and said "hello miss skai i'm finally here!" skai looked up at holly and smiled
    "well well well so you finally are attending the school and not touring it twenty four seven?" she teased she then said "well i dont need your name or make more papers about you ill just give you your key" she said as she handed holly a key with a tag that had a number 2 on it holly looked at the tag dissapointed
    "i'm not the first one here?" she said with dissapointment in her voice
    "sorry but two boys came in here maybe an hour ago and got the keys for room 1" holly perked up a little
    "no its ok i'm just as content with any room though i would have preferred room 1 well i guess ill go put my stuff away" she said as she turned to walk out the door
    "ok well ill see you later on then" skai said back to holly holly walked upstairs to the third floor and as she was walking to the top of the stairs kyokotsu was leaving his room holly reached the top of the stairs and kyokotsu immediately looked over and saw how beautiful she was he walked over to her
    "hello" he said to her holly immediately looked up at him and stared into his beautiful silver eyes and said
    "h-hello" kyokotsu smiled and said
    "my name's kyokotsu whats yours?" he held out his hand in greeting holly dumbfounded took his hand and said
    "its holly" still staring at his eyes
    "well nice to meet you holly are you new here?" kyokotsu said
    "uh-huh..." kyokotsu had now realized she was staring at him
    "so...uh holly i guess ill see you around?" kyokotsu said holly still dumbfounded said
    "uh-huh..." kyokotsu walked past her and waved as he walked away and down the stairs holly waved slightly and watched him as he walked away and as kyokotsu walked downstairs and holly to her door they were both thinking the same things "he/she is so handsome/beautiful" holly stopped in front of the door and used the key to open the door she then walked in and closed it and said
    "arrgh i'm so stupid...i just froze there and barely said a thing...oh well he's in the room next to mine that means i might see him a lot more" she said excitedly she looked to the bed to the left
    "i guess this side will be mine" she said as she went straight to her dresser and put her clothes away she then pulled out a sheathed dagger and placed it on the dresser looked at herself in the mirror and laid down on her bed and took a pillow and snuggled into it as she laid on her bed and fell asleep.

    Two boys were walking towards the school both unknowing eachother one with messy white hair short in the back and long in the front, tan skin, with black jeans, a chain hanging from it, a red t-shirt, and a black coat with fur trimmed around the hood, a silver dog tag hung around his neck and a black backpack on his back. He was slouching as he walked down the road both hands firmly thrusted into his pockets. The other boy had blond hair that reached a bit past his ears he was also wearing black jeans, a black shirt with grey sleeves, and a black backpack also on his back walking towards the school his arms were crossed he was looking at everything with hate he was walking behind the other boy and decided to pick up his pace as he was about to pass him the boy bumped into the other purposely the boy with white hair stopped him and said
    "do that again and your gonna wake up on the pavement in a few hours" the other boy quickly turned around and glared at him
    "and who are you to be bossing me around?" the other boy looked very angered
    "the names chris and if you know whats good for you you'll just turn around and keep on walking" the other boy smirked as chris said this
    "was that a threat? ha! you wouldnt stand a chance against me zane of the black wolf clan" chris laughed boastfully
    "so your a black wolf heh a weakling like you couldnt stand up to the only elemental wolf" zane continued smirking
    "is that a challenge? ill pass elemental wolf for i'm the most powerful demon in my clan you wouldnt stand a chance" he said bragging chris just all of a sudden seemed more angered as zane said this
    "well your clans best is nothing compared to me your power is naturally given to you and can only go so far mine i had to earn and strive for not many can match its strength" the two kept on bickering for a good 10 minutes when a girl with long black hair with dark purple highlights, red eyes, a purple top, blue jeans and a grey shoulder bag she was walking on the opposite side of the street when she saw the two about to break into a fight she raced crossed the street and stopped them by stepping between them
    "thats enough now stop fighting okay? theres no need of it" zane snarled at the girl and then turned and walked away
    "whatever he started it" said zane chris snapped back at him shouting
    "your the one who bumped into me!" the girl looked at chris and said
    "aww poor muffin wanna cookie?" chris shoved his hands in his pockets and continued walking and muttered to himself
    "whatever" as chris made it to the school he walked in and went into the office and saw something he really didnt want to see zane
    "what the hell are you doing here" he said with an angered sigh skai looked at chris and said
    "name?" chris replied saying
    "names chris" skai pulled out a sheet of paper and a profile of chris appeared on it she skimmed through it as she was doing so the girl form before entered the office chris looked over
    "great todays full of suprises" he said in a toneless voice skai asked her for her name as well and she replied with
    "my name is hitomi ma'am" chris still looking as angry and lazy as ever said mostly to himself
    "ma-am...? what a suck up" hitomi shot a piercing look at chris and said
    "they're called manners you should try using them once and a while" after skai read through the profiles she pulled out 3 keys and gave chris and zane keys with 3's written on them and hitomi one with a 2 on it
    "zane and chris will be roomates and you hitomi can meet your roomate when you get the chance" chris and zane both shot eachother evil looks as skai said they were roomates
    "oh and by the way your mindless bickering is unappreciated ok?" she said with a smile and then said
    "rooms are upstairs on the third floor if you need anything else dont hesitate to ask me your principal ok?" hitomi was the only one to reply as chris and zane both started leaving
    "yes thank you ma'am" she said as they made their way upstairs zane and chris had an arguement over who opened the door hitomi sighed and entered her room she looked at the bed to the left and saw a holly sleeping hitomi quickly laid down and fell asleep as she was exausted like everyone else from their long trips zane and chris both finally got in the room and both walked towards the bed on the right zane looked at chris and said
    "oh no this is my bed not yours" chris angrily said
    "you wish this is my bed" zane furiously said
    "just take that bed i went for this bed first so its mine" chris finally said
    "you know what i dont even care anymore i'm tired so ill be agreeable for this one and only situation" chris quickly jumped into the bed on the left and fell asleep zane laid down and also fell asleep in his bed

    Part 3: Rooms #4-6

    Three girls were walking towards the direction of the school the three girls had just met and were chatting one girl with black hair fairly long tied up in the back wearing a white baggy t-shirt and baggy blue jeans with the knees ripped out realizing they hadn't introduced themselves yet she said
    "oh by the way my names ryuka!" then the other girls had realized they hadnt introduced themselves there was also a girl with purple hair a bit longer than her shoulders purple colored eyes with pupils the same as kyokotsu's, with a black hat, and black dragon wings pertruding from her back she was wearing a purple shirt that revealed her stomachthe shirt had black straps around the stomach in an x shape that went around to her back, she had a purple glove on her right hand, and she was also wearing black jeans and a girl with long brown hair reaching a bit above her waist and green eyes. She was wearing a green long sleeve shirt and a green long skirt. "oh yea, i'm kiana" said the girl with purple hair in a girly voice.
    "oh...um my name is lark" said the other girl with brown hair shyly all of them of course were wearing large backpacks with their things in them another girl was across the street she had hair that was pink and fairly short her bangs covered most of her face the only thing visible was her mouth, she wore a black t shirt with pink around the collar the bottom and around the sleeves and on the shirt was a pink skull and cross bones. she wore black jeans and had a large scythe on her back, she also had a large bag which she was holding in her left hand and a large black book with golden swirling demonic trimming around i in her right the three girls and the other girl continued unnoticing eachother until they got to the path to the school they then realized that all four of them were going to the school so kiana decided to befriend the mysterious girl she ran up to her and said
    "hi" with a smile the girl started to walk faster and looked scared as if they were going to hurt her kiana sped up and said
    "whats wrong? i'm not going to hurt you or anything whats your name?" the girl ran off ahead of the three kiana looked back at her new found friends
    "did i say something wrong?" lark looked down then looked back up
    "i think she's just very shy" lark said sounding like she knew what she was talking about kiana and ryuka looked at her with disbelief
    "how do you know?" lark looked down and blushed a little
    "because i used to be the same way not to long ago" she said smiling a little with embarassment
    "really you dont seem like toe shy type all that much" kiana said sarcastically by now the girls had made it to the school and walked towards the principals door as they were about to go in the girl with pink hair was just leaving and bumped into them and fell back kiana held out her hand to help her up but the girl just jumped up and ran out the door and they heard her mutter the word
    "sorry" the principal greeted them as they walked in
    "hello and who might all of you be?" she said with a smile
    the three replied with their names
    "kiana, lark, ryuka" skai made profiles and red through them she then gave kiana a key to room 4 and lark and ryuka keys to room 6
    "kiana you know that girl you bumped into a few minutes ago? well she'll be your roomate" said skai kiana's face lit up
    "REALLY!?" she said sounding excited skai then handed lark and ryuka keys to room 6 ryuka looked a bit puzzled
    "why not room 5?" skai looked back at her with a smirk
    "because the girls are in even rooms and guys are in odd rooms just because their odd" she said with a laugh the girls all giggled as skai said that
    "the rooms are upstairs on the third floor and ill be your principal miss skai if you need anything ill probably be here" the girls all nodded and left for the third floor ryuka finally broke the silence and said
    "why are you so interested in that girl exactly?" kiana looked at her with a big smile and said
    "because she looked lonely and i wanted to be her friend" ryuka and lark smiled at her
    "well then good luck because she might be a bit hard to befriend by the looks of it" said lark the girls made it to the third floor and parted ways lark and ryuka both went straight for their beds as they were exausted and fell asleep lark on the right and ryuka to the left. as kiana entered the room the girl was just finishing unpacking and was hanging up a cloak that was all black with a hood and large sleeves it had grey trimming around the bottom the sleeves and the hood that was the same as the book except grey as kiana entered the room the girl quickly turned around and seemed to freeze in fear
    "hello again listen i'm sorry about before my name's kiana so whats your name?" kiana said with a big smile the girl seemed to not be so frightened and said
    "umm...my names mitsukai" she muttered in a low almost whispering voice kiana smiled and said
    "nice to meet you mitsukai" she said as she looked at the scythe and the cloak and curiously said
    "so what kind of a demon are you?" mitsukai cringed a little as she said
    "i'm a reaper demon..." kiana looked amazed and then said
    "cool! i'm impressed and i though being a black dragon like me was impressive!" mitsukai smiled slightly and said shyly
    "your really nice to me...why?" kiana looked suprised and smiled
    "because i want to be your friend if you dont mind?" kiana said with a smile mitsukai still slightly smiling said
    "ive never had a friend before...okay" kiana smiled brightly
    "thats good! if you dont mind maybe later i could introduce you to lark and ryuka i'm sure they'd love to meet you" mitsukai's smile got bigger
    "okay...i'd like that" she said her voice a little less quiet kiana walked up to her and said
    "your hair is so pretty!" she said as she looked at her she reached out and pulled the hair away from her face and saw mitsukais face mitsukai's bright blue eyes widened as she did this
    "your face is so beautiful! why do you cover it up with your hair you have nothing to hide!" mitsukai blushed furiously
    "you really think so? ive never thought that..." kiana smiled and said
    "believe me your very pretty!" mitsukai pulled away and sat down on her bed
    "your the first person to say anything like that" mitsukai said shyly kiana sat down next to her and said
    "well has anyone told you otherwise?" mitsukai shook her head
    "no your the first person to say anything about my looks...and when you did i felt...i felt happy" as mitsukai said this she began to smile kiana looked at her in disbelief
    "you mean no one has ever said anything about you? at all?" mitsukai shook her head again
    "no...never and do you know something else?..." kiana quickly replied
    "what?" she said smiling because mitsukai was opening up to her
    "ive never talked to anyone about stuff like this...i kinda like it" she looked over at kiana and smiled brightly
    "ive also never done this before what is it?" kiana looked puzzled
    "wait you mean this?" kiana began to smile as she did mitsukai nodded
    "you mean you've never smiled before?!?" kiana said shocked mitsukai then replied saying
    "no i havent what does it mean?" kiana looked even more shocked
    "it means your happy" mitsukai then said
    "ive never been happy before i like it!" she said clearly using her voice to its fullest instead of low and shy like
    "your voice is beautiful too!" kiana said with a smile as mitsukai blushed she then stood up and said
    "well i'm kinda tired i think ill go to sleep" she said sleepily as she walked over to the bed to the right
    "okay i guess ill go to sleep too" said mitsukai as she laid down on her bed and closed her eyes kiana laid her backpack next to her bed and laid down
    "well good night mitsukai" she said as she closed her eyes
    "goodnight" mitsukai said with a giggle as they both drifted off to sleep

    part 4: Room #5

    a large spider like demon was heading towards the direction of the school its 6 large legs scuttling across the ground its legs were long and sickly with large spikes at the end the six legs were attatched at its lower half its torso resting above the legs showing its large muscles its large arms almost reached the ground and at the end of them were hands with large black claws its large swollen head had 6 eyes upon it and 2 dominant eyes in the front most part its mouth had jagged sharp teeth and on either side of the mouth large black fangs pointed inwards toward the mouth the creature was at least two times the size of a normal person as it made is way to the school it entered the front doors and as it went to the principals office in scrunched up somewhat and squeezed its way into the door it then looked at skai with its red beady eyes and said
    "hello old friend i am in another tight situation and i need your help" skai smirked
    "more tight than you trying to fit through my door?" she said with a giggle
    "what seems to be the problem now arachnus?" she said arachnus lowered himself down as if he was sitting down
    "well ive got a bounty upon my head now it seems and its over me being alive" skai looked at him in disbelief
    "over you being alive? why?" arachnus crossed his large arms and said
    "i know it sounds unreasonable but apparently my exile is not enough now my father hates my existance and now wishes upon my death" skai looked a bit furious and then said
    "so because your taking your exile so well and no objections to it your father is being childish and wants you dead?!?" arachnus nodded and looked down at the floor
    "i hate to bother you old friend but could i stay within this academy? before you answer i just have to explain that i'll be disguised in my putrid human form under my own name to confuse people if they do come because i'd be to smart normally and go by another name and if i get caught you wont be held responsible because ill say and act as ive hidden myself unknown to you"skai smiled then said
    "i was going to say yes before you said all that you know" arachnus then replied with great gratitude
    "thank you old friend" as soon as he finished his whole body pulsated and then began to shrink as he shrinked his body became more human like and 2 of his 6 walking legs moved to his back and thinned out and turned black and his other two legs turned human his head turned normal and his two large fangs turned to small black fangs that came out from under his top lip and over his bottom he grew short blue hair on his head and finally his arms turned normal and his long sharp black claws turned into black pointed fingernails a blue beaded necklace around his neck bound him to the body
    "--uk! i hate this stupid human body if i didnt trade my soul for it i would still be on the royal seat and not exiled..." skai's face turned bright red and she said
    "uhh...your...not...wearing..." arachnus looked down and then said
    "oh right i need clothes" as soon as he said this his four black legs started spinning a navy blue shirt from the tips of each leg and some red mucus like slime started comming from his mouth he then shaped it into a few belt buckle parts and the legs had made a slightly lighter colored blue pair of pants then a jacket without arms of the same color as his pants with a collar that was lighter blue and the legs took the red belt buckle parts and wove them into belt parts on his shoulders and the bottom legs wrapped around his waist like a belt and the others stuck out looking like the upper outline of wings skai looked at him her face still slightly red
    "very spiffy" she said with a smile as she handed him a key to room 5
    "you know where the rooms are and my name so all i need to say is if you need me come and see me" she said still smiling
    "thank you once again" he said as he left the office and walked upstairs to the third floor opened the door to room 5 at the end of the hall walked in and went to the bed on the left and laid down and soon fell asleep

    a boy with short thick blue hair, large silver headphones on his head and over his ears, a green winter coat with brown fur trimming the hood and blue thick pants with a duffel bag slung on his shoulder and also had a long instrument wrapped lumpy almost purposely so as no one knew what it was walked down the road to the path to the academy
    "this better be the right way" he muttered to himself as he walked down toe path to the school in the distance he saw it the academy he sighed and walked toward the school and past kyoku's fenced off area and into the school
    "oh great a full year in a crummy academy, wonderful" he muttered to himself under his breath and as he said this a man with black hair up to the top of his eyes in front, short in the back and moderately long on the sides with a black coat that covered his face from the nose and down and opened up into an upside down v shape at his chest and reached down to his shoes, he had a black shirt and black pants on with black shoes that instead of rubber on the bottom of them had steel and it also covered the front part of where his toes were with a breifcase in his hand
    "i dont think that a year of demon training will kill you young man" the man said in a very deep ominous voice the boy was startled but didnt jump he simply replied
    "i'd rather train on my own and learn things myself"
    "but you would take many years to learn things here it takes 3 years to become an all powerful demon whereas on your own it would take half to most of your living lifespan" he said again in his deep voice the boy looked annoyed
    "i said i'd rather train myself i wouldnt be here otherwise who are you to speak to me like this anyways?" the man began to walk a bit and as he was side on to the boy he said
    "the name is Tsaga ill be your P.E. teacher the teacher that makes sure that all of you are and stay in peak physical condition" he said as he disappeared in a puff of fire and black ash the boy walked to the office and went inside skai looked up at him and said
    "hello and who might you be?" the boy answered with
    "iniko" skai created a profile of him with blank sheets of paper and skimmed through it she then pulled out a key to room 5 and held it out for him to take and as iniko took the key she said
    "the room's are upstairs on the third floor if you need anything come see me your principal miss skai understood?" iniko nodded and then proceeded upstairs to the third floor and entered into room 5 he looked to the bed on the left
    "oh great ive got a roomate just plain wonderful" he said angrily all of a sudden a transparent woman with long pink hair and wearing a black and pink kimono appeared hovering next to iniko
    "maybe you'll make a new friend and then get more and more and then be popular!" iniko looked at her evily
    "i dont do popular let alone friends you know that sakurai! were just gonna keep to myself and hope everybody leaves me alone understood!" he said snapping at her she cringed then said
    "but inikooooo i wanna make friends too" iniko looked at her coldly
    "do whatever you want just dont involve me in any of it" sakurai moved up and down in joy and gave iniko a big hug
    "yaaaaay thank you iniko" she said loudly and joyfully iniko smirked showing the littlest amount of a smile possible
    "keep it down every student in this school is sleeping" sakurai looked down and said
    "sorry iniko" iniko looked at her and said
    "now go to sleep we need our rest understood?" sakurai nodded
    "yes sir iniko!" she said gleefully as she disappeared iniko took the bundled up thing off his back and held it tight as he laid down on the bed
    "goodnight iniko" sakurai's voice had said
    "goodnight sakurai..." iniko said in an almost annoyed drawing your breath kind of tone and they soon drifted off to sleep