• part 5: room #7

    a boy with bright blue hair reaching just past his ears wearing a white coat with a black trimming around all the edges the jacket was held closed by two belt buckles sewed to the front of it the first belt was at the bottom of his chest leaving the collar of the jacket open down to his chest and the opening part of the jacket stopped at his waist and connected the jacket reaching just a little above his knees and around his neck was a piece of cloth firmly around his neck and there was no hooks or strings or nothing to take it off with it as if it was shrunk to perfectly fit around his neck and meant to stay there he was wearing tight black pants and black belted up boots a large duffel bag hung from his right shoulder and in his left hand he was carrying a long silver staff that was as tall as him and on the top of the staff was a silver c shape with two blue chrystals on each end of the c and floating on the inside of the c was a complete circle of silver and floating inside this was a blue sphere the same as the ones on the ends of the c shape except bigger he was walking along using the staff like a hiker would use a walking stick except on the flat path which was the road as he made his way to the school he saw a boy in the distance the boy in the distance had ghost white hair that was short in the back but long in the front and his bangs were parted to see his almost glowing green eyes he was wearing a black shirt with a white collar he was also wearing white gloves over the cuffs of his shirt the boys pants were black and made of the same cotton material as his shirt the pants and shirt almost looked attatched but for the white belt around his waist it wasnt possible to tell and the boy was oddly wearing white boots that covered the ends of the legs of his pants and was the same cotton material as his white gloves this boy looked almost as if he was a ghost the boy with blue hair sped up a bit to catch up to him as it seemed as if they were going the same direction as his staff clinked against the ground the other boy became aware of his presence and turned to look back at the boy with blue hair the ghost looking boy then said in a friendly tone
    "we seem to be going to the same way care to walk and chat?" the boy with blue hair then replied
    "sure your going to the academy i'm guessing?"
    "yep" the ghost like boy said
    "and who might you be?" said the boy with blue hair as he caught up with him
    "my names devi a demon from the grave clan and who are you?" the boy in blue looked as if he was straining to think of something he then replied with
    "my name's natsume and...uhhh...i'm an..elf...comming from the...human realm" devi looked puzzled at how long it took him to get his answer out he then replied with
    "dont elves have pointy ears and why were you in the human realm?" natsume replied with
    "well those two questions are tied together you see...well...i kinda...was born with an inability to keep human shape well so i went to the human realm to help learn human form and well pointy ears arent normal so i had to learn to conseal them" devi then replied quickly with
    "didnt you have to cloak other things besides your ears youknow like skin color?" natsume looked strained then quickly said
    "well my clan is a human skin colored kind of elves" devi took his right hand and held it flat in front of him and hit the side of his left fist against it showing he just finally got it he then said
    "ooooooh ok your a pure elf?" natsume quickly replied with a
    "sure..so why are you going to this academy?" he said questioningly devi then replied with a smile
    "i came here of my own will hoping to train very hard and become strong!" natsume smiled
    "i'm just here to hone my magic skills you see i'm a white mage and well...the best i got is healing skills and the control of this" as soon as he said this he pulled up his left sleeve to his elbow revealing a light blue ribblon wrapped around his arm past his elbow devi looked at him one eyebrow raised
    "and how does that work as a weapon exactly?" he asked natsume then looked right proud and said
    "well you see i control it completely and when it swipes at people it can cut them like a blade or stab or constrict or anything like that" devi looked impressed
    "wow the best i got are uncontrolled powers" he said with a smile the boys now looked ahead and realized they were at the steps of the school
    "well thats convienient" daid devi with a wide open smile the boys went in and glanced at the school map then went to the office as usual skai was behind her dest looking through papers she looked up at the boys and then said
    "names?" devi replied with
    "natsume" natsume said soon after as usual skai made profiles of the boys one in either hand she then stared at the paper in her right hand as if she was reading something over like she didnt understand it she pu them into a folder with the other students profiles then handed them both keys to room 7
    "if you need anything dont be afraid to ask the rooms are on the third floor and also i'm your new principal miss skai" devi nodded and walked out of the office and natsume turned to follow him
    "dont worry your secret's safe with me and ill just go along with the letter you sent me alright?" natsume stopped dead in his tracks
    "how did she know that?" he thought in his head not knowing of her power to create a profile of peoplehe then replied with a nervous
    "mm'hmm" and then proceeded out the door and cought up with devi
    "what took you so long in there?" he asked
    "I had a question i had to ask her" natsume replied devi nodded and they then proceeded to their room natsume went to the bed on the left while devi went to the bed on the right natsume began to unpack his clothes as he was doing this devi lunged himself face first to his bed he then froze and flipped over and gently floated down onto the bed natsume looked over as he gently decended onto the bed he then said
    "you float?" devi lifted his head up to look at him and said
    "yea i'm of the grave demon clan remember?"
    "well you see...hehe i kinda dont know what kind of demon you are by your clan name what with being cooped up in the demon realm most of my life" natsume said very embarassed devi looked at him and smiled
    "don't worry about it friend i understand and if you need any help understanding demon types just ask me okay?" natsume looked pleased
    "thank you" as he said this he just finished putting everything in his dresser he then slipped the empty duffel bag under his bed and laid down on his bed
    "i'm going to rest now okay?" devi said
    "so am I" replied natsume and soon after they both drifted off to sleep.

    Part 6: room #8

    a girl with long dark green hair reaching down to her waist wearing a strapless white lacy dress that reached her knees the dress had black lace on the top and the bottom parts of it, the dress had a silver ring of fabric around her waist and sort of drooped down on the sides hugging her hips the sleeves on her arms that matched the dress but werent attatched to they reached to her wrists then pointed to a pointy shape with black lace around the end the top part of the sleeves opened up and with the black lace around the opening they sort of looked like flowers and on her feet were white strappy flats and in her hands which were extended downward she had a large duffel bag which seemed to liik like was burdening her but this girl had something odd about her though instead of walking to the school she was flying on huge elegant beautiful white angel wings the white feathers gracefully blowing in the wind as she flapped effortlessly towards the school behind her a girl with lightly tanned skin long red hair to her waist as well up in a ponytail in the back and two inches of the ends of her hair were literally flame she was wearing a fiery red-orange colored almost evening gown that reached just past her waist that covered the front of her with no sleeves and completely exposed her back so that her flaming bird like wings could be present under the dress she was wearing tight pants the same color as her dress that reached to just above her knees and on her feet she was wearing boots that reached just below her knees so that only her knees were exposed the boots were the same color as everything else and at the tips of the boots were not present makking them like sandals and like the other girl in her hands she had a duffel bag. the gril with the flaming wings caught up with the other girl and stopped going at her pace the girl with the angel wings looked over at her then said in an abnormally high voice
    "hello and who might you be?" she then smiled the other girl replied with
    "why my name is kazumi and you?" she then began to smile also
    "my name is koori, are you by any chance attending the demon academy?" she said still smiling
    "why yes i am are you attending there as well?" said kazumi koori then replied with
    "yes i am so were going to be classmates then"
    "i hope we do you seem like a nice person" kazumi looked down slightly and noticed the academy in the distance
    "i think we should decend now there's the academy" kazumi said as she pointed to the academy in the distance koori nodded
    "i think we should as well" as soon as she said this they both decended slightly speeding up and as they made it to the academy they bothed slowed down and stopped landing then as soon as they landed koori folded up her large wings making them look slightly smaller and kazumi's wings and hair then ceased being on fire her crimzon red wings which were about the same size as koori's maybe a bit smaller also folded up on her back they then entered the school and then headed towards the office as they entered the office skai quickly looked up and said
    "well now two winged ladies this is a suprise your names please"kazumi and koori both replied with
    "koori, kazumi" skai created their profiles and read them through then put them in the folder with the rest she then handed them both keys to room 8
    "the rooms are on the third floor and if you need anything dont hesitate to come ask me your principal miss skai alright ladies?"
    "yes ma'am" kazumi and koori both replied with a giggle as soon as they realized they had said the same thing at the same time they then both turned and left climbing the stairs both of the girls were saying things like
    "this will be excellent" or
    "i cant believe were both roommates" etc... they both entered their room and immediately koori ran to the left and kazumi to the right and began unpacking kazumi pulled out a large hilt guard-less orange-yellow sword that was perfectly straight the tip was as if someone took the sword and cut it diagonally then koori pulled out a large curved sword the color of pure white ice and the hilt guard of the sword looked as though it was made of feathers they then put the empty duffel bags under their beds koori looked over and saw two pegs on the wall made to hang up a blade upside down on the wall and on koori's side she did the same koori then looked over at kazumi's sword in awe
    "wow thats a beautiful sword" said koori kazumi then looked at koori's sword with the same look of awe in her eyes
    "i could say the same for your beautiful sword" they both looked over at each other and smiled koori then said
    "i think we both should get some sleep i'm sure your trip was just as far or farther than mine and i'm sure were both quite tired"kazumi nodded in agreement
    "your quite correct i am a bit sleepy" they both went to their respective beds and lied down
    "good night" said koori
    "good night" said kazumi as they both fell asleep.

    Part 7: Room #9

    A boy was walking towards the school by now it was dark and the street lights were on the boy was very shady looking he had thick messy hair that covered ofer where his ears should be but instead pertruding from the top of his headwere two scarred fleashy pointy ears that had cunks bitten out of them and were pierced in many places and at the tips of the ears were thin pieces of fleash that split in many directions and almost looked like hairs his full yelow eyes glowed under the street lights and his long sharp pupils thinned in the light amd on the bottom and top of the skin around his eyes there were black lines that almost made his pupils look like they stretched onto his face, he had an evil smile a twisted evil smile always on that undamaged face of his his face was the only thing that wasnt mangled and scarred or sewed back together his shirt was a black sleeveless shirt with a uncut collar that was folded over and was very thick and 5 metal rings were clipped to the bottom of the folded collar four silver rings and one golden one in the center a small belt like strap was attatched to it and reached down to about his stomach then another belt came off of it and went around his body making the strap look like an upside down t then at half way of the strap going down there was another belt wrapped around him and had two straps around it the shirt he was wearing was split down the left side and held together by metal rings and was ripped leaving the bottom left side of his stomach exposed showing a grotesquely sewen together piece of flesh, also in his exposed shoulders seemed to be sewen as though from the edges of his shoulders and draped a bit down between was cut and sewen back together on his left arm around his bicep and forearm he had a tatoo that looked like someone had scribbled around his arm all the way up his arm like rings around his arm overlapping and thiscker and thinner in places and from both wrists to hands he had silver twisting vinelike tatoos his fingers were sharp and pointed almost as to look like cat claws and on his right arm he had a sleeve that was literally sewn into his arm on his mid bicep and reached to his mid wrist but in the middle of this sleeve looked like a chunk had been taken out and in its place it was held together by string that was stretched out so the sleeve would be the same lengh as if the chunk hadnt been taken out the cat like creature wore black pants and on the left knee of the black pants a chunk was taken out and was attatched by string the exact same way the sleeve was another peculiar thing about him was his tail it had no fur on it it was just made of fleash the thin long tail was coiled and the way it was coiled it looked like it was broken in many places to create the coil and the begining of the coil just barely touched the ground his tail had many piercings and rings and tiny chains hanging off it and going along it was another twisting vinelike tatoo except it was black as he saw the school in the distance he suddenly disappeared and reappeared in skai's office skai looked up at him in utter disgust and then said
    "your name?"
    "chesire" he replied in a twisted maniacal voice skai created a profile and read it through almost looking sick at what she was reading she then handed him a key to room 9 and then said
    "the rooms are on the third floor and if you need me come see me your principal miss skai" chesire nodded then said
    "thank you kind woman" his twisted smile still on his face he then disappeared and reappeared in room 9 and laid down on the bed to the left closed his eyes and fell asleep and even in sleep that evil smile was still on his face.

    A boy was walking towards the school he had dark grey and black hair all mixed together that was about two inches in the back and long in the from his bangs as long as his face his blood red eyes gleaming under the streetlights eerie glow the boy was wearing a tight black sleeveless leather shirt with no back so as his wings could be exposed his wings were angel wings like koori's but two times smaller and something was odd about them the one on his right the feathers were pure black and the one on the left had white bloodstained feathers and then two black sheathed swords with a square black hilt guard upon his back crossed under the wings he was wearing black pants with a silver cross design on his left leg that reached from the start of his leg to his knee and on his right leg the knee of his pants was torn out a black cloth tattered and torn that reached to his knees it was torn and ripped into thick strips and torn bits all bunched together on his back right side he was also wearing black shoes and in his left hand he carried a large duffel bag as he walked towards the school his face suddenly turned dark and demonic with evil glowing red eyes and sharp looking bloodstained teeth that let out a short scream and back to normal in a split second but he just kept on walking as if it never happened and as he walked under up the path it happened again as he entered the school he glanced over at the map then went into the office skai looked up at him and said
    "hello your name please?"
    "akujin" he replied in a dark slightly deep voice skai did the usual routine of creating a profile and reading it she then pulled out a key to room 9 and cringed remembering the boy that just came in not too long ago she then handed it to him
    "the rooms are on the third floor and if you need anything dont hesitate to ask me your principal miss skai" akujin nodded and then left the office he then proceeded out up the stairs to the third floor as he was heading up the stairs kiana was exiting her room wearing a purple pair of pyjama's rubbing her eyes and proceeded walking akujin unnoticing her bumped into her and knocked her back as she landed on the floor akujin immediately held out his hand to help her back up as kiana was muttering
    "i'm sorry i wasnt watching where i was go...ing" as she was saying the last word she paused as she looked up at akujin his bright red eyes glowing and he had a big smile on his face
    "no, no it was my fault i should have been watching where i was going" he said kiana's face went bright red as she took his hand and stood up akujin then said extending out his hand in greeting
    "hello i'm akujin sorry about that and may i ask what your name is?" kiana blushed a little and took his hand
    "my name's kiana" after she said this he took her hand and bent over and kissed the top of her hand which made kiana blush so furiosly her whole face went red
    "thats a beautiful name" he said kiana giggled her whole face still red
    "thank you" akujin looked at her noticing her face was completely red
    "you know your face is red? are you alright?" kiana felt a little embarassed she then said
    "well i kinda dont have a choice in the matter your being sooo sweet and nice to me even though we've just met and stuff"
    "well i cant just bump into a beautiful girl and not be nice and appologize and compliment her a little bit" akujin said blushing a tiny bit kiana then said
    "hehe your doing it again"
    "i'm sorry will i not do it anymore?" said akujin a bit puzzled kiana quickly replied almost shouting
    NO!... i mean its not bad or anything in fact i think your kinda cute yourself" as she said this her face that was starting to die down became pure red again akujin smiled
    "thank you...well i think i should go unpack my bags now and probably get some sleep and i should let you go do what you were about to do ill hopefully see you again tomorrow okay?" he said with a warm smile on his face kiana then said
    "yeah your probably right well i will see you later then alright?"
    "alright then" said akujin and as soon as he said this he did something that kiana wasnt expecting akujin leaned forward and wrapped his arms around her giving her a hug kiana immediately wrapped her arms around akujin tightly her face gleaming red and as they let go of eachother kiana quickly turned and lightly kissed him on the cheek and quickly walked away purposely not waiting for a response almost afraid of what he'd say akujin put his hand to the cheek that she kissed and a huge smile went across his face he then went to his room and looked over at his roomate he then put his bag on the floor and laid on his bed and closed his eyes probably not sleeping but just thinking and as soon as kiana got back to her room and lied back down pulling the covers over her all she could think about was akujin and of course she barely got any sleep but she eventually went to sleep hours and hours later.

    Part 8: Room #10

    a girl was on the road that lead towards the school the girl had pink hair done up in spiky pig tails on either side of her head and her bangs that reached past her eyes lightly in her face her pink eyes the same color as her hair gleamed under the street lights and on her back were two bat wings that were also the same pink color as her hair. her ears were pointy and had large skull earings on them, she wore a black leather dress that reached just past her hips and in the top front looked like something had taken a bite out of it on her hands she had long leather gloves that reached a bit below her shoulders and on the end of the gloves were belts that were fastened just enough to keep them from coming off and on her wrists were two orange bracelets that could easily fit both her hands in just one on either arm and on her feet were boots that reached just below her knees that had the same belt on the end for the same purpose she had a small backpack on her back that had stuffed animals poking through self made holes in the top there were 5 in all a bear, a penguin, a cat, a dog, and a bird. as she was walking down the road with a playfully impish smile as she made it to the path to the school she turned and stopped to see a black chariot that had skeletal horses with flaming maine and tails pulling it rode up and then stopped and turned a bit letting the door of the chariot face the path the door opened and a girl with long pink hair that was up in a ponytail in the back her bangs were short and on either side of her head she had long strips of hair reaching just past her shoulders and she also had a blue butterfly clip on the left side of her head she wore a black jacket that exposed her back and shoulders letting her black butterfly wings show the two parts of the wings overlaping making the wings smaller looking as if folded up her black jacket was zipped up all the way to her neck which then had a ring of fabric wrapped around the back of her neck so as to hold up the jacket the sleeves of the jacket were attatched under her arms and had two belts wrapped around the top of the sleeves and at the wrist part of the sleeves they opened up like a flower she had no gloves on unlike most everyone as to expose her long purple nails on the stomach part of the jacket three belts that were attatched from the sides of the jacket and belted together tightly at the last belt buckle the jacket opened up and then reached almost to the ground and the edge of the jacket from the belt buckles down had a purple butterfly design she was wearing a black frilly skirt that reached a bit past her hips she also wore long black boots that reached a bit below her knees and then black leggings that reached a little bit past her knees she looked around puzzled then saw the academy in the distance she screamed at the chariot driver that was wearing a black tuxedo and a large top hat and a black mask covering his face
    "why didnt you bring the chariot right up to the academy!?!"
    "i'm terribly sorry miss elleana but you'll have to walk the rest of the way as no vehicles are permitted on the school grounds" the girl drew her breath very loudly then replied with
    "fine but dont expect to get a raise anytime soon!" she said with a smirk she then turned and looked at the heavy bags behind her she then drew her breath and picked them both up and stepped off the chariot and the chariot went off back up the road the girl looked at elleana then said
    "aaw does the prissy princess have to walk she better not break a nail" she said snickering elleana looked at her coldly
    "and who are you to be insulting me?"
    "heh its izanami" said izanami with that same impish smile elleana just looked away and began walking toward the school izanami walked along side her still smiling izanami was about a foot shorter than elleana but not because elleana was tall she was the same as everyone else izanami was just very small as they made it to the doors of the school elleana shot a cold glance at izanami then back to not looking at her they both went to the office there skai was fixing the school schedules she quickly looked up
    "ah excellent the last two students are here and your names?" she said gleefully with a smile
    "elleana" said eleana still not looking at izanami, izanami drew her breath then said
    "izanami" as usual skai made profiles of the two and read them she put them in the folder with the other 18 she then handed them both keys to room 10 elleana looked at skai a little angry she said
    "excuse me but i asked for a private room" skai and izanami bpth looked at elleana funny
    "uhh well this is a ten room 20 student academy i'm sorry but your gonna have to share a room" said skai
    "thats not fair kick someone out and give me a room to myself ill pay you top dollar to do so" skai shook her head
    "i'm sorry but i cant do that and no student is getting any special treatment for money understand?" elleana drew her breath like the spoiled brat that she was izanami really annoyed finally said
    "okay stop it now just because the prissy little princess doesnt get her way doesnt mean she has to throw a tantrum just live with it okay like any normal demon...geez" as soon as she said this she turned to walk away and as she was leaving she said
    "ill see you soon roomie" she said snickering quite loudly elleana then shot a cold look at skai
    "the rooms are on the third floor and ill be your principal miss skai"
    "i can see why it isnt mrs skai" elleana said with a smirk as she turned to leave skai said
    "ill just act like i didnt hear that and let i remind you a principal can expell a student without a thought"
    "was that a threat?" said elleana as she was at the door
    "no that was a warning" said skai, elleana left and headed upstairs as she entered she saw izanami on the bed to the right asleep she looked away and went to the bed on the left she laid down the two bags next to the dresser they made a loud thump as they hit the ground and she sat there sorting all the clothes and putting them all away
    "i hate this i need maids to do this" she said drawing her breath as she finally finished she threw the bags under the bed and she took off her boots and let her hair down her hair reached a bit past her waish when it wasnt down she then crawled under the blankets and said
    "at least the beds are quality" she said as she soon drifted off to sleep.