• Pinpricks of light dot the sky. We look to them, spewing forth our numerous questions.. Sometimes they answer. Often, they simply wink and twinkle with laughter, shaking their heads like a parent to a child.

    And how like children are we! We all seek the easiest way, expecting things to be handed to us. Knowledge from a book over wisdom from experience, until we have all the answers except those that truly matter in the end.

    It is then we turn to the millions of eyes in the sky. They see everything and know everything. Their infinite knowledge is what we seek, but we refuse to work for it, refuse to earn it.

    This is not how the world works. The stars, lanterns in the night, know this. They tell use to look beyond the books, beyond ourselves. That absolute truth we seek is there, hidden amongst our actions, words, ideas, dreams. Oh, especially our dreams, for that is when the stars shine upon us, showering our minds with their infinite knowledge.

    That is when Desire grips us tight, carrying us to other worlds in its wonderful, multi-colored embrace.