• DING DONG DONG DING rang the bell. "Hey! Wait,Keiji! I've got something for you!" yelled a blonde girl with long braids, a blue pinched-up-at-the-tips hat, a blue and white school uniform, and blue eyes. Her shoes were black loafers, and she was tall.
    The boy named Keiji turned around, a confused expression on his face, but when he realized who had called out to him he smiled warmly. "Oh, hi, Suri!" he said walking torwards her. The blonde stopped in front of him, panting. She held her hand out.
    Grasped within it were three necklaces. Each necklace had a small dragon holding a small, glass orb. One necklace had a red orb, as red as fire. The next necklace had a blue orb, as blue as the ocean. Another had a green orb, as green as the earth.
    "What's up with the weird necklaces?" asked Keiji, half-frowing. Suri shrugged. "I don't know. I found them all on the ground. I thought maybe I could give them to my friends." she said blushing a little. A look of understanding crossed Keiji's face. "Only if I get first choice!" Keiji said, wagging his finger. "Sure, but only if you never do that again!" "Deal!" said Keiji, giving her a thumbs-up and smiling goofily.
    "Hmm... I want the blue one!" said Keiji. "Here you go. Enjoy!" said Suri with a smile, handing Keiji the blue dragon necklace. The necklace seemed to glow as it touched the soft skin of Keiji's neck.
    "Hm?" Keiji mumbled, looking down at his necklace, "I could've sworn it just glowed..." "Well, anyways... could you maybe give that new boy this necklace?" asked Suri, holding out the red necklace, " I kinda feel sorry for him. He doesn't seem to have any friends..." "I can tell why! That dude must have anger management or something!" "Well, maybe he's had a rough life. His grandparents pick him up from school every day. I wonder where his parents are?... So, will you please give this to him, Keiji?" Keiji looked at her with a thoughtful expression on his face. "Fine..."
    "Yes! I love you!" squealed Suri, lunging forward and embracing Keiji, her foot in the air. "Ack! I'm glad you love me, but you're strangling me..." choked Keiji in a half-whisper, the top of his face turning blue and his eyes narrowing. "Oh! I'm so sorry!" said Suri, letting go of him and smiling embarrasedly, "I better get to class, I'm late as it is!" "My friends are so strange..." muttered Keiji to himself.
    “Keiji Shimusu! You’re late to class! Sit down in your seat!” yelled his science teacher, Mrs. Hoggins, “And nothing ‘funny’ out of you today! Not even a peep or I’ll send you straight to the principal.”
    “Yes ma’am…” growled Keiji, taking his assigned seat in the back corner. “That teacher… who does she think she is?” growled Keiji to himself, “I’ll peep if I want to. Peep! Oooh! I peeped! What’s she gonna do about it?!”
    “Mr. Shimusu! Get off that table right this instant! And would you be so kind as to state Newton’s First Law of Motion, which I just explained?”
    Keiji glanced down and realized he was standing on his desk with his fist in the air. “Heh… heh… heh.” He said shakily, his eyes growing wide, “What’s up everybody?” he said nervously to the staring class.
    “Well, Mr. Shimusu? We’re waiting… Newton’s First Law of Motion?” Mrs. Hoggins said suggestively.
    “Umm… well this dude named Fig Newton came up with this thingy-ma-jigger that we learned in class that… that, heh heh… yeah…” said Keiji.
    “Hmph… Mr. Yukimo?” An orange-haired boy with pitch-black eyes looked up suddenly, a flash of hatred in his eyes. “Yes ma’am…” he snarled through gritted teeth that looked like fangs. “Since you’re a new student, do you know Newton’s First Law?” “I came from a frickin’ public school! Do you think that I know that?!” Mrs. Hoggins’s red-brown eyes flashed. “To the principal’s office, Mr. Yukimo!” she yelled. “Fine, I don’t want to be in this frickin’ class anyways!” yelled the boy, bursting up from his desk. He kicked it over, breaking it in half. “Mr. Yukimo, you have defaced school property and disobeyed a teacher on your first day! I’m ashamed of you!” yelled Mrs. Hoggins. “Also was my mom! You think I give a crap?!” Then he stomped out of the room, leaving Mrs. Hoggins with her mouth agape.
    Mrs. Hoggins cleared her throat and shook her head as if snapping out of a trance. "Okay, class... as I was saying... Newton's first law of motion describes the motion of an object that has a net force of zero acting on it. It states that 'an object at rest remains at rest and an object in motion remains in motion at a constant speed and in a straight line unless acted on by an unbalanced force."
    "Blah blah blah. Blah blah blah. Blahhh blah blah blah blah!" Is all that Keiji heard. He was thinking about what the new kid had said...
    *FLASHBACK* (Yay for flashbacks! ^^)
    "Mr. Yukimo, you have defaced school property and disobeyed a teacher on your first day! I'm ashamed of you!" "Also was my mom mom mom!" the daydream echoed in the new kid's voice.
    "Pssst! Pssssssssssst!" a voice said in a hushed, but gruff whisper. Keiji looked at his desk. A paper was slowly inching across it. Keiji looked to his left. Another kid in his class smiled at him and mouthed 'Pass it on!' He looked down at the paper and unfolded it carefully so as not to rip it or make a sound.
    A rough sketch of a wild hog was drawn on the paper with an arrow pointing to it that said 'Mrs. Hoggins'. The 'Mrs.' part was underlined. Another arrow led from the 'Mrs.' part saying 'Who'd want to marry her anyway?'
    Keiji had to bite his lip to keep from laughing. He didn't want to deal with the strict principal today. He knew that if he got caught, he would have his own one-way ticket to 'hell'.
    After a while, Keiji's face turned tomato-red, and he felt something trickle from his mouth. He realized his lip was bleeding. He stopped biting it, hoping to stop the bleeding, but instead a loud laugh left his mouth, then another and another.
    Mrs. Hoggins glared at him, her eyes narrowing to slits. "Is there something you wish to share with the class, Mr. Shimusu?" she hissed, advancing torward Keiji's corner desk.
    Keiji's eyes grew wide, and he got a sweat drop on his head. Mrs. Hoggins was at his desk now. "Oh really? This looks like something." said Mrs. Hoggins, picking up the piece of paper. "As a punishment I will read this out loud to the class." "I wouldn't do that if I were you..." warned Keiji.
    "'Mrs. Hoggins- who'd want to marry her anyway?'" Mrs. Hoggins' s face turned red and a vein pulsed on her forehead. "Keiji Shimusu! To the office! Now!"
    All around the class, assorted giggles erupted. "Would you like to join them, too?!" roared Mrs. Hoggins. The whole class went silent.