• It's ten in the morning on September 8, 1995, and Hannah had just woken up. Hurried footsteps filled the hallways of her apartment building, just as every morning, but she felt that something was wrong. She got dressed and looked for her mom. "Mom! Where are you?" There was no answer. She looked in her moms bedroom, but when she opened the door the bedroom was gone, and so where all of the rooms above and below it. People where gathered on the streets below, fear in their eyes. Hannah ran to the hallway, and saw men with guns. She slammed the door to apartment 317 (her apartment) And ran as fast as she could, and heard the pounding of a few guys running after her. She refused to look back, atleast not then. Hannah reached the stairs, and tripped. She rolled down the first to flights of styairs then got back on her feet and ran even faster this time. She wasnt going to give up. The men got tired and started shooting at her. She screamed at the top of her liungs, but the screams were drounded out by the firing of the guns. A sharp pain filled her shoulder, and her shirt started to turn red. Hannah stumbled and fell to the ground dead.

    I will write chapter 1 depending on how well you liked the introduction/clue/Charactor introduction.