• Jake stared out at the dark night sky. He sighed every now and then.
    “Daddy, what’s wrong with Jake?” Nikki asked as she past her brother’s room
    Their father sighed. “Well, today is…”
    “Is what, Daddy?”
    “Today is the same day was the well… The same day as his death…”
    “Who? And why don’t I know this!?”
    “Quiet! He’ll hear you; let’s go to the living room.”
    They went down stairs, quietly, to the living room. Nikki went to the kitchen and got herself a glass of milk. She ran to the living room.
    Her dad started.
    Jake was walking home from the last day of school. It was peaceful; all he could hear was bird chirping and the wind blowing, softly. Then, out of no where, he saw a car. The driver was unconscious.
    Jake froze in terror. The car was only a few feet away from him. He couldn’t move, he was afraid. He closes his eyes. He felt a hand push him out of the way. He opens his eyes seeing his best friend, Dot hit by the car.
    Every stopped in front of his eyes. The only thing he could see or hear was Dot. His best friend for years, since birth. Now what would happen? The police came and took Dot to the hospital.
    A few days later, the news came in. Dot was alive. The only problem was; Dot has only a week to live. The car crash injury was too serious.
    Jake never got to spend a single day with Dot. He was with his family, doing this thing and that. After the week, Dot died. Just like the doctor had said.

    Jake was still sitting on his chair looking out the window.
    "I wish that Dot is still alive..." Jake sighed.
    "I can make that come true," A strange voice says. "I can make Dot alive again. But it will cost you."
    "What? I will do anything to help Dot become alive again!"
    "Hm... You must die in order to make Dot alive."
    "Why do I need to die?"
    "Well, Dot pushed you out of the way and he got crashed. If he wasn't crashed, you would be."
    "Dot... Why did you do this?"
    "Jake, is it a yes. Or a no?"
    "Hehehe... Silly kid. Never talk to a stranger. I am the one who made the car move, made the driver unconscious!"
    Everything stops moving...

    Jake froze in fear as the car came closer and closer to him...