• Hi, my name is Julie biggrin . I'm 5'4, long brown hair, beautiful green eyes and 'm 14. I'm just paying off some workers that were on a three-year project for a club I own now. You ask me, "Why do you own a club?" The answer has a story. It all started about three years ago when I was heading to my favorite class, band, and reading my colored in manga book at the same time. (Please don't read and walk at the same time very dangerous you could hit a pole or something.) As I was walking I ran into someone and we both dropped and landed on the floor I said, "Sorry, I wasn't looking were I was going."
    "No, problem I wasn't looking too." the young girl said. Then we picked up the manga book that we thought that was ours then the young girl said, "Why is my manga book colored in?"
    "Why is my manga book not colored in?" I said. Then we just looked at each other and laughed. "By the way my name is Olivia." Olivia said.
    "My name is Julie and we'd better get to class."
    surprised "Yea. What do you have now?"
    "Band. stare Why?"
    surprised "Oh my god. I do too!”
    "Then we'd better get to band." Little did we know that some one was eavesdropping on us that was in the same class as us and other band members too. Olivia and I talked a lot after class and during lunch. Olivia and I when to the mall after school to go see the new anime book store that just opened last week. We were in awe of the size of the store. Then someone pops out of nowhere and yells, "Welcome to the Anime/Manga Book Store!" We were scared half to death. She just looked at us and said, "Sorry about that. My name is Stefani and I'm the owner of this store. What can I do for you to day?"
    "Were are the Case Closed books?" I asked
    "Right this way and please don't get lost." Stefani biggrin said
    "Why do you own this store?” Olivia asked
    "I got this store for my birthday present last year from my parents. They go on many trips over the years and they send me anime and manga from their trips.”Stefani explained biggrin .