• Chapter 2
    Flash . . . flash . . . flash. . . Bright lights passed over my closed eyelids. I slowly opened them to find out what was happened, but the light was too bright, I immediately shut them.
    “He seems to be waking up . . .” Hushed voices whispered words above me.
    “Finally someone to tell me what is going on! But to be on the safe side, I won’t fully open my eyes.” I cleverly thought.
    Slowly, I opened my dominant eye a little and focused my mind on the voices.
    “He isn’t awake! You must be hallucinating!” A male voice angrily accused in a low tone.
    “I’m sorry Professor Stewart . . . for trying to have a conscience!” A female voice retorted.
    All was silent until I heard myself being strapped into something . . . whatever it was, it certainly wasn’t comfortable.