William nightwalker awoke in a hale bale "how did i get here" he said to himself.He looked down the streets they were bare the tavern was empty the horses were alone and the knights chess tables we bare.But something or someone was there looking right at him from about 100 feet away.Luke stoud up and started walking towards the castle still looking at this mysterios person.Then suddenly the mysterious man started to run at him,he pulled a sword out of its casing and came straight for Luke.Luke started to run,he ran the fastest he had ever ran before.The man hit luke in the back with his elbow,Luke fell down to the ground."hello luke are you ready to die"the man said."what who are you as the prince of asarath i demand you to speak.The man looked at luke with a smile on his face "hahaha if only you knew"the man raised his sword,out of no were a fire ball flew into the mans head "waaaaaaaa put it out"he said.Luke looked fast to were the fire ball was coming and all he could see was a green spark coming for him.Before he could move the green spak wrapped around his whole body and everything went blurie.Luke closed his eyes in an attmept to get undizzy.he could hear wind flying past his ears,and a strong tightness around him.He felt a large thud and opened his eyes everything had stopped he was in the castle again.He ran through the ahllways looking for a sign of life anyone he could feel safe around.As he walked down the main hall he saw tons of people in the main corridor huddeld in a circle."whats going on"he asked as he got to the people.Scyth the head knight turned around "aw prince its your father hes been killed"Lukes face dropped even farther then it already had being "what do you meen"he said as he pushed his way into the circle.There it was his father lying on the cold ground his face white his eyes closed."DAD" Luke screamed!he grabed his father "please dad no".Scyth came over "Luke you must go the man that killed your father is still in here somewere".as scyth and luke ran through the castle courtyard luke wondered who would do this was it someone he knew,could it be that man that tried to kill him and who had telported him to the castle."get on the boat luke"scyth said as he untied the rope to keep the boat from floating away.the large rust boat was a farmers pride,but affter tonight the loyal farmer gave it to save luke.luke walked on to the onto the boat and saw many crates of vegtebles and his horse lancer."Ok luke find these cordinates and you will be safe"scyth said as he handed him a piece of parchment.as the boat floated his brown hair flowed in the wind and his blue eyes gleamed off the water but most of all many questions ran through his mind but the biggest one was how will he avenge his father? END OF CHAPTER 1.