• Time's Passed By

    Chapter 2:Confrence!

    "I mean it guys were never gonna get them together!Akumara said.

    "Well we won't give up!"Aika said.

    "Meh.And your gonna prove that inuyasha kagome,miroku sango, and koga ayame are gonna be together?"Kira asked.

    "Oh no"Mika said.

    "What?"Kizume asked.

    "We have a feeling that what kira said is gonna come true..."Aika said nervously then they heared 7 kids flying outta the sky screaming,"see?"


    "This dosn't look good..."Hana said.

    "You got that right they sent us to the wrong time!"Rika said.

    "Who are you guys?"Kizume asked.

    "Umm...I'm Rika"She said.

    "Hana,her cousin"she said.

    "Rei,Rika's little brother"He said.

    "Kino,Kisha and mizuki's little brother"He said.

    "Kisha!Second oldest!"She said.

    "Mizuki here!The oldest!"She said.

    "And I'm shiro...only child..."he said.

    "I'm Mika"she said.

    "I'm Aika"She said

    "Kizume!Older sisters of mika and aika!"She said.

    "Kira their cousin"she said.

    "And I'm akumara you can call me auku-chan if you want and I'm their friend..."She said.

    "say what year is this?"Rei asked.

    "Umm it's 2008(Ok I don't know what year it is in the anime so I'm using OUR year!)"Aika said.

    "Ahh!"Hana screamed.

    "They sent us too far back!"Rika said.

    "Far back?"Kizume asked.

    "Well were from the future...15 years in the future..."Mizuki said.

    "Oh ok who are your parents?"Akumara asked.

    "Real names?"Rei asked.

    "Yes last names too if they do..."Mika said.

    "Inuyasha and Kagome higurashi"Rika said.

    "Sango and Miroku"Kisha said.

    "Ayame and Koga"Shiro said.

    "Ah ha!We knew we could bring them together!Auku-chan you owe us 20 dollars!"Aika said.

    "Fine fine!"Akumara said.

    "Wait hana you haven't told us your parents"Kizume said.

    "Well You know who's my dad!"hana said.

    "We know that part but who's your mom?"akumara said.

    "umm I'm adopted..."hana said.

    "ohh..."Aika said.

    "So why are you here?"Kizume asked.

    "Umm we needed to prevent something..."Kino said.

    "Prevent what?"Kira asked.

    "From naraku's reincarnation to kill our parents..."Kisha said.

    "What's his name?"Kira asked.

    "Hikoku"Rika said.

    "Well we can stop naraku to reincarnating him..."Rei said.

    "Ok guys get in the tree house and were gonna have a confrence with ourselfs"Akumara said then they went up.