• chapter 1

    "Danielle i said no!" boomed Danielle's father. they were in the middle of no were and nothing to
    do."But dad, theres nothing to do in camp cant i explore?" Danielle complained.
    "no I'm sorry sweetie but you might get lost"
    "then what am i supposed to do?"
    "i have no books" wined Danielle.
    "oh just let her go Mike" her mom said.
    "but darling... oh fine but don't go anywhere too far Okay?" her dad said in a winy voice.
    "sure!" Danielle yelled just before she dissapeared into the darkness of the forest.

    Danielle was born july 7th and shared her birth day with her mother.
    Her sister- now in collage- was born june 28th and was a couple years older then Danielle.
    Her and her family decided on her 18th birthday that they were going to explore the world. So
    there they were in the middle of a big forest in Canada, were there wasn't a house or road within 10,000
    miles from were they were.

    "Ugh" Danielle said when a tree branch hit her face. She moved it aside, and heard something moving
    in the bushes next to her. ' just a squirrel' she thought as she walked passed trying to ignore what ever
    was in the bush. As she walked she started to look around and found out that she was seeing the same trees.
    "oh no I'm lost!" sobbed Danielle as she stopped to sit down." Dads going to kill me".
    She turned her head just enough to see a bright white light leaking between the trees.
    She started walking towards it thinking that here might be a field. Danielle kept on walking and the
    light got even brighter but there was never an opening. She walked on but the light never got closer, only brighter.
    Danielle started to run. Suddenly something hit her across the head. Just before she backed out, she saw
    the most gorgeous man she ever saw.