• Chapter 3:Talking About the Prom!

    "ok I was thinking about going with Hiruku"Hana said while rika twictched.

    "Hana don't go there!The guy's way more perverted then kino!"Rika said.

    "I know..."Hana said.

    "HANA!!!YOUR TOO YOUNG FOR THAT!!"Rika yelled at her,"Besides dosn't he have a girl friend?"

    "Man you always win!"Hana whined then the girls laughed.

    ~With Rei,Kino,and Shiro~

    "So Shiro are you really gonna ask her to the prom?"Kino asked.

    "Only if Rei says I can"Shiro said.

    "Speaking of Rei,REI WAKE UP AND SMELL THE ROSES!"Kino shouted into his ear.

    "OUCH!!!YOU ALMOST BURST MY EAR DRUM!"Rei complained.

    "Ok rei can I go with your sister?"Shiro asked.

    "If you want to besides I've gotta feeling she's gonna hook me up with someone too!"Rei said suspisally.

    By that time Lunch was over and the rest of the school day was booooooooorrrrrrrriiiiiiiinnnnnngggggg!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ok Guys I know you've been wondering how they look like I put up imaged only for the girls because I CAN'T DRAW GUYS!There I admited it!Happy?