• Chapter 4:Comming Over

    "Hey Kyori,do you wanna come to my house?"Rika asked.

    "Sure"Kyori said then Rei showed up.

    "Hey Rei!Kyori-Chan is gonna come to our house"Rika said then rei shocked and was about to freeze again like when he was 12(remember Time's Passed By?) and draging her into a confrence.

    "OK WHY DID YOU DO IT?"Rei asked her angely.

    "Hey!I thought you..."RIka said then rei froze again,"Oh it's been too long to do this again!"

    Rika smiled and hitted the ice block while just hitting it with her finger.

    "Never say that!"Rei said.

    "Oh come on!I'm your sister that's what I do!"Rika teased.

    "Why you!!"Rei said.

    "You know you act like dad some times!"Rika said in another direction.

    "And you act like Mika and Aika sometimes!"Rei said.

    "Hey they taught me how to torture when we were 12!"Rika said while walking back to kyori.

    "Dang it!"Rei said while hitting himself.
    After school rika opened the door.

    "Mom,Dad,Mika,Aika,Kizume,Kira,Akumara were home!"Rika said then Meyiko jumped on her and licked her,"Meyiko stop!"

    Then Meyiko stoped.

    "Good cat here fishy!"Rika said while giving her a sardine Kyori just stared at the fish,"Oh you wanna fish too?But you have to do a trick first"

    They laughed.

    "What kind?"Kyori asked.

    "Hmm..."Rika thought then Rei saw a yarn and threw it at her then she started playing with it they laughed,"Here Kyori a fishy!"

    After that they started with their homework(DUN DUN DUN!!!IT'S THE SUPREME EVILNESS!!!!HOMEWORK!!!)

    2 hours later they were done and Mika,Aika,Kizume,Kira,and Akumara came home.

    "What took you guys so long?"Rika asked them.

    "Well we were torturing your dad again"Mika said.

    "Yep we caught it on tape!"Kizume said.

    "THE PAIN!!!"Inuyasha whined.

    "Ok what did you guys do this time?"Rei asked them while they were hiding the bat and make up after that inuyasha and kagome came in.They laughed because inuyasha was covered in make-up no not covered,drowned in make up.

    "Oh look what we got here a guest!"Kira teased.

    "What can we do for you miss?"Akumara said.

    "I want you to take off the make up!"Inuyasha said.

    "But it suits your hair and dress!"Aika said.

    "NOW!!!"Inuyasha said.

    "Not if you catch us first!"Mika said.

    "SCRAMBLE!!!"Kira said then inuyasha chased Mika.

    "NA NA NA NA!!!!YOU CAN'T CATCH US!!"Mika said.

    "You know he could had just took it off himself..."Kyori said.

    "YEAH!!IDIOT NOW IDIOT BACK THEN!!!"Aika said while running around in circles.

    "HA!!LOOKS LIKE WE GOT A MADWOMAN IN OUR CASE!!!"Akumara teased while inuyasha fell on to the floor dozed off.

    "Ok were gonna clean him up"Kizume said.

    "With torturing!"Kira said.

    "And we mean hot boiling water and soapy!"Mika said.

    "You guys just love to torture him don't you?"Rika told them.

    "Yep!This is what little cousins do when he steals your stuff!OR you call it KARMA!"Aika said.

    Then they left.

    "He's dead"Kyori said while they nodded.