• I was about three when i met Larry. Daddy said a guy at work had brought them in and he thought it would be a good friend for me. Larry wasn't special. He looked like any other dog. His coat brown and long. His eyes were big and brown. But to me, he was special. I didn't , at the time, know why. But he was different than any other dog. Mom's dog, Alice, was old and mean. She was always grunting and sleeping. Her once shiny black coat was now dull and grey.Her eyes were also dull and empty. Daddy said that her time was coming. "The puppy will help ease the greif." He let me name him, too. "LARRY!" I shouted. to this day no one knows why I chose that name. "Welcome to the family...........Larry." My mom finally said.

    Larry and I were always togather. He slept next to me, was under my feet went I ate, and waiting for me when i came home from day-care. Alice did pass away when i turned 4. My mom started noticing Larry's behavior. When I wasn't around he was aggresive when approached. I must've been blind because when my parents divorced, it was a total shock. I had always thought my parents were happy, but they were actually far from joy. My dad decided that he owned Larry. When he came and took Larry away, i was in tears. It was even worse when he decided that i couldn't visit him. My world fell apart.

    Finally, when I turned 8, he allowed me to come and stay with him for a weekend. 3 years was a long time to not see anyone, and dad said that Larry might not remeber me. " He is even alittle timited when i approach him." He repeated to me. When i walked in Larry jumped into my arms. It was like he was saying " I found you!". My dad was overjoyed. I was forced to sleep on the couch, my bed wouldn't be ready till the next day. Right before i went to sleep, Larry came over to me and looked right in my eyes. It seemed as he was saying " Good bye.......i love you.". I slept peacefully until around midnight. A noise interupted my dreaming. The entire house was shaking violently. I screamed for my dad and Larry. My dad dragged me into his room. We laided under his bed for almost an hour. I must've fell asleep, and not heared the crash. I am thankful i didn't hear the yelp.

    I woke, surronded by sunlight. Glass and pictures littered the hallway as i searched for dad. I found him, kneeling by a fallen bookcase. It laided on the couch, which i slept. My dad was crying. " I'm so sorry, Alex." Dad sobbed.I suddenly panicked when i realized that i didn't see Larry. My dad had pulled himout of the reckage that was our couch. The vet told us that he was killed when the bookcase fell on the couch. My mom and me buried Larry under a tree me and him would sit under. I slowly realized that, Larry saved my life. If he hadn't woken me up, i would've died. He loved me enough to give his life for mine.

    I would ask my mom if dogs go to heaven. I belive, to this day, that Larry is waiting for me at thoose golden gates. Waiting for me to come home........