Hope was all the world needed, and a lot of it.
    Promises made that couldn't be broken by a couple of small words,
    or lies that were formed from under peoples breath.
    Hearts were broken, torn, and pulled apart everyday.
    Women cried from it, and guys seemed so proud of themselves.
    Why was the world coming to this yet again where men ruled the women's lives, and the women let it happen? Not as long as she lived, that's always what she told herself. She could take care of herself now and she wasn't about to be pushed around by a man she loved so dearly.
    He was the most precious thing to her and if he wanted to push her around, she didn't want to be with him any longer. Her love used to satisfy his taste, but eversince the men believed they were stronger and better than the women, he came to think they were right and he was foolish for believing in women. This hurt her heart to read the newspapers every morning saying men were taking back over. She wanted to scream and cry and tear up the newspaper. Her life wasn't about to be taken over by men who thought women were a side oart of life, her body wouldn't allow it.
    She didn't follow orders, and if she died trying to get life back to normal, then so be it.