• B.c.t: Pein strikes again,

    Chapter 1: in the beginning

    "Neo-Tokiya 10 years ago."

    A tall mysterious figure looks down on a small child and said too her,
    "Now Misteru go to bed dear, mom has impotant work to do in the other
    room." She goes to her room to lie down a black butterfly landed on her
    head. Soriao was catching up on her work until a dark shadowy figure
    along with two other figures, one said "remember me Soriao?"
    Without her glasses Soriao didnt see the shadowy figure as he comes
    closer to her with a knife. Soriao puts on her glasses to see who was
    the shadowy figure, but it was late she was stabbed her dying words
    are" Pein but why?" She passed out, Tobi saw someone in the other room
    and says "I see someone in the other room. What do you want me to do with
    the child Pein?"Exterminate the child, said Pein". "Okay" said Tobi as he heads to the door
    while Konan and Pein leaves the building, "Something isn't right here" said Tetraru.
    She heads toward the house. "Mom" said misteru as she walks to the door as she
    about to opens it the door was slammed at her, injuring her. "Hello little girl"
    said Tobi, as he about to pull his kunai out to kill her Tetaru knocked down Tobi
    with a flail, "Come on Mistaru, ill protect you!" The young Mistaru ran out of the
    room, but she found her mother. "Mommy, said the young mistaru!" She tugged
    on her arm but no reply, she tried to wake her but she saw a large blood puddle
    "shes....shes...dead!" She looked trumatised and ran out of the building.
    But the tendrils pulls her out in to the shadows,"Ahh,it's just a dream, she breathed heavy and cries"
    I miss you mom, she mourned for her deceased mother "Mom" Ani said to her "what's wrong?" Ani
    goes to her mom. Nothing dear go back to bed everythings all right.

    Chapter one done: to be continue