• A marker pressed lightly against the vast plane of white paper, moving swiftly, and leaving thin lines in its place. Slowly the paper is filled with many lines, all connecting into a larger picture. As the lines come to an end, the picture almost seems to breathe deeply as it’s begins a life on its own. The paper shimmers as a small figure emerges from its confines, her purple hair damp as the ink that created her. Second and third figures also emerge, one with long silver hair, another with short teal colored locks. The creator stared down in awe as her creations took life before her, each developing in their very own way.

    Soon their creation was complete, and there stood three figures on the now blank paper. A short female clad in a Japanese school uniform, her hair short, purple and slightly spiky. Next to her stood a slightly taller male, his short teal hair standing out against his light purple kimono shirt and pale jeans. Next to him stood a tall male with long silver hair and piercing green eyes, clad in a simple gray sweater and jeans. The purple haired youth walked towards the creator and looked up into her eyes.

    “Excuse me, but what names do you bestow upon us, your nameless creations?” Her voice came out quiet and rather muffled at first, as if unsure how to address the being that gave life to them. Their creator seemed to sit back and think for a moment, before leaning forward and pointing to the purple haired girl.

    “I name you Hayley; you are now no longer nameless.” She then pointed to the silver-haired youth, “Your name is Chris and the last of you is Yuki.” Each nodded as they received their names, thrilled to have the last piece for existence.

    “What may we call you?”

    “I go by S.P.”