• "OW!" I said as I was thrown in to the wall just above the trash can. I stood up and looked at the jerk that threw me into the wall. He was big and I mean big, he was all muscles and judging by his tattoos on his arms he as from the dragons gang. I rubbed my head and said quietly "This should be fun." I took off my full body jacket an tossed it to the side. I saw his eyes widen when he saw my dual blade which I hand crafted so I can have one sword in each hand. He then looked at my waist and saw my demon tail whip tucked in my belt and my bag of smoke pellets good for a quick getaway when you are out numbered on the battle field. I ran at him and slashed at him with my blade. He jump back but he was scratched on his arm, nothing bad but it ticked him off.

    He grabbed his one hell of a big pipe and ran at me, and I did a front flip over his head and pushed him into the wall, which made him Evan more ticked off then before. He reached in to one of his pockets and took out a whistle and blew on it someone threw a smoke pellets. I coughed because I breathed in to much smoke, when the smoke cleared I saw that the jerk had called for his backup that was probably had been hiding up on the roof. "This is so not what I wanted to do today." I sighed, I ran at them getting some good hits in that would leaving them moaning for awhile. After a while I realized that the moor I knocked out the moor came to fight, Great. I could see that I was out numbered so I dropped some smoke pellets on the ground and made my escape out to the open street. "I won't go down that alley for a while."

    Hi my name is Rose, I'm 16 years old. I live in the famous New York city, I live on Broadway in the Broadway apartments on the 6th floor room 1Z with my best friend and roommate Julie-sue who is the same age as me and is always mad at me when I get in fight with the local gangs. Yes you heard me right. I get in lots of fights that one I was just in happens to be one of the easiest fight I've had for awhile. I'm not in a gang my self but seeing that I'm the hottest girl at New York high and I am not just making that up I get asked out about 100 times a day and attacked more often then that so its nothing new to me. I have long flowing black hair that when you look at it some times you can see flames dancing in my hair. I am always armed with my blade, smoke pellets whip and dagger for surprise attacks

    Today I was wearing a full body black leathers outfit and black belt to hold all my weapons, I was all so wearing black leather gloves. I was just about to go past the high street ally when some one flue past me I looked down the ally and guess who I saw, Julie-sue and the same jerk that attracted me! Then it hit me he wasn't human he was a shadow from the shadow realm, my father must have sent him to get us AGAIN! Julie-sue was not wining this battle so jumped in to save her. The dragons are a pretty new gang in these parts so I guess that I have to show the m who's boss in these part. I ran at him with full force and all my strength. I slashed at him but it went right through him like he was a ghost! I stood shocked by what had just happened. No human could do that at least the ones without magic heritage from there past and low life's like these deftly didn't. So then how did he do that?

    He smiled and hit me with a sucker punch right in my stomach that sent me flying in to the fire escape. Now I was ticked! Who did he think he was punching me like that? I grabbed my sword my hands started to glow, my red eyes stared to glow. I saw his eyes widen with fear I threw a fire ball at him. He narrowly got burnt to a crisp but he got lucky and jump out of the way, but I got his shoulder. His face twisted in pain. I threw another one at him but this time, I hit my target. There was a puff of smoke and he was gone. His drones saw what happened and evaporated in to thin air. I ran to Julie-sue to see if she was all right, she was a good fighter but she was still an amateur when it came to fighting the shadows. "Are you all right man?" I asked she gave me that don't-call-me-man look so I said "Are you all right girl?" she rolled her eyes. "Ok, I guess. Thanks for coming to the rescue." She said. "Again!" I corrected her, she smiled sheepishly as I helped her up. Julie-sue had short pink hair with purple tips. Today she was wearing black pants and a green tang top with small black butterflies. I have helped her out of tight spots before so this was nothing new, but come on she could at least try to fight even if she out numbered. I made sure she could walk, and headed home but I had a feeling that we were being watched but know one was there so I ignored the feeling, I was probably being paranoid.

    Back at are apartment I get out the first aid kit to clean our cuts. I take a couple of pain pills for my acing back for. being thrown into two walls and one with an fire escape didn't help my pain either.
    "How are you feeling now?" I asked
    "Fine. I guess ."
    "Are you sure?"
    "Yes, because I wasn't the one thrown into the fire escape and a wall." She smiled.
    "Believe me the first time I was attacked I was minding my own biz. Got it?" I gave here a look that made here stand down from the fight.
    "Ok, Ok. You win. But what are we going to do about the shadows there back and stronger then ever!" she looked worried. The last time the shadows were on earth my father had sent them to kidnap me. She was right they were stronger then last time but hell what can I do about that.

    I'm not what you would call a normal girl; you know why my parents are gods! I know, I know, unbelievable right. But its true. My father is the king of the shadow realm and my mother was the Queen of the light realm that is, in till he killed her. You see there love was forbidden for that exact reason. I don't know the details but I do know this the only reason he hooked up with her is so he could have a heir to his thrown and take over all the universe. My mom learned of this and was mad so she hid herself in another world and had me, 6 years after I was born he found her, when she refused to give me to him he killed her with the same dagger that I carry around in my belt. So being their child I have magic powers like I can control all the elements; Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. The same for Julie-sue can do the same but both her parents were mortals here on earth. Lucky her. Her great, great, great, did I say great grandma was the duchess of the light realm and came here to retire with her son. I thought I had seen the last of my father, but I thought wrong . Hey no one is perfect right

    "There is only one thing to do." I said flatly
    Julie-sue looked at me and said shocked "You don't mean go to the shadow realm!!" Her eyes widened you can tell she didn't like what I said .
    "It's the only way to get rid of the shadows and avenge my mother."
    She looked at her feet and mumbled to her self.
    "You don't have to come but I'm going, in three days with or with out you." She was still quiet. I walked over to the window and looked out and said "Think about it, Ok?" she didn't answer I said good night and went to bed.

    For the next two days I was very busy, I getting stuff for my trip to the shadow realm. I restocked on all my weapons and smoke pellets, sharpened my sword made sure my whip would not brake in battle. I rested a lot and worked on my plan to get to the shadow realm. Julie-sue didn't really talk to me, she would say "Hi" and that was that. I spent a lot of my time looking for a portal to the shadows. Portals are the only way to get to the other realms. They are quick and efficient better then a transportation spell that has its faults but I won't get in to that. Trust me when I say you don't want to know. Its hard because they are inadvisable to the naked eye so I had to look really hard. (they are easy to over look so I used a tracking spell that help a lot) On the second day I found the portal that I needed. I was finely ready to go; well almost I still didn't know what Julie-sue had decided.
    I got up really early the next day to pack some outfits and a couple of black capes. As I went passed Julie-sues room I saw that the door had been knocked down and the window had been forced open, the whole place smelled of shadows ( they give off a foul odder if they aren't careful.) I looked at the bed post there was knife with note under its point. I read the not with a sinking hart:
    meet me at my palace
    and I will not hurt your friend.
    you must fight me at here is the deal
    If I win you will surrender to me and rule with me
    or I will kill both you and your friend the choice is yours.
    If you win well lets just say I know you will kill me
    but you only have till 12:00 earth time so I
    would hurry if you want to save her
    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    The nerve of him using Julie-sue as leverage to get too me. But how did they fined us. I thought for a few minuets and then I realized that the day that I felt some one watching me was them I lead them to us how stupid can I get. It was my fault Julie-sue had been kidnapped and now I had to save her or die trying. I stormed out and to the portal, that I had located at the east side docks. As I stepped thought the portal, I could feel the temperature drop and the sky was pitch black with a blood red sun, the plants were dead and there wasn't any sound except the crow of the raven and crows that lived here and fed on the dead, while the living fed on the lost souls that came here from the other realms. I guess this what you would call hell on earth.
    As I walked down the road to the I saw that there was no one around. I could feel the hair on the back of my neck stand up a cold shiver run down my back. Some ting was not right so far this was to easy, some one should have tried to stop me. I looked at my watch I had two hours left, I had forgot that earths time is quicker then the shadow realms time. I started to run I ran faster then I had before. I could see the palace just up ahead. When I got to the palace There were no guards at the gate. I ran to the throne room, I kicked down the door as soon as I set foot in there the fight was on.
    I fought with all the skills that I had learned form all my masters that were the best of the best. There were flashes of magic and blades. I slashed at him with my blade but missed. He raised his hands And did one hell of a powerful spell, daggers came from all around. I dodged the best I could but I still got hit with the sides of the blades, I felt them cut my flesh, I felt the warm blood fall from the cuts, then they came from above and below. But all that attack did for him was make me pissed. I lost control of my anger I attacking him with every thing I had I tied him up in vines and hit him with a water whip, I was finally able to hurt him. I made a tornado that swiped him up in to the wall. I called forth all my magic and did a combination spell that finished it quicker then it started; it was over, I had won. I looked down at him short black hair was a mess. His face pale. His red eyes had no life in them. I had my revenge for what he did to my mother. But I couldn't help but feel that some thing else was in store but I didn't care I had to find Julie-sue.
    I looked around could see no sign of Julie-sue. I started to call out her name there was no answerer. I looked at the lifeless form of my father lying on the floor. On his waist he held the keys to the dungeons. I grabbed the keys and ran. I left in such an hurry I didn't see a dark shape rise from the floor. When I got to the dungeons I called to out "JUILE –SU E ARE YOU HERE? ANWER ME!"
    " Over here, Rose I knew you would come." I herd her say in a weak voice.
    "Are you all right girl, please say you are all right." I looked at her, she looked at me, her eyes widen when she saw the state I was in, covered in cuts, bleeding and bruised. She started to cry.
    "Its all my fault I should have screamed, I should have contacted you some way but I got scared and froze. I didn't know what to do."
    "No its all right It would have happened sooner or later. So its ok. I lead them to us I should have been more careful" I said she looked at me and said " Its ok like you said it was bound to have happened sooner or later and I know a spell that would heal those cuts easy." She smiled and we started to leave.
    As soon as we got to the court yard I felt as if we were being watched. I turned around just in time to see a arrow come flying out of no were! "Duck!" I yelled as I ran in to Julie-sue knocking her down with me on top of her. I slowly stood up and looked around trying to see who had shot that arrow at us. No one was there. "Maybe we triggered a booby trap?" Julie-sue suggested as she helped me look. I shook my head and said "No I don't think so. If we had there would have been a lot more arrows coming at us."
    All of the sudden out of no were all the dragons came leaping out at us. We were surrounded!! They started to close in a round us making the circle get titer and titer in till me and Julie-sue were back to back slowly going in circles keeping an eye on every one of them I handed Julie-sue a sword so she fight them with her magic and not with her hands. I pulled out my blades and made them start to catch fire, soon they were all the way on fire Julie-sue had done the same. The dragons slowly backed off but they did not leave. I jumped up in to the air and slammed down on two of them they screamed in pain, then turned to dust. The fight was on I got hit a couple of times but I hit more and more as they swarmed at us. Julie-sue had got rid of a lot two more then she would have with out the sword that's for sure. We fought for two hours before the surrendered. We had won. The final battle of the shadow realm.
    Two week later my life was back to normal. All I had to deal with all the normal teenage thing like the prom, getting a boyfriend, and shopping. For me some gang fights every know and then, just to keep in shape . Otherwise my life was perfect. Thanks to my dad Julie-sue and me were closer then ever and I know now that no madder what happened we are stronger when we are to gather. Two years after the I had killed my father and freed the shadow realm of his power that I move to the light realm with Julie-sue. When I came of age I was given the thrown. My mothers sister had taken the thrown after she was killed, and was glade to have the real heir on the thrown I ruled with love and kindness and so did my children and so did there children for many generations after my along with Julie-sue and her family that she had all ways hoped for.

    The end
    Or the beginning