• “Oh my gosh I cant believe he is actually coming!” “Yeah I know he has the cutest brown eyes.” “Yeah and I totally love his curly hair!”said Jake trying to imitate his friends. “Jake! Stop making fun of us.”said Mandy. “Hey! Not my fault you guys are falling all over him.” “No we is so aren’t we are just big fans!” “Guys he is a stupid celebrity.” “Not just any celeb. It’s Nate Blain! He ah.” “You two are really crazy!” “Well yeah he is the biggest pop sensation! How can we not?” “Girls. So what he is the number one pop sensation. Not like he is the world!” The girls were just staring. “What’s wrong guys?”
    “So that is what my male fans think of me?” “Woah! I didn’t mean it by that-” “Dude it’s okay. Guys are always jealous of me. I just ignore them sometimes.” “Oh. So why are you here?” “I actually live here in Pepperell. I thought this was the closest I could come.” “Well hope you’re okay with four hundred girls crowding around you. Cause there are a lot of your fans in this school. Including these two. This is Mandy and Serena.” “Hi I’m Nate.” “We know.”said Serena so happy she almost screamed. “So would one of you like to bring me on a tour of the school?” “Sure!”Mandy and Serena said at the same time. “You can Serena.” “No you can Mandy really you can.” “Thanks Serena.”
    “Look them they are falling all over him!”said Jason. “I think someone is jealous.”said Jeremy. “No it’s just Mandy is my girlfriend and she is flirting with him!” “She is not.” “Jason she is just talking to him and giving him a tour around school.” “Oh yeah then why did she just do that thing with her hair that she does only when she is flirting?” “She does that randomly Jas.” “She does that during class when she is bored.” “Maybe but she is smiling and I’m going to lose her!” “No you aren’t Jason they are just talking about how much they are big fans.” “Whatever lets go it’s time for math.”
    During Math Jason sent a note to Mandy.
    Jason: Do you really like Nate? Just wondering.
    Mandy: Yeah. But not like-like he is a friend.
    Jason: But what will happen if he asks you to be his girlfriend?
    Mandy: Obviously I will say yes! Jk. I’m totally living right now for you. And only you.
    Jason: Yeah but I’m nervous. What if he does and you say yes? What will happen then?
    Mandy: He wont and I would never do that to you.
    Jason: Fine. We better get back to work.
    After class Mandy met up with Serena and Nate. “So what are you guys doing this weekend?”asked Serena. “Nothing. That I know of.” “Ditto.” “Wanna go to a movie?”asked Serena. “Sure.” “What movie do you two wanna see?” “We were thinking of seeing ‘Take On Me’.” “Oh I’ve been wanting to see that. But with my busy schedule. No time to but it is different now.”
    “Must be hard for you. To have five million fans screaming for you.” “No not really I kinda like it.” “Nice Nate. But seriously aren’t you ever feeling that all the screaming gets annoying?” “Well like if they are screaming at each other online telling each other “No he is mine. No he is mine!” I really don’t like seeing that.” “Yeah I know what you mean. I write stories and everyone is always asking for me to write one for them.”said Mandy.
    “Cool. You think I could read them one day?” “Maybe. Just kidding you can!” “I really do feel school will change me. Not just my appearance but my whole life.” “Maybe that will happen. But you’ll adjust soon. Just be careful!” “I will. I will!” “So who’s going to drive?”asked Mandy. “My mom can drive us. She wont mind. So what time are we gong at?” “How about five?” “Good for me.” “Me too!” “Cool I’ll see you guys later.”
    As Serena left the guys came up behind them. “Hey Mandy, Nate!” “Hey guys. What’s up?” “Same old. So Mandy what are you doing this weekend?”asked Jason. “Oh nothing that I know of. Why?” “I was wondering if you wanted to see ‘Take On Me’ with me.” “Oh sure Jas. Just call me later.” “Okay bye Mandy. Bye Nate.”
    “Mandy how could you say you didnt have anything to do this weekend?” “I’m sorry Nate but I cant say no to Jason. He is my boyfriend and he is always there for me. So I am always there for him.” “Wow! Just tell me how are yo going to go to the movie with Jason then with Serena and me?” “That’s the problem! I dont know what to do. I’ll think of something. I always do!” “Okay. I’ll see you tomorrow! Bye Mandy!” “Bye!”
    Later that night Mandy got a call from Jason. “Hey Jas! So when do you wanna see the movie?” “I was thinking around nine?” “Sure that’s okay with me.” “Okay. Hey I gotta go I’ll see you tomorrow though.” “Okay bye!”
    Yes! I got it! thought Mandy. As soon as she figured out what to do she called Serena and Nate. “Guys I have the best way to get out of seeing the movie with Jason!” “What?”asked Nate. “Well he wants to see the movie at nine. So I will call him before we leave and say I am sick.” “Wow is this what you meant when you said you can think of anything?” “Yep that’s our Mandy!”said Serena. “I dont know about this.”Nate said nervously. “Come on Nate. You said you wanted to be a regular teenager. Well this is what regular teens do!” “Fine I’ll go along but if any of the guys find out about this it is all your fault Mandy!” “Oh thanks Nate! See you guys tomorrow!” “Bye Mands!” “Bye!”
    Mandy couldn’t sleep. She kept think about how much of a good time she would have with Nate and Serena. Finally she fell asleep.
    “Mandy! Mandy wake up! Come on Mandy!” “Mom! Five more minutes please!” “Mandy it’s Serena! It is eleven o’clock.” “Woah! How did I sleep so late?” “I dont know but you better get ready. Remember we are meeting Nate at the mall at one!” “Oh my gosh I totally forgot! I need to get ready quick!” “Here I already got your clothes now just go take a shower and everything else!” “Thanks Serena. Okay I’ll see you when I get out.”
    Soon after Mandy got in the shower Serena’s phone started to ring. “Hello?” “Hey Serena it’s Jer. When you come home do you think you could stop by the store and pick me up some stuff for my project?” “I dont know if I am coming home Jer.” “Why? You arent running away are you?” “No! I am going to the mall with Mandy then seeing a movie.” “Oh well maybe you could pick up the things at the mall?” “Fine I will. But you are repaying me!” “Fine! Bye.”
    “This doesn’t work!”said Mandy coming in the room. “What do you mean? That’s cute!” “Serena I cant look cute. I need to look sophisticated.” “Yes but then you will look like a nerd!” “Fine fine fine I’ll wear this. But-” “Mandy! You’re wearing it and you’ll like it!” “Okay Serena. Can you help me with my hair and make-up?” “Sure.” “This is wicked weird. I like Nate as more that a friend but I am with Jason. What do I do?” “Like Renee said last year. Go with your heart.” “Yeah but I dont want Jason to be mad at me.” “He will probably be like Kevin. Speaking of Jason did you call him yet?” “Oh shoot! Hand me the phone.”
    “Hello?” “Hey Jason. It’s Mandy.”said Mandy trying too sound sick. “What’s wrong Mandy?” “I got sick. You think we could postpone the movie?” “Sure Mandy. Hope you feel better bye.” “Bye.”
    “See all done now lets go!” “I cant believe he believed you!” “Well I do always surprise people!” “Come on Nate is probably swarmed by people by now.” But when Serena and Mandy got to the mall they couldnt find Nate anywhere. “We were supposed to meet him here right?” “Yeah in front of the mall at one. Where is he?” After Serena said that Nate came up behind them. “Hey guys.” “Oh hey Nate. Why are you wearing sunglasses inside?”asked Mandy. “Cause I didnt want anyone to see me!” “Sorry. Come on lets just walk around.”
    Soon enough minutes became hours and they were already coming out of the movies. “That was a great movie.” “Yeah but it was said when Jacob left Julia. That was so sad.”said Serena. “Which reminds me I should probably go call my mom.”she said as she went to the door. “How can a boyfriend leaving a girlfriend remind you to call your mom?”asked Nate. “I dont know exactly. Serena can be weird at times.” “That was a great movie though.”
    After Nate said that he lightly but quickly kissed Mandy on the cheek. She began to blush. “What was that for?” “For helping me out this whole time.” “Oh no! The guys are here.” “So what’s wrong Mandy?” “I told Jason I was sick so I wouldn’t have to go with him tonight.” “Why?” “Cause I didnt want him to see me with you and Serena. Oh no they’re coming this way!” “We cant really do anything now Mandy!” “Oh great!”
    “Mandy?” “Hey guys.” “Mandy what are you doing here? I thought you were sick.”said Jason. Mandy couldn’t find the words to say. “So you lied to me?” “Jason-” “Save it Mandy! It’s over.” “Jason!” “Come on Mandy. Lets just go.”said Nate leading her out the door.
    “How could she do that! She know I hate it when people lie to me.” “Jason Mandy just needed time with her friends. Not always with you.”said Kevin “Yeah but she is and I’m just... do you guys think I am being a little over it?” “Yes!”they screamed together. “What do I do? She obviously doesnt want to talk to me.” “Send her something.” “Like what Jeremy?” “I dont know what does she like?” “Maybe I should just let this cool down for a few days.” “Come on guys lets just go to the movie.”said Jake trying to get off subject.
    The next week was hard for Nate Mandy and Jason. No one talked to anyone. Even for everyone else to see them like that was hard. But after school Mandy forgot her notebook again. “Man I really need to keep this in my bag at the end of science!”Mandy said to herself.
    Before she got to the stairs two hands grabbed her shoulders. Mandy twirled around instantly. “Oh my gosh Jeremy Kevin! You scared me!” “Sorry Mandy. We didn’t mean to.” “Why are you guys here after school?” “We had tutoring again.”said Jeremy. “You guys really do need help! So what’s up guys?” “Mandy we need to talk to you.” “Is this going to be about what happened on Saturday?” “Yes. But seriously Mandy, Jason just hates when you lie to him and he was just really mad.”started Kevin. “But he wants to make it up to you. He wants to take you to dinner tomorrow night.”
    “Guys I cant-” Right before Mandy could say another Kevin slapped her across the face. “Kevin!” “I’m sorry Mandy but you seriously need to do this. For Jason.” “I’ll think about it. Now I really gotta go! I’ll see you guys later.”
    As Mandy ran off Kevin turned to his brother. “I shouldn’t have done that should I?” “No you idiot! If you really want to get Mandy back you will have to be better!” “I know. I know.”
    When Kevin and Jeremy came home they were in for a surprise. Serena was sitting on the couch reading when she tilted her head up. “Where have you guys been?”she asked. “We had tutoring.” “Yeah but it doesnt take that long to walk home. What happened?” “Oh we met up with Mandy. She forgot her notebook yet again.” “Geez she needs to learn to put that in her bag after science. So what happened?” “We were just talking to her.” “Seriously what did you guys do?”Serena said while sitting up. “We just talked to her about what happened Saturday and how Jason wanted to take her to dinner.” “Nothing else?” “Well I did have to slap her to get her attention.”said Kevin. “You slapped her!” “Yes. But to get her to say yes.” “Kevin! You are so going to be hurt tomorrow morning. Come here!” “Serena! Back off Serena!”
    The siblings were off. Jeremy was just behind them. When Serena got Kevin into the corner of the room. “Now you will actually feel instead of hear what it is like to be beat up by a girl.” “Serena please!” “Serena get off of him! Come on Serena! Stop!” “He hurt Mandy I hurt him!” “Serena please!”
    “Whats going on?”asked Renee. “I’m about to kill our brother.” “Why?” “He slapped Mandy today!” “Kevin!” Now Serena and Renee were on top of Kevin.” “Guys come on get off of him! Stop it!” “Please guys I didnt mean to! I still like her!”
    Silence. “What?”the twins and Jeremy asked. “I still like Mandy. She was the best thing that happened to me.” Both Serena and Renee got off of their brother. “Why did nt you tell us before?”asked Jeremy. “Cause I didnt want Mandy to find out. She is the best thing that has happened to me. I cant get my mind off of her.” “Wow! I gotta go tell- nevermind.”said Serena.
    “None of you can tell anyone! You hear me?” “Yes Kevin.” “Good.” Mandy couldn’t even concentrate on anything after what happened with Kevin and Jeremy.
    After school there came a knock at Mandy’s front door. “Nate? What are you doing here?” “Mandy I just wanted to say I’m sorry. For what happened with Jason and I didnt want all that to happen.” “Nate it’s okay.” “No it’s not! I dont want to see you and Jason like this. I wanna see you two together.” “Nate really it is okay.” “No Mandy! That is why I am inviting you and Jason to my show tomorrow.” “Nate-” “Really Mandy. Everything that happened was my fault. This is the best I could think of.” “Oh shoot! I just remembered we are supposed to go to dinner tomorrow night.” “Oh. Well I dont think Jason wants to talk to me anyway. I’ll see you later Mandy.” “Bye.”
    “Oh gosh. Now I have way too much to think of!”Mandy said to herself while pacing around her room. “Why did Nate have to do that? Why did I have to lie to Jason? Why couldnt I just tell Jason I was going with Serena and Nate?”
    “Cause you didnt want to make me feel bad?” “Jason. What are you doing here?”Mandy said without making eye contact. “I wanted to say I am sorry.” “No I should be the one saying sorry. I lied to you. I really didnt mean to but-” “It’s okay Mandy.” “Yeah but- really?” “Yes. I talked to Nate as he was leaving and he told me everything that happened. He also asked if you and me wanted to go to his concert tomorrow.”
    “But what about dinner?” “Well I know how much you have been waiting to go to his concert so I said we would.” “Oh Jason. You are the best! But really we dont have to go.” “Mandy I want to bring you. I dont have to I want to.” “I dont know. I just feel weird about everything that has happened.” “Come on Mandy. Please?” “Especially what happened with Jeremy and Kevin.” “What happened with Kevin and Jeremy?”
    “Oh nothing. Just a little talk.” “Mandy! What happened?” “They told me that you wanted to take me to dinner but I was saying no. Then everything changed.” “What happened?”Jason asked again. “When I kept saying no Kevin... he slapped me.” “WHAT! Why? How? When?” “Tody. After school. When we were walking out of the school.” “How could he? I thought he was your friend?” “He is but he just wanted to tell me how much you care.” “He didnt have to slap you!” “Yeah but they just couldn’t get my attention and I dont know.” “I’m so mad now! How could he do that!” “Again Jas I dont know.” “Well I better go.” “Dont tell anyone I told you about what happened.” “I wont. I promise.” “Okay I’ll see you later.”
    Mandy thought and thought. She couldnt get anything into her head. Finally she made the call. “Hey it’s Mandy. Do you think you could come over?” “Why me Mandy?” “Cause you are the only one I can turn to!” “Fine I’ll be over soon.”
    Finally Jake got to Mandy’s house. “What am I here for?” “I really need your advice!” “My advice? What’s it for?”Jake said eagerly. “Jason Kevin and Nate.” “Oh. Wait how is Kevin in this?” “You really want to know?” “Obviously! I need to know what happened with him to help.”
    Mandy went through the story again. “So he really did that?” “Yes. And I kinda still like him.”Mandy said shyly. “Really? Hmm. That makes sense now. You are always smiling his way during English and somehow you stare the other way when he sees you.” “Jake dont tell Jason or Kevin. Please?” “I wont but what about Nate?” “I like him too. I like all three of them but I cant figure out who to take. And it’s hard.”
    “Well maybe you shouldn’t choose. Just take a break for a little. No one ever said you had to be with someone forever. I’m not with Renee anymore. And I am fine without her. But you guys can always still be friends.” “Yeah but I just dont want to hurt anyone’s feelings.” “Well it’s your choice. Call me when you make it. I’ll see you later Mandy.” And with that he left.
    Jake’s right. Oh god how can I say that! He is though. Maybe I should choose. What should I do?! Okay just plan it out again. Jason is my boyfriend now. Kevin was my boyfriend. And now Nate is acting like my boyfriend. Maybe I should just take a rest for now. That would be best but I just don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Man Jake is right!
    Mandy decided to call each guy and invite them over to her house. “Okay. Guys this was really tough for me to do. But I finally made it. I had some help from Jake but I got it.” “What Mandy?” “Kevin you have been a great friend for the past years. And I know you havent gotten over what happened between us but just put that a side.” “Okay Mandy. For you.” “Nate. You’re a wicked great friend. But I feel as if you want to be more than friends. You get what I’m trying to say?” “I get it Mandy. I’ll settle down.” “Thanks. And Jason. We have been going out for about a year. But with everything going on I think it would be best if we went our separate ways.” “O-Okay Mandy. If you feel uncomfortable then we definitely can.” “Thanks guys. It is just the timing. It isn’t the same anymore.” “We get it Mandy.” “I mean- you do?” “Yeah we always have. We just want to make sure you are happy.” “Aww thanks guys.” “No problem Mandy.”said Kevin.
    THE END?