• Chapter 2

    Masako walked through the woods, the twigs snapping beneath her shoes. Unlike most trainers, Masako wasn’t going to a professor for her first Pokémon; she wanted to catch it on her own. She knew that walking through the wilderness like this was dangerous, but that fact didn’t stop her. She continued walking for a while more until she heard a shriek coming from the trees. She looked around the trees. Suddenly she was knocked to the ground by a red blur. She winced in pain and saw an injured Ledyba in her lap. She heard the flapping of wings. Ledyba sprang up and took off flying again. Masako followed him after she saw a flock of Spearow speeding toward him. Masako sprinted, clasping the small Premier Ball in her hand. Ledyba couldn’t continue on much longer. Masako sped up even more, removing the ball from its magnetic clasp. She increased its size and hurled it as hard as she could toward the Ledyba. The orb hit its mark and in a flash of red light the bug Pokémon disappeared inside, staying within it. The Spearow continued to fly straight on. Masako panted and walked toward where the Premier ball had fallen to the ground. She knelt down and picked it up.

    “Come on out.” Masako said, panting a bit and tossing it into the air.

    “Ledy…” Ledyba groaned as it appeared in a flash of white light.

    Masako got to Ledyba’s height. “Hi there.” She said gently to the ladybug Pokémon. He looked up at Masako’s face with his weary eyes, panting. He fell forward, Masako catching him in her arms.

    Hours passed until Ledyba woke up. “Ledy.” He said when he sat up. He looked at Masako, she was sitting close by a book in her hand. Ledyba smelt something sweet, he looked in front of him and there was a small pile of Oran and Pecha berries. He smiled and ate them, his energy slowly returning.

    Masako glanced over, hearing the munching of berries. “Oh you’re up.” She said with a smile.

    Ledyba finished eating and perched himself on Masako’s shoulder, nuzzling her. “Le-dy-ba.” He said happily.

    Masako patted her new friend on the head. “I guess we’re partners now Ledyba.”

    “Ledy!” He exclaimed happily.

    Masako smiled and began to walk again. Her new friend tagging along for the ride on her shoulder.