• In the dark of the night, the child smiled as she slashed around at her victims. “They’ll all pay for what they did to me!” She cried and slashed again. “All of them shall pay!”

    With a final slash she had killed the last of the weak family she was forced to live with. “What have I done?” She asked staring at the blood around her. “What have I done?!” She cried running to the kitchen.

    “Foolish girl! You can never escape my clutches now.” A voice whispered into her ear.

    The girl turned to see the one person she really could never escape. “No!” The face of the person behind her looked as if it had never see the light of day. There were no eyes, only sockets with flames coming from them. The man was dressed in a suit of black. The child gasped as she realized this was the devil himself.

    “Little girl, you soul now belongs to me!” The devil reached out a hand for her to grab.

    “Leave me alone!” The child cried turning only to run into the devil again.

    “I am everywhere. There is no escape anymore, no matter how hard you try.” The devil reached out and grabbed her shoulder. “I will take you with me now little soul.”

    The child looked back and noticed her body laying on the ground. “When did that happen?” The child asked looking at her body.

    “When you first came out here, you stabbed your self. That is why I am here now.” The devil said pulling the girl into the hole that appeared on the ground.

    “Mother! Father! Sisters! Someone Help me!” The child cried. She was jerked suddenly and looked back to see the devil had grown wings as white as snow. “What happened?”

    “Have no fear child. You have repented. You will see your family again. All you have to do is close your eyes.” The angel said holding the child closer to his body.

    Suddenly, the child was jerked again. “Please wake up! Please!” She heard from the side of her face. “Please.”

    “Mother?” The child asked opening her eyes slightly.

    “Yes. It’s me! Thank god!” The mother wrapped her arms around the child and held her tight. “I thought you were dead. You plunged a knife deep inside of you. The doctors said you were in a comma but might not survive. They gave you a 1% chance of making it.” The mother cried softly.

    “Don’t cry mommy. I’m ok. The angel saved me from the devil! He said I would see you again.” The child smiled for the first time in months.

    “Thank God! Thank you so much.” The mother cried staring at the ceiling.

    The angel sitting on the roof smiled to himself. “Not god, woman, the devil.” The angel stood turning back into the devil and sighed. “When did I start doing nice things?”

    “About the same time Hell froze over.” A calm voice said from behind. “Come on I’ll buy you a cup of coffee.” An angel said.

    The devil sighed. “Fine.”
    The end