• Love and blood

    “Hurry, we can’t stop even for a second!” said a tall black bearded man as he ran through the woods in a fast yet steady pace. “I know I know!” replied a blond Caucasian woman who was also running with him and holding with both of her hand, something covers with silk cloth. The couple ran North-west through the shadowy woods as they’re being pursued by several people most of them caring torches, some of them caring shotguns in their hand fully loaded and ready to kill. “Hurry we’re getting close to ‘em!” stated one of the man in a pleasant voice as he led the entire group towards the couple through the dusky night in the wood.

    “Dirk,” said the female couple to the male, as she attempted to catch her breath while jogging “if anything happen to me then--,”

    “NO!” interrupted Dirk looking back as the two of them dash “nothing’s going to happen to you. Not as long as I’m here for you, Juliana.” Juliana stop briefly and stared at Dirk while she was catching her breath. The air was freezing due to the temperature of the snow. Dirk stop and turned around staring at his lover for a moment “We need to leave beside I love you so much, just to lose you .” stated Dirk while his passionate brown eyes gazed into Juliana’s eye which was like a lovely green emerald. As dirk gaze into her eyes he showed compassion, and love to her. Juliana knew from the expression in his eyes meant that he will never leave without her, and with a pleasant smile she replied “all right.”

    “I don’t think we’ll need to run any farther” whisper Dirk “wait here ,I’ll go check and see if they’re still chasing us or not” mutter Dirk as he glance at Juliana still clutching the object in her hand . Dirk climbed up an enormous tree which was near them .he climbed up carefully ensuring not to drop any snow off the branches .he scanned around the area and observe a small band of flame behind a couple of the trees traveling north away from them. Dirk sigh in relief as the crowds left almost out of sight.

    Suddenly a gigantic cry filled the forest .the object in Juliana’s hand was crying loudly and moving around ,it was a baby who was no more than eight month .Dirk was worried as he glance back towards the crowd of flames. They suddenly stop, then turned direction, and was marching towards them. “Juliana! We need to move!” Yelled Dirk in a panicking voice as he jumped high from the tree and landed on his legs with the snow softening his land. Juliana hushed the child’s cry and began to run again along side Dirk. Though eventually Juliana was slowly being left behind.

    “There they are I see them!” yelled a woman behind the couple .The crowd was catching up slowly though what seemed like 12 yards away .

    Dirk looked behind as Juliana stumble standing on one leg .Dirk help her get up, but looking back the crowed was just about close to them .the baby cried a little but was silent as they started running again. Realizing what might occur Dirk thought to himself a way to spare Juliana’s life . “Jule ,my love …I’m afraid that I have no choice.”

    “what are you saying!?” answer his Love as she ran in terror of his thought “no, you don’t mean!--”

    “just run ahead , I’ll catch up later on!” replied Dirk as he suddenly halt and turn around facing the crowed .
    “please come back in one piece Dirk.” plead Juliana as she stop gazing back at him.

    “Go!” said dirk still staring at the crowed as they approached closer little by little.
    “Promise me you’ll be okay.” plead Juliana as she gazed at her lover . Dirk just turned around, his eyes glowing in a bright yellow color like an animal.

    “all right , I promise! Now go!” begged Dirk. Juliana rushed as Dirk just stayed there and said under his breath “I’m sorry Juliana but I can’t keep this promise I hope you do forgive me ,you and our pup ,our praises little Randolph.”

    A minute or two pass ,Juliana was running and eventually there was several gun shot ,fallowed by a loud wolf’s whine …
    Juliana knew that her lover died…