• "Anna?Anna!" cried Mr.Chris with his mouth dropped open.

    "Anna!Wake up!Please!" shouted Emily. "Nooo!!!!!"

    Three weeks earlier...

    "Hellen Anna!" cried Emily running."Have you finished your english assignment?" Emily asked,walking over to me.

    "Yeah..but im so not going to let you copy it!We have gotten into so much trouble so many times because of that" I said as I raised an eyebrow to my friend.Emily Sanders,a bold and daring girl who would do anything to get her way and suprisingly...she is my best friend.

    "C'mon just a tiny peek?" said Emily pleading to me.

    "Emily Sanders!" cried Miss Merissa on the other side of the hallway.

    "Get off the floor,what are you doing!?I hope you are not eating that wrapper on the floor my dear!" said Miss Merissa.

    I turned to the floor,she was right.There was a wrapper on the floor.Wow its McDonalds.

    Emily glared at our English teacher while she walked away. "Im Miss Merissa...oh finish your assignments girls" said Emily mimicking her voice and twitched her glasses exactly the way Miss Merissa does when she talks to someone.

    "You are such a scaredy cat,you always used to let me borrow your english assignments" said Emily and frowned when she saw her shoe laces were untie.

    "You are going to tie that right?" I said to her before she could pretend like nothing happend and walked off and then sooner or later she would trip over something.

    "Yes mom" said Emily,scowling at someone who almost who almost fall over her.

    Emily soon gave up on the english assignments.It wasnt like her but she knew I woudnt let her even peek.Im not stingy or anything,its just that she always drags me into her troubles.The bell rang and Emily frowned at me as we took our seat in English Class.Suprisingly,another teacher came into our class.We liked this teacher,his name was Mr.Kevin.He was so gullable and funny.But why was he in our English class?

    "Im sorry kids,Mrs Merissa is not in today,so I will be replacing her class for now" said Mr.Kevin and smiled at us.

    I frowned and turned to Emily who was sitting beside me. "Thats a big fat lie,we saw like 5 minutes ago.." I whispered.

    Emily nodded,then she grinned "At least I wont have to pass up with my english assignments.." said EMily and giggled.

    We were asked to write down some notes then we could go home.English was only one period so it ended a little quickly. "Hey,I can send you home" said Emily. "Its okay,my house is only a few blocks away.I'll be fine" I said walking out of the door. "Alright then,see you tommorow" said Emily,walking ahead of me now.

    As I walked out of the school,I coould hear a big storm was coming.A lot of people rushed home.I watched from far,I coudnt really bother.I liked the rain and besides my house is only a few blocks away. "Oh shoot,I forgot my textbook" I said aloud and ran back inside the school.I ran up the stairs and into the classroom.My textbook lay on the table where I sat.I grabbed it and quickly put it inside my bag.

    Before I went out the door I felt a sharp pain stabbing into my neck.I screamed out of fear.But sadly,no one was there.I lifted my hand to my neck.It felt wet and I smelt something.Then I saw at the palm of my hand Blood...

    It wasnt just drips of blood,it was pouring into my clothes.I realised sooner or later,I've gotten stabbed but by who?Suprisinly,it didnt really hurt at all.I was supposed to be screaming to death.Then I realised something.I was stabbed in the neck right?Im supposed to be dead.This doesnt make any sense.

    "Well Miss Anna..your late here.."

    I was shocked when I saw who stepped before meIt was Miss Merissa.

    "You have been..very..very..good my child.." Miss Merissa said and laughed loudly.I coughed blood out of my mouth.She licked the knife she held in her hand.It was covered with blood.

    "You stabbed me!?You b***h!What did you do to me!?" I cried loudly.

    "Trust me honey...you will thank me.." she said faintly.

    "Do you know why Anna?Because your immortal" she said she said and licked her lips.