• A Forgotten Heart

    (in the lunch room)
    Ahhh!!! today is so boring! i hate school!-bluetiger
    Who doesnt??? ya idiot...-Jason
    Shut up! everyday its the same get up early,go to school,try to save the world then go back to sleep, and do the same thing the next day!-bluetiger
    Wow! i didnt know that!-Jason
    Why you! ill beat you up here and now!-Bluetiger
    Heh bring it nothings been going on lately so ill take a little practice run on you!-Jason
    Hey you two sit back down we arent going to have a fight in the lunch room-Ayane
    Grr!!! *glares into eyes*-Bluetiger and Jason
    *sits back down*-Bluetiger and Jason
    *sigh* you two are useless on these types of days-Ayane
    *riiiiiing!!!* - School bell
    Hmm? oh hey we got to get to class now!-Ayane
    ( In the class)
    Ok class before we start are lesson we have a new student to introduce-Mrs.Anderson/Science Teacher
    *girl enters room*
    Hi ^-^ my name is Izumi and i will be your new classmate for the rest of the school year!-Izumi
    Ok Izumi go take a seat right...in between Bluetiger and Jason they are the ones right behind Ayane the one right there*points to direction*-Mrs.Anderson
    Ok ^-^ *goes over and takes seat*-Izumi
    Hi nice to meet you my name is Izumi Hasegawa how about you? ^-^-Izumi
    Oh umm nice to meet you too im Bluetiger and over there is Jason-Bluetiger
    Hey nice to meet you-Jason
    And that is-Bluetiger
    Im Ayane pleased to meet you! ^-^-Ayane
    Cool! ^-^-Izumi
    Ok class pg 134 Rocks and minerals-Mrs.Anderson
    (after school)
    Hey! *chases after blutiger and others*-Izumi
    Oh hey do you need something?-Jason
    Well umm i was wondering if you guys...umm...*holds arm*...would you be my Friends?!-Izumi
    Umm its ok you dont have to if you dont want to it was a stupid question to ask im sorry please for give me! Ill just go *walks away*-Izumi
    Smooth move xlax!-Jason
    Hey! it wasnt my fault i was going to say yes but she didnt let me finish!-Bluetiger
    Both of you stop!-Student president Hitomi Takada
    *all look*-Ayane, Bluetiger, and Jason
    Look you guys better not be picking on Izumi!-Hitomi
    Hey we werent picking on her she just came up to us and wanted us to be-Bluetiger
    Shut it I dont want to hear it! Dont pick on that girl alright!-Hitomi
    Like the idiot said we didnt pick on her.-Jason
    Thats rig..hey!-Bluetiger
    So you didnt?-Hitomi
    Yes we were not picking on her...why would you think we would be?-Ayane
    Oh...umm well its kind of a secret but since i already got you into this...Izumi Hasegawa...as a little girl shes been shy...she used to be a very happy nice girl...-Hitomi
    Well she seems very much happy now-Jason
    No! she isnt...shes never had a true friend most people lied to her made fun of her! at the age of 4 she lost her parents in a bus crash...-Hitomi
    *w...what?**shock*-Ayane, Bluetiger, and Jason
    Yes...she was sent to her Uncle for her gaurdian but her uncle wasnt a very pleasent person...he beat her!Abused her he made her sleep in the basement, he barely gave her food, he made her do horrible things...he was arrested when the community heard screaming,crying,and hitting from the house...i dont know where she lives now but im worried for her...-Hitomi
    How do you know all of this information?-Ayane
    I used...to be her friend...*cries*-Hitomi
    Well why arent you her friend anymore?-Bluetiger
    She was so shocked at her life...having lost her parents, being abused and hurt...she suddenly forgot about me...everyone she knew tried to talk to her but she never remembered them...i tried to talk to her many times...but she never remembered me...the councelor of the school told her to act a little happy so that at least she could make a friend to make her happy again...but...but shell never be happy again...i stopped visiting her a long time ago...I just left her alone...its been two years...and now i see her again...-Hitomi
    Looking at her now...i just wish i never would have left her-Hitomi
    Well why dont we all help her!-Bluetiger
    w...what do you mean?-Hitomi
    We are going to help her...try to make her her old self again you can count on it-Bluetiger
    No buts! you are going to help too you are going to be reunited with a long lost friend!-Jason
    (end of part one...part 2 up next)