• Chapter 1 Forgotten heart part 2 A glistening light remains)

    (Friday After school)
    Well at least there isnt any school for 3 weeks...Winter break gives me hope that there is nothing like saying evacuate all children from the school but leave the teachers inside!!! ahahaha!!!!-Bluetiger
    Well you wont be just sitting at home for all 3 weeks we are going to help Hitomi and Izumi remember-Ayane
    Ya i guess...-Bluetiger
    Well lets go pick up Jason and Hitomi i think they are waiting at Izumi's house they said they found out where she lived after some recent researching...-Ayane
    *walk outside...start to walk to Izumi's house*
    So where does she live?-Bluetiger
    Hmm...i think Hitomi said that after the release from her uncle she just went into her fathers and mothers home and lived there...-Ayane
    But didnt she say her mom and dad were dead?-Bluetiger
    Yes...she lives there alone...-Ayane
    What?! impossible! how does she eat?-Bluetiger
    That information isnt needed at the moment...are main procedure is to help Izumi and Hitomi-Ayane
    (at Izumi's house)
    So this is it?-Bluetiger
    pretty much...-Ayane
    all the trees and plants are dead...the gates are rusty...and the house is just...plain!!!-Bluetiger
    Hey! you came-Jason
    Hey Jason-Ayane
    What no hi from you?thats pretty rude no manners!-Jason
    Hey why dont you put a sock in it!!!-Bluetiger
    Well lets go inside now...-Hitomi
    *knocks on door*-Jason
    hmm...no answer-Jason
    Are you sure shes here?-Bluetiger
    Why wouldnt she be?-Jason
    lets check the back-Ayane
    *goes to backyard*
    whoa! this place is like a cemetary its all filled with dead grass broken glass, and withered flowers-Bluetiger
    Hey the Backdoor is open we can go in-Hitomi
    *all go in*
    hmm...seems like a normal house-Jason
    Whoa! BIG screen TV!!! XD *hugs tv*-Bluetiger
    stop fooling around and lets look for Izumi-Jason
    *someone comes from upstairs*
    oh? Ayane, Jason, bluetiger...what are you three doing here?-Izumi
    What are you talking about you three Hitomi is here too*grabs Hitomi*-Bluetiger
    *looks away*-Hitomi
    You cant see Hitomi...can you...Izumi?-Ayane
    Is it your imaginary friend?-Izumi
    Its just like she said...heh...-Jason
    Huh?who said what?-Bluetiger
    Oh it was nice visiting you Izumi but we have to go! sorry for the short notice-Ayane
    *all go back outside and go to park*
    Hey Hitomi what was that all about???why did she say she didnt see you!?-Bluetiger
    Bluetiger stop it!...the reason why Izumi cant see her is because to Izumi...Hitomi doesnt exsist...-Jason
    *shock* -Ayane and bluetiger
    W...what? this doesnt make any sense!*holds head*-Bluetiger
    Izumi...after all shes been through...i almost got to her...bringing back her memories...but just thinking about it she became more and more ill...so she decided...that i...shouldnt exsist in her life-Hitomi
    This is all Idiotic!!! Why did we even decide to help you!-Bluetiger
    Bluetiger stop!-Jason
    This is all useless! why even try!?-Bluetiger
    Because we care!!! *stares into eyes and cries*-Ayane
    Hmph! im going home!-Bluetiger
    *walks away*-Bluetiger
    Hes right...why even try? its useless no matter what we do...what ever i do...is useless-Hitomi
    Hitomi dont listen to Bluetiger...hes just frustrated is all...he knows how Izumi feels...his parents abandoned him as a child and he lived on the streets for 3 years food from the garbage, stealing, getting beaten up...but his grandparents found him and took care of him..but he was still a punk...heh...i remember those days...he always picked fights in school...always getting picked on...but then we came...we helped Bluetiger realize that living isnt something to hate...its there to love you care for you...hes changed...and even though he may be angry at times...hes really happy inside...-Jason
    Ayane, Hitomi,...Jason...im...im sorry-Bluetiger
    Its ok Bluetiger*smiles a little*-Ayane
    Ok lets get just keep trying until Izumi gets her memory back c'mon Hitomi *grabs hand*-Bluetiger
    *all get up and start to go home*
    Well even though we couldnt do it today...we can try tommorow-Ayane
    Today was a complete failure...but today...i just remembered how much friends can be to a person*grins*-Bluetiger
    Thank you...Jason...Ayane...-Bluetiger
    Part 2 end part 3 up next again!!! XD