chapter1:the story and the beginning of a friendship

    Ok Rose...stop training now ok?? -he wiped blood off his lips from where she kicked him-

    nodds- *jumps down and holds out arm letting leon land on it* good bird, yes sir that does look bad with your lip.... srry bout' that sir *walks over and taps lip healing it*

    your magic is quite impressive rose where did you get the time to learn it

    "uh...sir...i didnt learn it..i was born with it...." -jumps up onto roof as soon as we get back, worried if this happiness will continue or if a hatred betwwen us will happen-

    then tell me your story young one.... i wish to know how you with such promise at being a warrior let yourself get caught by slavers

    ok... (flash back) when i was only 7 yrs of age my village was attacked by demons from slaydia,all women were captured as long with their children... my father cried
    out to me and tried to grab my hand,but the demons whipped him a left the village with us...they put us in dungeons for a while hardly any food did we eat.... they noticed that whoever i wasin the cell with stayed strong.... one day, they opened the cell and took me and my mother away... they left my younger brother in the cell, alone, i was scared, they took us to the higher grounds and all i could see was death.... soldiers wounded and dead were everywhere... i saw a familiar face further away, the man held me back though and said to touch all the men on the grounds or my mother would die...i did as he said...when i came to the man id seen earlier...i rolled him over, noticing he had fur i gasped, it was my father....
    i touched him..and it was not enugh to last him long , he reached into me a pulled out a crystal that was shut inside me, he told me of bit and then put it back....
    he took out a red orb as well, but..from himself, and put it in me... he died on my lap.... then me and my mother were sold to a mean cruel doctor....we tried to escape when i turned 10, but....my mother..didnt make it....i was found on the road by an older abusive man he was an executioner at the slave auction.., i turned from my cheerful self to quiet and very shy, i didnt trust anyone, my healing powers stopped every time i was angry, i was beaten every time i didnt answer or didnt walk fast enough, he finally decided that after 6 yrs, i had reached the age of sexual maturity..he chained me to a wall and forced his other wolf slave, serien, to mate with me, after i had my pups and they turned 1 yr, which was last yr... he tried to sell me, but no one wanted me..he tried to kill me... (flashback end) you came then sir...you rescued me from my..nightmare..

    i am quite sorry you had to go through that... one as young as you should never have to see death..*sighs* i must tell you somthing though..*stops then turms away* never mind get inside and ill make us some dinner*picks up swords puts them back on the rack then goes into the house*

    -nodds and calls to leon- *pets his feathers then pushes him off and he flys over to you and lands on your arm as you go in* -cawwww- *i laugh* leon you naughty bird dont be so stupid.....

    *laughs* alright leon you can have some food too if your hungry but come on rose

    -as you laugh it seems familiar, like ive heard it in the past- ok...im coming sir-calls for leon, he lands on my arm- *jumps down and runs inside accidently slipping on the floor and reaches out for something, grabbing you as i fall-

    *grabs your hand as you fall* watch yourself its a little slippery around here*picks you up* you alright...rose

    yes....im ok...-looks up- but leon is startled...-looks at wall and jumps onto it then grabs a rafter, swings myself up and gets the startled bird, jumps back down balancing myself with my tail-yes...i see..you are in aww...your about to drool sir....-moves up my hand and wipes it off- *laughs*

    im sorry *blushes* but i have never seen a person do that before*looks away* alright if there has been enough exitment what do you want to eat

    yes, um, its already taken care of sir, ramen, rice cakes, and fish.... and *blushes* i saw that some meat was about to expire... i made some meat balls ^^

    well that is good you cant let food go to waste*looks to see you blushing then turns back around and sighs agian then thinks to self* she is so innocent... i cant tell her that yet but i wil tell her when the time comes*

    *my ears twitch and the tip of my tail flickers as i sit down* what is it you cant tell me sir?? -looks at you weirdly-

    its very bad to read someones thoughts rose.... you may learn somthing you dont like but letts eat first and let me get some rest .... you may then ask me later if you want to know* sits down says a pray then starts to eat*

    -looks down and my ears droop- sorry sir... i wont do it again....-reaches out grabs a rice cake and a fish and puts in napkin then walks out to the training area, sits on high branch in the tree and eats, my tail drooping over the branch-

    *Walks out to trianing area with food in hand* you must not be sorry rose it happens but try and control it it can be harmful to you when you learn peoples secrets*finishes eating* well i will see you tommrow then rose and have a good sleep* goes back into room and tear apperas in my eye then walks over to closet and pulls out a demons armor that bears the mark of slaydiai look it up and down then think about you as a child then starts to cry* *crying* oh god what have i done to this poor child i knew i reconnized her but there is nothing i may do to make up for what i did....

    *finishes my fish and calls leon to get the rice cake and bring it to his family* *sighs at the word* *jumps down and starts training while your asleep seeing i had nothing else to do* *trains all night long, in the morning i fall on the ground panting, my hands paws are bleeding and my tail is dirty* *falls asleep beside battered dummy*

    *walks out side after hearing to battering then sees you asleep on the ground smiles slightly then picks you up and puts you in your room then travels into the mountaians with the slaydia armor on and sees my men and tells them a plan then leaves and sits in the training yard with the slaydia helmet on so it covers my face*

    *wakes up, leon opens the door and gives me a coin from a well nearby, i put it in my secret spot, i get up and wash my fur and eat then walk to the training area* *halfway down the path i see the slaydiai helmet, i jump into the trees and then jump on you grabbing your neck about to punch you, looks at your face then drops you shaking my head* no...no....no..you..your him..noo..-breathes hard- NOOO.... get away... gety away!!! *jumps into the trees in the opposite way from your house,
    crying and runs up to an old cave i used to stay in*

    *starts to cry while still looking at the ground* im sorry it had to be like this rose*talking to myself* but you had to learn..im truly sorry *stares in the direction you ran* i hope you can hear me rose .... but i must leave if you dont come back they know who you are and are sending me to the exacutioner... im going to die 2 days from now ... i leave everything to you...*gets up as two slaydia guards appear and drag me off*

    *leon happened to be in a tree next to you and saw and heard everything, he flew off at once to tell me, i was stubborn at first but leon bit me saying "now!!"* *i ran and jumped through villae trying my best not to be spotted, finally i caught up with you and the guards, i watched a bit and though you were halfway down the road, i
    jumped from the trees and landed in the guards path* "leave him alone you you... you.. basterds!! he risked his life for me!! *jumps up and knocks out one guard grabs his sword from his belt and jumps into the trees, as the other guard laughs and grabs you, i jump from the trees stabbing him n the back* "sir..are you ok?.."
    i look innocently at you and break your chains, grab your hands and jumps into the trees and to my cave*

    *i keep my head down in shame not wanting to look at you* why did you come back i .. i killed your village and your family.. i made you go through what no women should...*draws sword and slices at you* leave me i dont want to see you hurt

    -leon lands on your shoulder and caws- -hears something rip and looks at my arm- its bleeding.....leon *chirps* -leon lands on my arm and pecks my wound- oww..leon..not so hard... -looks back at you- no one can hurt me more than ive been hurt... -thinks about your laughter on that day- your...your that an..that.. man that was so young..you were cruel....but..you are being nice to me earlier..why...

    i didnt want you to find out who was... that day i saw you... i dont know what happened .. i.. i felt like a monster... like i shoudlnt be doing it and i loved you for showing me that what i was doing was wrong.. but i knew you wouldnt love me back if i took you as a slave so i sold you and let you go through life as i did.. hopeing i would never meet you agian...

    -walks past you to a ledge, stands there and looks back at you then looks out at the valleys and villages farther out- *a gust of wind moves my fur and my tail, it brings something else though a tear....onto the ground* -talks not looking at you-"sir....if you never want to see me again...then....-looks back at you-...your dreams about to come true....." -walks further out to the ledge then looks down, spreads out my arms and sits on my haunches, ready to jump, not caring if i die,
    takes a last glance at you, my fur laying down from my tears- good bye...sir....
    -jumps off the ledge, leon goes speztic and lands on your shoulder cawwing and biting your ear, he lands over on a rope and long cable tied together, he caws loudly, he says something in english to your surprise, "get my daughter!!"
    "shes the last of our clan, you must save her!!" -you hear a loud thud, as i fall onto a lower rock jutting from the side of the mountain, unconscious, my tail and ears drooping and as still as the rock itself-

    *shocked i scream* NO*then run over and grab the rope and start to slide down* i didnt want to see you then rose but i need you now more then ever im an outcast and i need you by my side... i still love you rose dont die on me*i say crying*

    -my ears twitch slightly, leon lands near me pecking me for a second you could have sworn you could see a grown male wolf , his ears twitching and pawing at my shoulder, something inside me glows, i start moaning, the glowing stops, i sneeze suddenly and sit up without thinking, covering my nose, i see my father and you beside me , i look at my father and then put my paw out it touches his, i feel his warm fur- "father....FATHER!!!" -cries on his coat- "i miss you, comeback plz...comeback for me father" -he gets up and looks at you walks towards you and puts a furry paw on your shoulder "take care of her, take good care of my girl, ill be there *laughs* as a crow, but...i cant do anything more....ill lose my memory of her after today, itll be your job to watch her....." -walks back over to me, his tail and ears droop, his ears twitch, as do mine, he speaks with me, but you cant tell what of, i nodd and he puts his hands on my shoulders and becomes a crow, once more- *suddenly realizing you are here, i crawl towards you and slides up against your chest, rubbing my warm furry body against you, i watch as leon leaves my shoulder and flies away with other crows*

    *watching in aww as leon flys away* so that was your father.. he looked like he was a great man.. and im sorry i didnt meen for you to take my words that way... i want you here now and forever rose... but i must ask what did he talk to you about

    -leans against you still and watches leon fly away- "he said, you have become very beautiful and powerful, and .... *tears come to my eyes* thats my girl......, he told me he was srry he had to leave......"

    *looks down at you and wipes the tears away* do not cry rose ... your dad probally wanted this life for you.... to find a good man to keep you safe... so there is no reason to cry.. be happy for what he has done and what you will do someday

    -looks up at you and burries my furry head into your chest, drooping my ears a bit,
    the tip of my tail flickers, i get up and look off into the villages and valleys below, a gust of wind makes my fur move and you could swear, that as i look back at you that im wearing a pair of leather pants, my red hair going freely with the wind, my ears twitching slightly, a sword belt at my side, and a jacket at my waist my tail is barely visible- * but...it disappears soon afterward, i turn facing you and smile slightly* "lets go home sir...... even if they do find us...-smirks- theyll wish they hadnt..... -a flicker in my eyes cathches your attention and i laugh-

    *smiles as i stare into your eyes* alright rose lets go home and... with you by my side i feel like i could fight an army and i willl if it is to protect you *smiles agian then starts walking back toward my home*

    -stops, my ears twitch- -jumps and hits you moving you out of the way"watch out!!" as a huge blade sticks in the dirt, i turn and see twelve slaydiai soldiers-
    "grrr...i thought i told your two dead buddies in town to leave us alone?...." -stands up and wind blows, you see the other wolf girl again- *smirks at them stands there and watches them carefully, my ears twtch, the tip of my tail flickers then moves side to side pleasurely- "ill enjoy killing you....."

    *i turn and draw my sword * i got your back rose ill take the six on the left*looks over to you and smiles* lets go then shall we... there are so many to kill but so little time