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    I could feel the blood seep through my blouse. I saw my love’s dead eyes drilling holes into my face. I began to weep. Tears followed onto my face, burning the poisoned cuts, because the only person I knew ever who accepted me completely was dead. The heat of my anger rose to my cheeks. I turned away from him. He shouldn’t have listened to HER. I told her it was over but she didn’t listen. I knew she would stab me in the back. After she met Mia, she was crazy. She always had to get revenge.

    Everything was getting blurry. The warmth of my blood spread from my face and neck to my legs. I tried to sit up. My abs felt numb. I staggered up. I crawled over to my best friend, my love, my heart and soul. I had always known he held my heart, but I never knew that if he loved me back that he would die. He was still smiling. He had taken the fatal blow form behind in the neck from HER. He smiled as he said he loved me when that happened. My tears began to flow hard blurring my vision even more. My tears and blood mixed and dropped onto Riku’s lips. They twitched slightly. I began to see doubles. I laughed hysterically.

    “You’re not dead! You’re not dead! You’re not dead! You’re not dead! You’re not dead! You’re not dead! You’re not dead! You’re not dead! You’re not dead! You’re not dead! You’re not dead! You’re not dead!” I said kissing him. His tongue slipped between my lips. I broke the kiss. I laid my head on his bleeding chest. His hair rested on my cheek. I could taste the blood and tears on my lips.

    He had lost as much blood as I had. I could see that if he wasn’t treated. I licked some of my blood off from my arm wound. I pressed my lips to his letting the blood flow.

    “You’re an idiot. Never do that again.” My tears flowed in joy as he sat up. He looked at me. His eyes fluttered open. He stared worry lines wrinkling his face.

    “What is it?” I asked laying my head on his shoulder. His eyes were hopeless. He stared at me like that for what seemed to be an eternity. I repeated my question. “What is it?”

    “You’re covered in blood.” He sputtered, blood spattering my face as he spoke.

    I smiled, “Thanks for noticing. Here let me put this on. It will have to do.” I placed my choker around his neck. He tugged at it. I smacked his hand saying,” Touch that again and not only will you lose your hand but your life.”

    “It’s a Tourniquet.” He said, blood splashed him as I sat down. I was leaking the life from my body. I felt my world spin as my head landed on my love’s lap.

    “Ai!” He yelled. My heart fluttered. I felt it start to seize my body and mind. The icy cold gripped my legs then my arms. I looked at my heart’s keeper. I started to see black.

    “I love you. Stay alive for me. Live on in my memory. I’ll never forgive you . . .” If you don’t. I said as the fog of darkness glazed my vision. The cold toke my body and mind into an eternal winter.

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    Chapter #????

    Gone Forever


    I saw her die, her arms wrapped around my neck, lovingly. My bleeding stopped that moment. “I’ll never forgive you.” Those words echoed through my head. But what did she mean? I cradled her like a child whispering her name,”Ai, Ai, Ai.”

    I saw her glazed eyes and began to weep like no man ever will. I cried her name.” Ai! Why did you have to do it? Why? Why did you love me so much that you would die if I got hurt?”

    Her necklace hit my chest as I rocked back and forth. I shouted and wept for what seemed to be days on end. It was hours before I moved from the puddle of blood she had made. I placed her legs around my waist. I crawled in the dark. I followed the dim light ahead of me until I saw the sky.

    The stars shone bright and clear. The moon was gone. I remembered a couple days before, that she had told me that the lunar eclipse was coming. A shooting star raced past me in the heavens. I heard a crash. I heard moaning. “Nice job, Kai. You probably opened up some old wounds.”

    A familiar voice. It toke me a minute but then I remembered it was Katrina’s. I yelled. It was faint but it broke through their loudness. I heard rustling. I clutched Ai’s legs saying, gently,” They’ll save you, I know they will.”

    “Riku!” Katrina ran up to me and gave me a bear hug. She looked at me. “Sorry.”

    “For what?” I asked blinking like my cousin Sheva does.

    “Didn’t I touch you somewhere I shouldn’t?”

    “No. "

    “Holy crap! Aerith!” Narissa sprinted toward me. I turned; she had seen Ai on my back. She yelled angrily at me. “Who did this to her? Where is she that backstabbing b***h? Where is Mellow?”

    “Mel did this. She’s gone to Ryona. I don’t know where that b***h from hell is.” I said venom in every word. Kai and Peirs came trampling out of the brush. The roses dripped with blood.

    I stared at Peirs. ”Save her. Now!” Desperation thickened my cracking voice. I felt my eyes tell her that she was my only hope. Peirs said in monotone, “Put her down. I check her wounds.”

    I did as she told me. Katrina helped her tear off her armor. I sat there, gazing out into space my mind wandering. I saw everything they did. They cleaned her wounds. The bleeding had stopped. My neck hurt. Pain flared through my veins as I saw Ai’s gaping wounds. They were black. Poison. I thought. Damn you to hell, Mellow.

    Katrina got up and walked toward me. She asked.” Do you have any wounds?”

    “Yeah, my neck.” Melancholy flooded my voice. She looked down. Blood had caked on the necklace.

    She looked up curiously. “How’d you get that? Rith wouldn’t take it off after the incident.”

    I remember Ai telling me about that day. I shivered, saying, “She saved me using it as a tourniquet.”

    “Only Rith, Only Rith.” She said shaking her head. She removed the necklace. She looked at my neck. Her brow crinkled in frustration. “What wound?”

    “Huh? It knocked me out for Ai’s fight with Mel.”

    “There’s nothing there, except a scar.”

    “Weird.” I stated, raising an eyebrow. A scar? Either I can heal very fast or Ai did something. What did she do?

    I took off the choker. It pulsed in my hands. It dragged me toward Ai. It pulsed faster. I dug my heels into the earth. My neck throbbed. A groan escaped my lips. I fell forward on my face. Kai looked at me as though I was insane. Narissa stared into Ai’s glazed eyes, her eyes floated there. I gave in and walked over, kneeling beside her. Narissa’s head reappeared. It turned toward me. Her eyes had taken on a swirling pattern. Her pupils rotated back and forth.

    She opened her mouth and a low hiss replaced her voice, usually calm voice. ” Place the necklace on her heart and press down. Do it now, insignificant boy.”

    I did as she said. I pressed down. Electricity jolted through my frame. It continued for what seemed to be years. I gasped. Ai had started to float. Her glazed eyes twirled. Ruptured shadows and light swirled behind Ai and from Narissa’s eyes. The swirls from her eyes rose, parallel to Ai’s. Narissa yelled breaking her trance. “Aerith!”

    A low voice came from my true love, singing clear and strong. It wasn’t hers. It held power and no emotion. My heart ached as the melody grew louder, sweeter. I threw my head up and started to howl at the top of my lungs; I snarled and crouched low to the ground. I felt my body being taken over, invaded from the ruptured light. It stole some of my blood. It rose up streaking the night in burgundy. I howled again. Rage welled up from beneath my heart tainting it with hate and pain. Her song continued.

    “Rise from the blood spilt by the Tourniquet,
    Rise and take form,
    Take the from the dead and give it life,
    Eyes will give power,
    Tenacity from your fur,
    Knowing the truth from deception from you whiskers,
    Ferocity from your teeth.
    Protect whose blood had been spilled to save who saved the ONE.
    Give light to death and keep the dark from life
    Protect the boy who loves the ONE. ”

    She gasped. Ai turned and glided above me. The swirling eyes looked down. In her voice, “Protect her with you life, child of the heart.”

    She soared up another ten feet. Black wings had formed on her back; they wrapped around her and disappeared. Light flashed and thunder rolled. The ribbons of shadows and light playfully wrapped around me. They were cold and burned my neck. It rubbed against me again. Fur rubbed around my scarred neck. It purred. I toke one hand and grabbed it. It was a kitten. Its black eyes pierced through my heart.

    “Put me down you ingrate. I would appreciate to try to take on a human form,” a female voice said. Its shrill soprano shocked me. I blinked a few times. It came from the speckled gray kitten. I put her down. More black light shone through the breaking dawn’s light.

    I steeped back a few times, stumbling. A girl with white hair stood before me. Her black eyes pierced through my heart again. Her sharp gaze made me notice her sharp angles on her face “I see through to you Riku.”

    I looked down. I turned away blushing. I shouted, “Put some clothes on!”

    “What are clothes?” She asked in her melodically, annoying voice.

    Katrina came over to her. “Come with me.”

    “No, I am supposed to protect the child of the heart, who wore the Tourniquet.”

    “If you’re going to protect whoever that is, whoever you are, put some clothes on.” I shouted angrily. I stalked off as everyone swarmed the girl who came out of nowhere.

    Ai is dead. She is gone forever.

    I shook my head contradicting myself, No she isn’t gone.

    “Go after Ryona and you might find her.” A voice echoed in the shadow of the trees. It made no sound. It was a whisper in the wind. “Also, Eva needs you. Your protector has a name. It is Kale Akki. She will help you find the ONE. The one you were sacrificed for. When you dream you will see her. She will not know you. Remind her of what she is fighting for.”