• Rakuen Nakunatta (Paradise Lost)

    A/N- This is a dark fic and it will remain that way...I will update when I feel like it on this one...

    Anyway, this story was based off a song I listen to a lot, it is called- Stop & Stare (One Republic)

    If you just listen to the words, then you will understand where I'm coming from...

    I hope you all see where I'm coming from...

    On with the story...


    She was worried, time was running out. If she didn't get there soon, she and those she carried would soon die in the bitter cold. Her family was dead, her mate, everything she new and loved was gone, as if it never was.

    The snow had been falling for what seemed forever as she ran and ran. Over rocks and frozen wasteland, she moved on, never slowing or giving up.

    This was her only chance at survival, even if it was against her kinds laws, it didn't matter. She had to do this.

    From the tales of her family she had heard of another group of her kind nearby, they were a roomer though, as no one had ever really seen one of them. But still, it was worth a try.

    As she waded through the freezing water of a small river, she caught a scent that caused her body to tense even more and her heart to sink. They had found her.

    She could hear their barks in the distance as she finally reached the other side of the river, shaking from more than the cold, she pressed onwards. She couldn't stop, she wouldn't stop. It would mean death if she did so.

    The wind had picked up as she crested a steep hill, she had cut herself as she had climbed the rock face. She was leaving a blood trail, this was not good.

    Hearing the howls of her pursuers as they caught the scent of her blood, she forced herself to keep moving. Her back leg all but useless as she drug it along behind her, leaving streaks of blood across the clear white snow.

    She was going to bleed to death if she didn't get her wound looked at, but she couldn't stop. She had sighted a plume of smoke from somewhere ahead, in a moment of madness, she headed for the smokes creator. Giving everything she had left just to reach whoever had lit this fire, whether it be human or otherwise, she didn't care.

    It was her only chance, her unborns only chance.

    Onward she moved, getting closer and closer. She could almost feel the heat of the fire upon her fur.

    Finally, with a last burst of sheer desperation, she pressed forewords into a clearing only to collapse from sheer exhaustion and hypothermia.

    The last thing she heard was a shout and then she heard no more.

    A/N- This is going to be a slightly darker fic than I'm used to writing, but I'm going to try anyway.

    But I hope you all will tell me what you think of this...it would really help...

    The next chapt will be up when I feel like starting it...after all, for this one I have to be in the right mood, or it won't turn out right.

    Till then...

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