• After talking with Seth the other day, we decided not to tell our parents. Instead we'd keep it a secret. We'd act normal
    for most of the month, but, on the three days the full moon is out we would sneak out and turn into werewolves. Then we'd
    run to the woods at break-neck speed! We weren't exactly sure if this would work or not, but we were willing to try.
    The days went by, normal as ever. My parents eventually came home. Luckily they haven't found out my secret. I also kept on
    wondering what Edward did in his spare time. Eager to find out I decided I'd ask him during the next meeting in the forest.
    Days passed. Seth and I went on as normally as we could. When it was the first day of the full moon, I told my parents I was
    sleeping over at Seth's. Since it was summer they said, "Okay son. Have fun." just like normal parents do. I was surprised at
    first, but I just walked out the door without thinking twice about it.
    Seth would already be at the meeting place by now, so I just launched myself into full speed heading north to the local forest.
    When I arrived I was very disgruntled. Steve and Seth were talking to Edward and who I guessed was Edward's girlfriend. I walked
    over and listened to the conversation until Edward had a chance to be alone. They were talking about that Westrads shooting.
    "I heard that the person who shot up the place was a vampire looking for werewolves too. He probably killed himself after realizing
    he killed a plethora of innocent people. The police mentioned the bullets were made of silver!" explained Edward.
    When they were done, I pulled Edward out of earshot. "Edward, what exavtly do you do besides hang out with a pack of werewolves?"
    He chuckled lightly. "Funny you should ask that. I was just about to invite you, Seth, and Steve to my dad's concert.
    He's a professional violinist.
    You won't be disappointed, trust me on this one. Seth and Steve are going, how about you?" "Sure," I said sheepishly "Where at?"
    "My house of course!"