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    A car pulls over, a bunch of old haggers, and two murderers stepped outside.
    The party for Francisco Remeraz had been held for hours, until a knock on the door was heard.
    As the butler opened the door, a bullet had been shot.
    The crowd didn't heard it over the maximum volume from the music. All of a sudden the stereo stopped, not knowing the crowd looked the dreadful mess that came out of the stereo.
    "Good evening everybody!" yelled out a voice.
    The crowd turned, looking at the suspect who destroyed the stereo and stopped the music. The man, wearing make-up, like a clown, and a woman, wearing a red and black dress, and black and white make-up, formed like a skull.
    The clown lowered his weapon, the horrified crowd began to step back as the henchmen walked toward them with M-16s.
    The clown gently explained,"Don't worry, we're not going to kill anybody, except for that old guy at the door!" He looks at the mime,"We're here..." He thinks,"We're here because I want to say something very important!"
    He quickly turns to the mime, then reached into his pocket, then pulled out a small red box. He looks straight to her eyes, he opens the box, and a ring shined over the mime's eyes.
    "I had to rob a bank to get this," he whispered. The mime looked at him, she turned so red a bit of it showed through the white make-up. "Well...uh...will you be...my...wife?" he asked.
    She stared at him-the clown trembles-then she forced a smile and yelled out,"Yes!"
    The clown yelled out a joyful laugh, and tightly hugged her.
    A few people from the crowd clapped.
    "You don't know how long it took me to say it right!" he explained. "And I thought I was the nervous one," giggled the mime.
    "Well, we'll be leaving now!" yelled out the clown. He looks at his love,"Let's go."
    They both walked away from the scene, leaving the mansion-holding hands.
    The clown's henchmen ran out the door. Going to their cars, they drove off.
    Suddenly the two-story house exploded! Bursting out flames and a force of smoke.
    "What the heck?! I didn't do that!" yelled out the clown, as he and his love looked back.
    "Then who did?" she questoned.