• crying there was once a couple who had a child named isa her mom was a naggy one and her dad as GREEDY but he always seamed nice.my grandma hated my dads side of the family and my dad side of the family to hated my moms side of the family too.one day my dads aunt invited her to go to see her fortune but little did she know it was a stet up to be cused with black magic to be seperated with her husband.hat same day her mom told her to come along to go to philly with her but she desided not not to go along.the next day she devoiced because her husband side of the family looked down at her because she was not well educated and he was.so years had pastby ,my dad brings me to vist him on the weekend to his aunts house.untill one day he went to cambodia and was engagedwith his distant coin because of his aunt.the net eek after that he came to vist the one last time i had thougt that i was going to go to vist him agin like i always do so i ran to my room and packed some of my clothes and ran to my dad with all my stuff. he said to me you cant come.so i was like what ever im going but he ment to say was that he was moving to oregon . tears form and thy rolled down my cheecks,then sighlinet came a pound us,he left and said goodbye i sadly watched him go.a week later my mom found out that he has gotten married so i snuk to the kitchinen and listen to them talk.she told stories when i was small like when i wanted mickyDs
    but ny dad refused to go buy it unill he held my arm up and heard a plop then my armed became sore. my grandma got mad and put some vick on it then my dad rushed to buy mickdonals. there was other stories like one day i called my dad because he has a home hone and i had to buy a long distance cardto call him.so any wys i asked him if he could buy me a cmputer but he said wait untill your 16 ill get it for you. my mom over heard that and told me to hang up the phone and told me dont wait till your 16 to get tht computer ill try to get it for you earlyer.the most divistating storie was when my mom and dad was in acar a brand new car to be exact they were in a car accident but befor i saysome thing else mymom had 6 miscarrage and so yeah they were in a an acident so surprisingly you wold have thougt he would ask if she was okaY BUT INSTEAD that he ran out of the car and cheecked the car. after tht my mom miscarraged another one.(to be continue)