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    Chapter 1
    The Prince’s Birthday
    In a far away landscape, bigger than that of any island in the world, over two thousand Kingdoms and vast majority of villagers were being brought together by one Kingdom known as the Shibisanarchy. One specific Prince decided to comprise his nineteenth birthday and sent royal invitations all over the far Kingdoms. Thanks to his parent’s, who seemed to be gone on another one of their far away land meetings, he was able to obtain permission to hurl a party at his future Kingdom. The Lundsons from the North, Senderkals from the East, Afresais’ from the Southeast, Austermise from the West, etc, Kingdoms from all over the world would come and gather just for a spoiled night of the Terris’ only son’s birthday. Saddle back horses with carriages and frontier four wheelers would circle around the massive Kingdom. One by one they were escorted out and into the palace where the announcer would proclaim their arrival. Everyone came ready and early for the soon to be birthday boy, but it seemed as though no one has seen him around the palace. Where could the Prince be-others asked-why throw a party when no one can meet the young man?
    Overslept in his bed, Prince Terris E. Jonathon had covered himself with his blanket and seemed to not want to listen to the loud noises from downstairs. As one of his butlers barged in his room, Prince Jonathan was struck with a piercing sound of annoyance. A young man, who was not as tall as Prince Jonathon and much more of an innocent mama’s boy, had interrupted the Prince’s beauty sleep. With his shortly long black hair, he rushed to the Prince’s bedside.
    “My Prince, the celebration of your nineteenth birthday has begun. Why are you still in bed?!”
    Clouted with shock and tiredness, he jumped right up and rushed to his bathroom. As the butler followed him, Prince Jonathon slammed the door behind him so that his butler would stop tailgating him.
    “My Prince,” asked the handsome butler, “what shall I tell the people?”
    Beginning to start the running shower, Prince Jonathon replied, “Tell them the royal engagement is about to begin!”
    Without waiting for any other words to be heard, the butler ran as fast as he could to announce that the Prince of the Kingdom would be arriving very shortly. Soon after he finished his shower, he did not bother to dress up in the outfit in which his maid laid out for him at a prompted time. He slowly made his way to his balcony, knowing that once again, only the faces of the rich snobs and old hags would come join his pathetic party that his parents made. Wearing his ruby red robe onto the cold windy balcony, he took a look at what sort of people were arriving again. As faces of the similar Kingdoms reappeared in his head, he was unprepared to see who his last and final visitor was. With his rich blond hair streaked with brown, he had his servants along with him, greeting him into the palace as if it belonged to him. With a shameless grin he turned back around into his room to get dress and pay the visitors a visit. When he left, the mysterious young man glanced up at the balcony and saw that the Prince of the Kingdom he was entering just might be as peculiar as he had hoped.
    After being prepared for his guests, he appeared before them as he came out of a mysterious art painting that split in two. Prince Jonathon didn’t want to take the long stairs so he had an elevator installed for him and it worked just as well as he had planned. Just seeing everyone and maKing eye contact, all the young ladies had begun to blush in excitement.
    Greeting the older women with a highly professional manner, he gave even the older men the satisfaction of having him as their son-in-law. As he gloriously pranced down the hallways to greet his every visitor, saying nice things about their clothes, he finally meets up with an oddly unfamiliar face. Pacing toward the spacey young man looking about his age, he humbly introduced himself with the proper matters required.
    “Hello, my name is Terris E. Jonathon, Prince and soon to be King of Shibisanarchy Empire. I don’t believe we’ve meet before. Who are you and what pleasure do I owe you?”
    “My name is Sanderbalt S. Aris, Prince of the Northeastern Sanctuary Empire. I have come in place of my parents to attend a mannerly festivity of yours and also to congratulate you on your nineteenth birthday Sir Jonathon.”
    “Please,” said Jonathon, feeling old about his age, “Just call me Prince Jonathon. The ‘ Sir ’ seems to make me sound like the fathers of our past.”
    “If you insist, Prince Jonathon.” He replied with a direct expression to his smile.
    “Hmm,” Prince Jonathon glared at Prince Aris for a moment in suspicion before saying, “Do follow me, Prince Aris.”
    Out of the blues, Prince Jonathon began to hook his arms around Prince Aris’ neck, pulling him along as they began walKing into a secluded area, “To where will we be going?”
    “Somewhere where it is less noisy and much more easing,” replied Jonathon in a cheerful skipping way.
    As Prince Jonathon dragged Prince Aris to one of his secret elevators, he let go and pushed a button that made both of them go up and away from the party. As they reached a deserted hallway, Prince Jonathon continued to walk forward until he reached a big painting. Prince Aris looked around to see where they were until he heard a strange noise like if a mysterious chamber had just opened. The long piece of wall in which the picture was hanging had become like a secret door that led them into a room.
    “Where are we?”
    “Just wait; you’ll see,” said Prince Jonathon with a calm smile.
    Gazing around for clues in the dark for a while, he finally saw a bit of light and a whole bunch of paintings aligned across the entire wall. There were pictures of a child all alone, people together at places, and many other unknown artifacts hanging every. Amazed by his talent, Prince Aris looked back at him with suspicious and wondered to himself.
    “You have a great talent. Why show me your artwork; are you always this conceited?”
    “Hmm,” Jonathon giggled, “Do you think so? Well, just so you know, you’re the first to ever see my collection.”
    “Why’s that?”
    “Because, when I first saw you, I knew something was different about you.”
    “Different,” Prince Aris questioned in disbelieving, “How’s that?”
    “For one thing, you and I seem to be about the same age and I don’t see why we can’t just agree that we can be friends.”
    “Pardon,” stated Prince Aris, “As I have viewed, there are a lot of other people down at your celebration that is about the same age as you or I.”
    “I’m quiet informed but the fact of the matter is,” he turned his gaze directly toward Prince Aris’ face, “You of all people do not seem to be here with your family. Why’s that? I’ve clearly sent the invitation for the families of all the Kingdoms, so why have you arrived, with your own patch of servants, and more importantly, I have never seen you before. Are you sure you are even a--!”
    “Sir Jonathon-,” choking back his words, Prince Aris restated, “Prince Jonathon, I assure you that I am a Prince. Furthermore, the reason that you have never seen me may be because you spent most of your time in your room then with your surroundings.”
    Prince Jonathon gazed at Prince Aris in surprise, “What? Who told you such trivial?”
    “I do not mean to disappoint you or any of your servants, but the young butler that escorted me to this palace told me. He had shortly long black hair and a face of a child.”
    “I see,” Prince Jonathon smiled, “Seems like you can’t really rely on your servants to keep their mouth shut, can you?”
    Unhesitant, Prince Aris replied, “I suppose.”
    After a moment of silence, Prince Aris continued to look around to see more of the paintings and started asking more questions.
    “So, are you into painting?”
    “Hmm?” Prince Jonathon thought for a moment before answering, “I guess you can say that. What about it?”
    “Is it something you like to show off?”
    Smiling and giggling with figuration, Prince Jonathon replied, “As I’ve said before, you are the first one to ever see my collection.”
    While he was still laughing, Prince Aris still gazed around in confusion before asking again where they were.
    “So, what room is this suppose to be, your art room?”
    “Not exactly. It’s where I keep my past memories from years ago. These are my art that I’ve made when I was just a child, not nearly as old enough to understand what art meant.”
    Jonathon picked up a piece of the artwork that was left on a table. “As you can see, these artwork was dated about ten years ago. I can’t recall the last time I ever picked up a brush, but all I do know is that…when I look at them, I can see that it is a part of my past.”
    “So,” replying with a voice that seemed to not care at all, Prince Aris asked, “What exactly does this place lead to? Just this?”
    “Nope, it’s to another secret door that leads to my room! I had this installed about three months ago. Isn’t it great?” He said with a smiling attitude.
    Getting a little bored of the Prince’s childishness, Prince Aris walked up to one of his paintings, viewing the beauty and texture of every stroke that was made. How could a child from ten years ago be so good at something unknown? –Prince Aris thought. As he continues to view all the paintings that caught his attention, he spotted a picture of a younger little boy standing next to two girls, twins to be persisting. His suspicions grew even more as he tried to put two and two together.
    “Are these your sisters?” Prince Aris asked.
    Returning from his room, wearing his ruby red robe, Prince Jonathon retorted, “No.”
    “Then who are they, your childhood friends?”
    “Like I said,” he replied with a sadden face, “I don’t remember what happened or even who those girl are.”
    As his interest grew stronger by the minute, Prince Aris decided to put his plan into action after the party ended. When everyone went home, Prince Aris said his Goodbyes and Prince Jonathon watched him from atop his balcony. After no site of anyone was seen, Prince Jonathon’s pure face disappeared and an uplifting shrug of hate emerged.

    Three days went by after Prince Jonathon’s parents returned two days prior from Jonathon’s birthday party. He woke up that day with a happy desire to go golfing in the back of his massive swimming pool and invited a couple of his friends along the way. As he and a couple of his friends were playing in the enormous backyard of the Kingdom, Prince Jonathon turned around in confusion. Hearing a servant of his, calling out to him, Prince Jonathon halted the game for a bit while he received a message through his ear. He looked back at the butler, then at his friends, and rushed to the front gates of the palace. His friends were all confused so they chased after him to see what was wrong.
    At the front of the palace was the arrival of a new and old face as well as a new beginning for the people of the Shibisanarchy Empire. A strange young man with blond, streaked brown hair, and yellow sunshine eyes came up to Prince Jonathon and publicized his arrival. As his friends and family appeared at the doorsteps, Prince Jonathon was stunned to see who it was that dared to walk on his future grounds.
    “Pleasure to meet you again my Prince I have come from a far away land to visit you once more.”
    Shrugging his shocking expression on his face, he smiled at the Prince and asked, “To what do I owe’th you, Prince Aris, heir to the Sanctuary Empire?”
    When his parents and friends heard what he had asked, they were in shock to hear that such a royal Prince from a high standard like them would come and pay a visit to the Prince of Shibisanarchy Empire. Only visitors who do such trivial acts were royal people who have business to settle with. They watched as the young Prince from another Kingdom gracefully bowed down in manners to them.
    “It is not that which I desire, but a testimony that I would like to proceed in,” turning around to his carriage, Prince Aris laid out his hands to show everyone what wass happening, “I, Prince Sanderbelt S. Aris, from the Northeastern Kingdom has obtain authorization from the royal citizens at my Kingdom to come and spent my days here to learn about your prestigious way of life and how your royal Majesty come to an alliance with the fellow villagers. Whether they honor you or not, I will state my thoughts and report back to my family back home.”
    Trying not to show any aggression, Prince Jonathon replied, “I don’t believe that that is what I would want to agree with,” and continued smiling like nothing was wrong, “But I most certainly would not allow such insignificant reasons that you had hoped to investigate or interrogate my home with unless it is to see me and only me.”
    “Do not worry my Prince, it is not something that my parents had request of me,” everyone looked at Prince Aris in confusion, “It is my way of saying, I’ve been granted my own permission to come and spend three days at your immense Castle and learn a lot about you and your family. Not to mention, becoming your friend and seeing more about your fabulous talents.”
    Cheerfully excited, Prince Jonathon forgot all about his worries and asked, “Well, don’t slow me and my plans down. Hurry up and come join me today at my evening arrangements and I’ll show you what being a Terris is about.”
    As Prince Jonathon walked toward the front of the palace doorsteps, he introduced his parents in a mannerly way to Prince Aris.
    “This here is my father, the King of Shibisanarchy Empire as you can see, the landlord of generations of Medical business.”
    His father bowed down in gratification and replied, “Greetings to you too. My name is Terris G. Herman and this is my lovely wife, Terris B. Ashmere.”
    As his wife shyly held out her hand, she was blushed to hear such graceful words coming from her husband’s mouth, “It’s a pleasure to meet you too. I hope you enjoy your stay here at the Shibisanarchy Empire.”
    “I assure you, I will not be of nuisance towards you, your husband, or your son’s privacy if you do not wish of me.”
    Prince Aris kissed Queen Ashmere’s hand before noticing that the King had immediately removed his wife a distance away from Prince Aris. As they slowly made their way back to the dining room, the King and his wife were whispering back and forth about the young Prince and his inexplicable visit. After that, Prince Jonathon took him along the back of the Castle with his friends as he introduced his friends and showed Prince Aris around the Castle.
    “This here is my schoolmate, Prince Wandsberg C. Edward, heir to the further Northern Hemisphere Kingdom known as Quorums Empire.”
    Standing beside Prince Jonathon, was a burnet hair, pale peach skin, and blue eyed bowing down in courteous form, “Wei viel ist der Mann?”
    “Pardon?” Asked Prince Aris in confusion.
    “Uh--He means to say ‘how do you do? ’ Prince Aris,” Prince Jonathon said, stretching out a lie behind their backs, “Now, if you look to your right you’ll see Prince Nonagon U. Sei, heir to the Kannapolis Empire.”
    A strange yet taller version like Prince Aris but with dark brown hair and hazel eyes, bowed before them in royalty, “Please to meet you, Prince Sanderbelt S. Aris.”
    “Wow,” shouted Prince Jonathon in surprise, “I didn’t even know you could say his whole name. Even I couldn’t remember something like that if it flew and hit me in the head like a rock!” He began to laugh, leaving everyone in discomfort.
    “Oh yeah,” Prince Jonathon leaned back in forgetfulness as he heared another one of his friends pretending to be choking like if he had an itchy throat, “And Prince Penderal K. Churstan, heir to the Southeastern Capital Empire.”
    “Please to meet you as well my Prince,” replied Churstan. His hair and eyes were a dark violet type that seemed to spill out strange auras when encountering new people.
    Prince Jonathon looked back at his friends and told them to continue the game as he was giving Prince Aris the tour around his house. Right when everyone left, he began to blabber on about the lovely palace, both negative and positives that he found in them. Just as though things seemed boring, Prince Jonathon added another introduction to his palace.
    “Heed my warnings, though Prince Aris,” he stops for a moment near a forest gate, “What you see and what you hear around these places are something you shouldn’t take for granted.”
    “What do you mean by that?” Prince Aris’ expectations began to erupt once more as he listened to Prince Jonathon’s mysterious ego.
    Prince Jonathon smiled in wickedness, “I tell you now, that it is not the cries of the villagers, but the cries of the dead.”
    Silenced by the very thought that the Kingdom could be haunted, Prince Aris stared stubbornly at Prince Jonathon’s chaotic expression and wondered to himself why he should be told of such a ghostly matter.
    Silently, as Prince Aris stared at Prince Jonathon’s chaotic expression, he is left enigmas about the Shibisanarchy Kingdom and what awaited him as he continued his three day sleepover at the palace with a lot to learn about what the Terris family might be hiding. Though at first his intentions were to understand the cause of the Prince of Shibisanarchy Empire’s lost memories, a new and interesting secret was about to be revealed. Will things begin to evolve when Prince Aris discovers the Prince’s past memories, or will this be another boring event of knowing a simple misfortune? As both the Prince of Sanctuary and Shibisanarchy Empire are standing before the gates to the forest, a shocking eye to eye contact is being made to see who will spill out the truth.