• It was a lovely summer morning and the birds was singing with there sweet voices, from the forrest you could hear children play some game or something, the sun hadn't showed all up yet.
    In a little house a voice called
    ''Fredrick breakfast is ready''
    there was quiet in some time then Fredrick anweerd
    ''Okay mom ill be there in a minute''
    10 minutes later Fredrick entered the kitchen where the smell of freash bacon and eggs could be smelled as it was right under his nose, ''would you like some coco darling'' mom asked, ''Yeah ofcourse i do'' Fredrick answeerd energetic, after breakfast mom looked like she was thinking about something, suddenly she began talking ''Oh i almost forgot Sindy was here earlier asking about you!'' Fredrick fastly sunk the last bite of toast, ''Sindy was here? well what was it about!'' he asked, ''you should meet her at the Forrest, she wanted to show you something she said'' she replied him but he was all ready gone, ''oh boy that was fast'' she said to herself. Later at the forrest Fredrick rushed to the pond i the middle where Sindy stood and waited,
    ''Fredrick you came!'' she said just as she saw him,
    ''Ofcourse i did!'' he replied with a big smile on his face,
    ''Comeon i got something to show you'' she said and ran off,
    ''H-hey wait up!'' he shouted,
    Then they stopped they where at a cliff looking over the sea with the pink/orange sun was rising,
    ''It..its so pretty'' they said on the same time then they held hands,

    Thanks for reading =)