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    "IRVINE!!!!" Squall yelled as Irvine jumped from the lift to the cockpit to the floor below, scrambling towards the elevator as he slammed the button down to the second floor, closing the doors. "Stop the Garden!!" Squall yelled at the pilot as he went after Irvine, waiting for the elevator to come back to the third floor as he cursed the wait.
    Irvine hit the second floor and pried the elevator doors open as he flung his coat off, running towards the emergency exit balcony door, along with his boots and hat. With all his might he shouldered the exit door, knocking it in as it ran outside. Running to the railing of the balcony, he peered down at the waters below, seeing a trail of blood floating in the water leading to the girl as he jumped the railing without hesitation, Squall running towards him followed by Quistis, Zell, Selphie, and Rinoa.
    "IRVINE!!!" they all cried as they looked over the railing as Irvine dived into the unforgiving waters, popping back to the surface as he took a large breath of air as he looked around him in a total panic. Finally his eyes met that of the floating girl's body as she started to go under, her bloody hand reaching out one more time to the sky before it disappeared under the dark waters. Diving under immediately he grabbed the girl, jerking her to the surface as he screamed for a lift.
    The whole gang threw over a long rope towards Irvine as he grabbed it, wrapping it around his arm as they group pulled with all their might. When Irvine reached the railing of the balcony, he grabbed it and pulled his self over, the girl's mangled, soaked, bloody body in his other arm as he pulled her over the railing to the balcony floor.
    "Oh my god!!" Quistis screamed as all the women gasped and backed away.
    "She's not breathing!!" Irvine puffed, breathing heavily as he instantly started CPR. Minuets passed when all of a sudden the girl threw up the water and blood in her lungs, crying out loudly in utter pain as Irvine snatched his coat from Selphie, wrapping the girl's body as he wiped her hair from her face.
    "Are you insane?!!" Squall yelled as the Garden doctor and Headmaster Cid came in out of breath.
    "My god!!" Dr. Kadowaki cried as headmaster gasped at the amount of blood on the floor.
    "What in the hell is going on here?!!" Cid cried as the girl moaned and cried out in pain, her open wounds pulsating to her rapid heart beats as blood pumped out of her.
    "There's no time!! Take her to the hydro-chamber!" Dr. Kadowaki yelled as Irvine bundled her wet, cold, shivering body in his coat and took down the hall with her in his arms to the elevator doors, the other students gasping at the blood staining Irvine's coat and his front side. Dr. Kadowaki quickly followed behind as Quistis gathered the girl's belongings found on her when Irvine took down the hall.
    "Everyone back to class!" Cid called as everyone left, mumbling and uneasy looks one his or her faces .
    When Irvine reached the 1st floor he dashed for the Infirmary, pushing through students as they yelled at him to watch where he was going but coming to a silent when they saw the girl in his arms.
    "Irvine wait!!" the doctor yelled from afar.
    "She's dieing!!" he yelled back, a fire in his eyes as the doctor tired to hurry. In the Infirmary he made his way to the back room, where the hydro-chamber lied as he gently laid the girl inside, placing all the necessary wires and tubes to her skin along with the oxygen mask, closing the door to the long tube as he slammed the start button down on the control panel, filling the se-through tank. "There..." Irvine panted as the doctor came in, huffing and puffing for air as she made her way to the control panel, sitting in the discarded chair Irvine knocked over. Typing away at the keyboard she injected medications into the proper tubes, filling the water with a chemical to aid her opened wounds. Sighing loudly she hit the enter button as the tank lift upwards. sitting the girl's floating body into an up-right position as the rest of the tank filled with water.
    "I'm fine..."
    "Good..." Dr. Kadowaki wiped her forehead from sweat, managing to regain her normal breathing. "Don't ever...EVER do that again. You took off 3 years to my life doing that!" Irvine remained quiet, staring at the girl in the tank as her golden hair floating around her, the bubbles from the oxygen mask making ripples in the water. "Who is she?" said asked calmly.
    "I don't know..."
    "I've never seen her here before." Headmaster Cid walked in followed by Squall.
    "You're insane..." Squall groaned as he looked at Irvine soaking wet and covered in blood along with his mangled hair dripping water down his face. "Go clean up, you smell like blood."
    "No. I'm going to stay here." Squall frowned, looking Irvine in the eyes as he sighed.
    "How bad is she?" Cid asked as he looked into the tank.
    "2 shattered bones, major skin fractures and not to mention the amount of blood she's lost." Dr. Kadowaki said, leaning back in her chair as she watched the girl's vital signs on the computer monitors. "What's this?" the doctor sat up, looking at the ultrasonic wave and media of the girl's heartbeat.
    "What?" Irvine's eyes grew as the doctor took a closer look, typing away till she got to the sound of her heartbeat, hearing the sloshing in the background.
    "This condition... it's non-existent now, why does she have it?"
    "What is it!"
    "A heart murmur."
    "A what?" Squall asked as he stared at the monitors.
    "A conditioned cured 100's of years ago. When there is an abnormal valve in the heart chambers, causing back flow of the blood as it's pumped through the chambers, which is what you are hearing in the background. But how?"
    "Is it deadly?" Cid asked.
    "Only if she has a history of heart problems. Heart attack, poor flow patterns..."
    "She not from here..." Irvine said, finally sitting on the floor as he pulled his damp hair back into his normal ponytail.
    "How do you know?" Squall asked as they all stared at him on the floor.
    "I don't know. It's just a feeling."
    "Irvine!!" Selphie burst into the room as she saw him on the floor. Irvine rolled his eyes as she knelt down beside him. "You okay? Are you hurt?"
    "Good." she sighed as she looked at the tank at the girl, "Ewww."
    "Is she stable enough to be left alone for at an hour or two?" Irvine asked as he got up to leave Selphie.
    "For now. I really don't know what else to do. This heart murmur thing puzzles me. As long as she has a steady flow of blood to her body then she should be fine."
    "I'm going to wash up." Irvine left, leaving Selphie to groan as Squall sighed.
    "Our technology is too advanced for something like this isn't it?"
    "No, in fact I might be able to fix it. But it’s gonna take weeks for her to completely heal and regain her lost blood. Not to mention her wounds to close up. But with the medications I gave to her she shouldn't have a problem."
    "That's a relief."
    "Sir, she could be an enemy. The Sorceress' puppet like Seifer."
    "We'll see Squall, but all we can do is wait."
    "Yes, sir." Squall saluted the S.e.e.D. salute as Cid left the room to the safety of his office, hoping for nothing else to happen the rest of the day. Squall stayed a moment longer, gazing at the girl in the tank as she twitched with pain. Squall groaned, leaving the dark room as he went back towards the cockpit.
    As Squall made his way up the stairs to the elevator a young rookie cadet came running towards him.
    "Sir!" he called before Squall got on to the elevator as Squall stopped, looking at the young man.
    "I have top secret info sir."
    "Top secret?" Squall questioned.
    "If I may sir?" the man pointed to the elevator as Squall nodded and boarded the elevator platform followed by the cadet as the doors closed and Squall hit the floor number.
    "What is it?"
    "She wasn't the only one sir."
    "That girl?"
    "Yes sir."
    "Didn't you notice? The sky turning black for a split second?" Squall frowned.
    "'They' entered from the sky, from the clouds. It started as a giant ball of light. It separated into 4 different shooting or falling balls of light, each a different color." Squall frowned deeper as the cadet continued, "The girl's was green, then the 'others' were red, blue, and black."
    "Is it traceable?"
    "No sir, it was moving much too fast for us to track in water. No vapor trails or anything." Squall paused.
    "You're in charge of tracking them, this is your situation. Find out where they all landed."
    "Yes sir." when the cadet saluted the elevator doors opened to the 3rd floor.
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