• Time Changes Fast!

    Hi I’m Kellie, I’m a normal average girl with normal friends, well just as I thought I was, until one day.
    It was a bright and a sunny day. I was on my way back from school. As I glanced at the trees beside the side walk, I was imagining what was at the other side of the tall, green, trees and bushes. While thinking as I stare up in sky, watching the birds fly and wondered, what does it feels like to fly in the bright blue sky and soar over the big city. I was walking straight forward the pedestrian.
    With the blink of an eye I was at the other side of the road lying on the sidewalk, with my eyes closed, and I can hear panting and the smell of somebody else’s breath. I opened my eyes and saw a dark haired boy with bright bluish green eyes, bending his knees and his hands for support on top of me. When I was looking up at him I saw blood and bruises on his face and his legs, then he said “What were you trying to do, kill yourself?” “No, and by the way what happened?” I replied “You were staring at the sky empty minded. Then the truck was about to hit you so …” He replied as he catches his breath. I looked behind him and saw a big truck tipped over by the mailbox. Then I said “thank you” with a smile on my face, and then I felt something dripped on my face, I wiped it with my handkerchief and looked at it, it was blood. “Do you want to go home with me; I’ll treat your bruises and cuts at my house.” I offered. He suddenly collapsed on my lap as he fell from the accident. I brought him home with me, and started to treat his cuts and bruises.
    “You’re awake. Thank goodness” I said with a smile on my face. “Where am I?” he replied in confusion. “Did you remember that I’ll treat your cuts and bruises as of the way of saying thank you for saving my life.” I honestly said. He got of the couch and started to walk to the door. “Wait what is your name?” I shouted. “Kelvin” he replied and stepped out on the door and said “Thanks.”
    The next day, I woke up late and I was running to get ready for school. It was the first day of the new semester and I am now in 2nd year high school. On my way there I remembered about what was on my mind before the accident. It was about what was at the other side of the trees by the side walk “Their like hedges” I said to myself. Then I remembered I was already late for school and I started to run as fast as I can.


    “Thank goodness I made it” I said panting. I was walking to my desk and noticed that there was a new desk beside me. “Did you hear a new student is going to come today!” the others were chatting. “Good morning class today is a brand new day and we have a brand new student, as what you have herded.” The teacher said. The door slid as the new student came, it was him –Kelvin. I stared at him from the door, and as he came closer to me and sat beside me where the new desk is. “Good morning!” I said.
    Later after school I went to him under a big, old cherry blossom tree and said “thank you again for saving me.” “It’s okay.” He replied. “Does it still hurt?” I asked. “It’s okay now.” He replied. “So….uhmm…. do you want me to walk you home? I exchange.” I asked while looking at the ground blushing. I can feel my heart beat so fast, I don’t know what’s happening that time. “No thanks” he replied. “Why? Do you live far?” I asked hesitantly. Then I realized he was far already, walking away from me. I so pissed that time but whatever his reason is I’ll find out where he lives and next time I’ll bring him something nice to eat. On his way home I was walking far behind him hoping that he doesn’t notices me. On our way I say him walking closer to those tall trees by the side walk, then he walked in the tall hedges-that’s what I call them. I still followed him, it was dark and scary, and suddenly I lost track of him. When I was walking, I saw a bright light, not to far from where I was standing. As I got closer the brighter it gets and when I got there I saw the hill side with a big, old, tall cherry blossom tree near the cliff. As I walked closer to the cliff I saw a wonderful big lake with a stream flowing quietly by the tree. As the water fell onto the cliff it made a rainbow and the water would make into a waterfall that goes to the lake. The cliff was looking over the big, busy city. It was about 6:00pm and the sun was setting, and a wonderful sight it was from where I was standing. I can feel the wind breeze through my long silver hair and I can hear the petals and leaves as they dance in the winds and as they fall on the bright green grass. I can see the birds fly on me and hear the blue birds chirp on the branches. By the time I noticed it was 6:30 and I have to hurry home. On my way taking my bags from the ground I saw Kelvin by the cliff watching the sky and the sunset. I was sure he noticed me when I was there so I left without hesitation. When I got home I started cooking then ate and hurry up and went to my room. When I was doing my homework I was thinking about “Why was he there? Is he always there?’ I said to myself. I looked at the time an d it was 10:00, “Why does always pop up in my mind?” I shouted.
    The next day while walking on my way from school, I noticed the tall trees again, it’s like there’s a whole lot different world just far behind those trees. I went back to where the Cherry blossom was. When I got there it was a bit gloomy and it feels like it was about to rain, it was raining petals, from the Cherry blossom. The sound on the wind was scary and frightening. Leaves and petals were everywhere. Then, a tiny glowing orb went out of the Cherry blossom. A mysterious voice was herd “Kellie, I am the spirit that’s guarding this planet. You’re the chosen one. Please accept our humble invitation.” “Huh…?! What’s going on here!” I said. The suddenly the voice was gone and the ground started to glow. Then slowly I rose up the ground, I felt like I was floating in space. Then the place started to turn black, and a butterfly and a white dove was glowing, not to far from me. Then it started to go closer to me. Without a doubt I went in me, both the butterfly and the white dove. I was reaching to get it but I couldn’t feel it nor touch it. Then it was back to reality, I was again standing on my feet. The sky wasn’t so gloomy anymore. Then the petals were slowly dropping to the ground. The birds were chirping. I was lying on the soft green grass when I opened my eyes; I thought I was just dreaming, but when I saw my wrist a tattoo like birthmark appeared. It was a long vine wrapping around my wrist to my metacarpal. There were small flowers there too and there was a butterfly on my side metacarpal. It was very good looking but “What is this?!... What happened to me?” “You’re the chosen one; you have to save the earth from Ginsitsumaru, an evil alien that’s trying to take over the earth and use its natural sources to make his own planet” Kelvin said. “How did you know? Are you a part of it too?” I exclaimed. “Sadly, yes and you’re my partner, sadly” he said. “What… how…when…where… why- okay first how am I going to save us? Second, hoe should I know? And third when is it going to start and end?” I shouted. “To make it easy, whenever your mark glows, that means you have to save something or someone. Just meet me at the school parking lot every time that happens.” He replied. Without hesitation I started walking home and then “I-its glowing!” He ran back to the sidewalk and shouted “follow me!” I ran as fast as I can to follow him. I dropped my books and bags near the tree and ran. When I got out I saw him running towards the park, I followed and crept behind the slide to see what he is going to do. Then a really big cockroach came bursting out of the ground. Then he started glowing and rose gently. The sky turned gloomy again and it started to rain. He came back down gently then he transformed to a guy with white angel wings, he was wearing a sleeveless shirt with a big plain black cross over his blue shirt. He was wearing pants of blue, his hair turned blue and he was also wearing cloves with claws and he has a sword around his waist. “Kellie!” he shouted. I came out and then started to glow and rose. When I got down, I was transformed and had black angel wings. I was wearing a white dress with a black plain cross over mine, very similar to what he’s wearing. My dress was up to the middle on me knees and waist. The hem was very stylish design to it like a wall on the great medieval times. I was too wearing gloves but they’re black and I had a black arrow on my back. I was wearing black hi-cat boots. (Back to what was happening) “Wh-what happened to me?” I shouted. “I’ll explain later but now help me in killing this cockroach!” He snapped. I saw him battling the cockroach, I took my arrow and took one big shot at it, it released and thus killing cockroach.
    The next day, after school I went to that cherry blossom tree again and looked for Kelvin. He was under the big tree sleeping; he looked like a helpless baby. I blushed. I went over close to him and he woke up and started talking about what happened before. He said “Remember the voice that came out of nowhere? That happened to me too. At first I was just like you but I got used of it.” “Now, as what have the voice said we have to save the planet from Ginsitsumaru.” He continued. BANG!!! A big cloud of smoke and dust from a big explosion covered the sky. We rushed over to where it was. When we got the re there was a big swarm of insects terrorizing the city. We transformed into our other-would-be self. “This has to be Ginsitsumaru’s doings!” Kelvin shouted. With a whip of his sword, eliminated then one by one, single handedly. I took my arrow and stated shooting the flying insects in the sky and he single handedly killed the bugs and insects on the ground. I took a big shoot in the sky and killed two bugs in one shot, but after that a big bright, white light appeared and zoomed away, really quickly. I didn’t know what it was, I started to get confused.
    After the fight I went home and lied on my bed. I’ve been thinking about what happened to these past days. On how I transformed, then I met Kelvin, started fighting big insects and how to get prepared for Ginsitsumaru. I got lost in own world. Thinking on what had happened in these days. KNOCK, KNOCK “I’ll be right down in a minute.” “Ooww…it’s you. Why did you come here?” I asked. “You forgot your notebook under the tree.” “I came to return it.” He continued. I stared at his face; so calm and yet so quite face. He started blushing and handed me the notebook and left the front porch.
    The next day in school, it was Gym time when I noticed Kelvin was not there. “Remember class we’re going to have a test tomorrow.” The teacher said. I went home, not stopping by the cherry tree. I went in my room and said nothing on the way there. I did my homework by the window. While staring blank-minded outside the window
    Watching the clouds pass by. Watching the birds fly freely over the bug busy city. KNOCK!! I herd somebody knock on my window, it was Kelvin. “Come hurry I need to tell you something very important!” he shouted from the outside, on my roof. I opened the window and told him to get inside. “Kay come in, you might fall.” “And I have something to tell you too.” I continued. “Let me go first its important.” “Ginsitsumaru’s coming soon so you have to be prepared.” He continued. “How did you know?” I asked. “On my way to school today I had a battle with a bug messenger of Ginsitsumaru. It says “I shall come close to you. Sooner than you thought I would be, so prepare to do so.” So that’s what he said” Kelvin said. “So he’s coming eh.” I murmured. “So what were you going to say?” he asked. “Oh its nothing never mind.” I replied. “I’ll be leaving now” he said. He went out of the window and started to walk away. In my mind I was thinking what did I said before, I didn’t men to say it to him. I just can’t say it. Say that I love him. I went on my bed, lying down with my foot on the floor. Staring blank minded on my roof. I felt asleep. I woke up late in the morning, and realized I forgot to do my homework. And study for the test. “WHY DO I HAVE TO FORGET TO STUDY? TODAY’S THE TEST!” “AAAHHHHH” I shouted so loud, that every body down my street could hear me. “Would you be quite!” shouted the neighbors. I rushed to my desk and did my homework and studied like crazy. I rushed to get ready for school. I ran outside, bursting through the door and I forgot to bring my bento with me. When I got to school I slid the door quietly and crept at the back of the class, making sure the teacher doesn’t see me. “Class next time, do not forget to close the door when you open it.” The teacher said as she went closer to me. “Hurry up and get to your desk and we’ll start the test.” She continued. Every giggled. “Class!” she shouted then every body was so quiet. I went to my desk and stated the test. I didn’t know anything about the test because I forgot to study. “I don’t know anything about this!” I murmured. “Don’t let Ginsitsumaru get in your head” Kelvin said. I smiled then blushed.
    After the test it was recess. I went over to Kelvin to say what I have to say. ‘Uhmm Kelvin I was hoping th-“BOOM!! A large explosion was heard from the busy highway and layers of cloud dust were covering the sky. “Let’s go!” Kelvin shouted. Again I ended up not saying it. “Okay” we rushed out of the school! The school guards were chasing after us saying “get back here!” but still we went outside rushing to the explosion. Different kinds of big bugs and insects were there. “It has to be Ginsitsumaru.” Kelvin murmured. I was shocked when he said it. “Why so early. I only knew about him for about 2 weeks.” I said. “He knew that if you would be trained more and knew more we might defeat him so he went earlier than the day it would happen.” He explained. Out of the thick dust cloud a figure on of a person with black and white wings appeared -A combination of white and black feathers. Quickly Kelvin and I transformed. I realized that his get-up looks similar to ours. It even had the cross. And our wings mine’s black and Kelvin’s white, Ginsitumaru’s are black and white. “Long time no see, Kelvin” Ginsitsumaru said. I was shocked. Have they even met before? “Your sister looks a bit troubled and confused.” Ginsitsumaru said. My jaw dropped and my eyes were wide open, I was so shocked when he said sister. “Yes it is true, you are my sister Kellie.” Kelvin said. My eyes were in tears. As of when I was young, my mother got ill and told me that I was adopted. That she found me on top of a cliff with a big cherry blossom tree. That’s why I thought that the cherry tree was where I was found. “Do you mind explaining what happened, son” Ginsitsumaru requested. “Don’t call me you son, you’re not deserving to be a father when you left us!” Kelvin shouted. “My, my you shouldn’t talk to your father like that.” He replied. “AArrgghhhh…” I watched the two, battles each other in mid-air. I stood there helplessly blank-minded, thinking on how Kelvin is my brother. “Don’t let it get into your head he’ll take over earth if we don’t stop him. I took my arrow and aimed right at Ginsitsumaru. “If I do it you’ll get hit too.” I shouted. “It’s okay, I’ll be all right.” Kelvin replied. I took a shot; with my trembling hands I’m not sure if I can hit them. I took a shot and missed. “Hurry up, don’t just stand there” Kelvin shouted. “Don’t give pressure on you little twin sister” Ginsitsumaru said. I dropped my arrow with water falling from my eyes. I can believe him my brother, but his twin! The fight stopped for a minute. Kelvin was confused yet very sure of what he is going to do. Kelvin dropped his sword and went down to me. He stood in front of me, murmuring “Don’t let it get you it’s not true. It is true you’re my sister but my twin no, so don’t believe him. Okay?” I took a shot of my arrow and shot him right in the middle of his abdomen. He fell down on the ground with blue blood, bleeding out of it. It was a scary and frightening sight. We transformed back to normal and I went closer to him. “Don’t go too close it might be a trap.” Kelvin said. “I’ll be care full.” I replied. “Come help you father.” Ginsitsumaru requested. I stood in front of him and said. “I know you’re trying your best to be a good father, it’s just you’re showing it in a wrong and violent way.” I replied. “You’re nice, just like your mother.” He murmured. Then tears fell of his sapphire eyes. And that’s what ended his life. “Come let’s go, we still have class to attend.” He murmured while looking at our fathers’ grief.
    Few weeks later I remembered that he mention something about our mother, I thought I’ve solved of what lies in my past but, I still haven’t found out who my mother is. I went back to the cherry blossom tree and the white orb of light appeared. “You have overcome you fears now. You have become a wonderful and strong girl. Take good care of your twin brother. Okay?” the voice said. “Is he really my brother?” I asked. “Yes he is, and you have been so nice to you father. You even forgave him” the voice continued. “Do you know anything about our mother?” I asked. Then a beautiful face of a woman appeared in front of the mysterious light and it smiled. Then it vanished into thin air.
    The face I saw was very familiar. It could have been my mother but I’m not sure. “Hey you what are you doing here all alone?” Kelvin asked. “Oh nothing, I was just thinking about what had happened in these past few days.” I replied. “Well c’mon, let’s go. It’s almost dinner time.” “Ok… race you there!” I shouted.
    Well that’s how my life turned around in just a few months. The voice I heard could probably mu moms but I’ am not sure yet. Well, could it? It ended up me not saying I like him, but he’s my brother after all so it’s still good.