• Chapter 1

    "Paige, come down here!" her mother called.
    "Coming!" Paige said as she pulled her long, dark blonde hair into a tight ponytail and taking one last look into the mirror on her dresser at the girl staring back at her, she had almond shaped green eyes, paige must have been pleased with her appearence, because she ran downstairs to a tall, attractive 15 year old boy with black hair and billiant shining, sage-green eyes. He was wearing a regular, plain red t-shirt and dark blue jeans with a small rip in the knee.
    "Hey, Paige," said the handsome boy "What was it you said you had to show me?"
    "Hey Luke, here come upstairs." Said paige, anxsiously.
    They walked upstairs and into a room that had music blasting from the cracks in the door, Luke covered his ears as they entered the room.Paige realized that the music was hurting Lukes ears so she ran over to the stereo on a table beside the bed and turned it off.

    "you said it was urgent..." Luke said
    Paige's eyes filled with excitement at luke's question "listen!" she declared and ran to a door on the opposite side of the large, lavender room and Luke followed. Seconds later, they heard a loud moan and then a roar, as if something was fighting. Luke jumped back, shocked. Paige still stood where she was, too curious to be scared.

    "What was that?" Luke asked in awe.
    "I dunno...but...i want to find out." Paige said, still staring blankly at the door.
    "No, paige, whatever is making that sound is not normal!" Luke said, wishing he would've thought through what he had just said, by saying it wasn't normal, it'll only encourage her.
    "Exactly, thats why we have to go in there." Paige snapped out of her daze and turned to luke, pleading in her eyes.
    "It's not safe, you'll get hurt, and I dont want that, you are like a sister to me"
    "Well if you are there to protct me, then there is no need to be unsafe now is there?" Paige asked with a sly smile on her face.
    "Paige, please, don't go in there" Luke said.
    "i'm going in there, with or without you." Paige said, reaching up for the slide lock on the top of the door, but before she could touch the lock, Luke grabbed her arm.
    "No." Luke declared firmly.
    "please, luke you don't understand how hard it is fo-"
    "No, your not going in there." Luke said sternly.
    "You dont have to come with, but, im gonna stop this noise, i cant sleep it's so loud!" Paige said.
    " Fine, whatever, go in there, getyourself killed, see if i care." Luke said
    "Both you and i know that you would to care if i died." Paige said, unbothered by his comment. She reached up to the lock and slid it open. she then reached down to the doorknob and turned it, she expected it to open, but the door didnt budge.
    "That's weird..." Paige said quietly, twisting the knob and pulling agian.
    " Maybe it needs a key." Luke said, sitting on the bed, pionting to something sticking out from the bottom of the attic door.
    Paige bent down and picked it up, it was a key, but there was too much effort put into it to be a key to any ordinary attic, this, of course made Paige's veins fill with anxiety and curiosity. She studied the key in awe, it was made from an atiquey copper, a single strip was bent to make the outline, which was a circle. There were other strips that formed what looked like a dragon surrounded by other various mythical creatures, fearies, elves and others, what was truly amazing was that you could see every tooth and strand of hair.
    "Wow!" luke said, looking over Paige's shoulder.
    Paige walked to the door and unlocked it, sure enough, it was open. "Are you coming or not?" Paige asked Luke, sticking the gorgeous key in her back pocket.
    "Nope!" Luke said stubbornly.
    "Fine, suit yourself." Paige shrugged and walked into the attic, there were worn down, wooden stairs that led up. Paige was halfway up when she tripped over the stair. "Luke, help!" She screamed.
    Luke heard the crash, followed by Paige's scream. He got up and saw a large hole in the stairs about half way up. Paige was hanging on for dear life to the unsturdy stairs.Guilt filled Lukes gut at the sound of her screams. Absentmindedly, he knelt down by the hole and didn't know what he was doing until he too, fell through the gaping hole.
    Chapter 2
    It seemed like forever untill the two kids hit the ground, it also seemed that just before they hit the ground a rush of air levetatd them for a split second, to break there fall.

    Luke sat up, and looked for Paige "paige?" he called. he saw her limp, lifeless body on the ground "Paige!" he whispered, and ran over to her and saw that her right leg had landed behind her back and she had a pained expression on her face, he picked her up carefully and ran through a door.
    he looked around, the room he had entered. inside was warm, there was a chocolate brown couch with pink, jeweled pillows. He didnt even get to examine the rest of the room when a young woman walked out of a room that was connected to this one, she had flawless blue skin, and her hair was long, black and curly her eyes were a burnt orange color, she was wearing a long, pink dress with jeweled flowers down one side.
    "Oh my gosh, is she okay?" Said the girl.
    "I dunno, i think she has a broken leg." Said Luke
    "I'll be right back, you can set her on my chair there, behind you." She pointed to a couch that was a chocolate colored, it had little pink pillows that were silk on it. Luke set Paige down. The girl walked into a room off to the side, about two seconds later, Luke heard a loud crash, like glass had broken. Luke ran to see if the girl was okay, there was a room that looked like a kitchen, the walls were a soft, lavender color, the counters looked as if they were made from amethyst, it shined baeutifully with different shades of purple. the floor was tiled with black, and the cabinets were the same color of brown as the couch in the other room, only it looked more wooden. in the middle of the floor, there was shattered glass and a mustard yellow liquid was slowly spreading across the floor, and the strange girl was kneeling on the floor, picking up the shards of glass.
    "Do you need any help?" Luke asked, kneeling next to her and picking up some glass and putting them in his hands.
    "No, im fine....i think..." She half laughed. "Be sure not to touch the yellow stuff, okay." She said getting up and brushing the glass in her hands into a small wastepaper basket.
    "Why, what'll happen?" Luke asked, dodging the line of liquid that was seeping toward him.
    "If it knows your there, it'll attack, and it burns. Rotten pixie blood." The girl said, grabbing a striped, thicker than normal towel and wiping it up, the liquid seemed to sizzle at the touch of the towel, then it would stubbornly soak into the towel.
    "Thanks for the help, im Andromedia, the clumsy Dragon Queen." She laughed,
    Even though Luke didn't believe in that kind of stuff, he had the strangest feeling she was telling the truth, but he decided not to say anything, because he still wanted her help in healing Paige, and was scared he might insult her. "Um, I'm Luke" he said humbly.
    "okay, now, let's get something to drink, and we can fix you guys up." She said, opening a cabinet and grabbing three purple glasses from it and a lime green liquid, she also grabbed a large pitcher of what looked like liquid gold. She brought them out to the table in the other room, where Paige was. Luke followed. She set them down and ran back to grab a rag.
    "Pour yourself a glass, it's wonderful!" Andromedia said, grabbing the pitcher, pouring herself and Paige a glass and handing the pitcher to Luke. He poured himself a glass. Luke took a small sip of the liquid, it was the best drink he had ever tasted, he couldnt explain it, as it trickled down his throat, the liquid would burn ever so slightly, then it would become cooler, even though the liquid wasnt in his mouth anymore, the magnificent flavor stuck in his mouth as though he had just drank it. He took another large sip of the golden liquid and let the brilliant flavour caress each of his tastebuds individually and slowly trickle down his throat.

    "What's that?" Luke pointed toward the vial of lime-green liquid.
    "It's for your cuts." she pointed toward his forehead
    "What cuts?" he asked.
    The strange girl led him over to the opposite side of the room where a mirror hung on the wall. He looked at the deep wound that was bleeding down the side of his face, as he looked at it, the searing pain finally got through to him,he grabbed at it in pain, the girl removed his hand from the wound and poured a small the lime-green liquid on the rag she had run to get and rubbed it gently on his wound, it healed almost instantly.
    "Thanks, Andromedia." Luke said, bewildered
    "Call me Dia." Walking gracefully over towards Paige, who was just waking up.
    Paige opened her eyes, she looked around, not knowing where she was. her eyes widened in fear as she saw the blue girl standing over her, she sat up on the couch and grasped at her leg.
    "Please, don't be scared, i'm need to get you to someone who can heal your leg."
    "Who are you?" Paige asked in wonder, resisting the urge tho reach out and poke Dia to make sure she was real.
    "Andromedia, queen of the dragons, but, you can call me dia." Dia said, looking at luke for help on calming paige down.
    "Well let's get going, im not a huge fan of broken legs." Paige said, obviously unbothered by the fact that a blue girl just said that she was a dragon. That was Paige, she never really beleived in mythical beings, she just hoped, and daydreamed ( "What else do you expecting me to do while the teacher is giveing some boring lecture about how to add 2 and 2?" she had said in between classes one day.)
    Dia looked surprised "okay, umm...Luke" She turned to him "I'm really sorry, but dould you carry her? it's only across the hall."
    "sure" he said, picking Paige up and following Dia out the door.Dia led them directly straight to the opposite side of the room to a door that seemed to have a sea green-ish glow behind it. dia knocked lightly on the door, the glow suddenly disappeared and the door opened by itself.

    in the room a girl lay on a couch that seemed to levetate. the room had a monochromatic theme, it was filled with beautiful shades of green, the girl seemed a part of the room itself, she had large, pointed ears that had a numerous amount of earrings on them, she had long, dark green hair that was pulled behind her ear, she was wearing armor that covered all of her body besides her head, it was a dark, with gold and light-green designs, it fit snugly to her body, she also had white wings, and a bow, it looked as if the string was made from pearls.

    "What do you want?" the strange woman asked, emotionless.
    "her leg is hurt, i was wondering if you could fix it." dia said as she bowed down in honor.

    "You know better, you do not need to bow to me." She said kindly, "So, you want her leg fixed?" the girl said.

    dia got up as she was told "who is she?'' Luke whisred in dia's ear, "And how does she know Paige's leg needs to be fixed?"

    "that's ophira ruler of the fearies, but she's really an elf." dia said in lukes ear, "and her fearies tell her, they know everything, they are also the reason your alive." she said gently.

    "It's okay, you can come out now, they wont hurt you" Ophira said softly.

    At her words, the sea green color returned to the room, small sparkles filled the room, Luke guessed thet they were the fearies.
    one flew by lukes face and studied him carefully, it wasss only about the size of his pinky and it had long golden hair. it was a girl. She had a short purple dress on and glowed sea green, like all of the other fearies. After studying him carefully, the fearie flew towards Ophira,if you blinked, you would have missed it. the fearie must have said something to the elf, becase Ophira then called Paige and luke over.
    "Well, Chrysanthe has told me that you two particular humans can't seem to keep you nose out of trouble, so, she was wondering if you would mind her watching over you for a while." Ophira said. Luke had a feeling that there was another hidden reason why she wanted the feary to look after them, but currently only cared about the healing of Paige's leg.

    "yeah, sure, but can she heal Paige's leg right now, cuz i can only hold her for so long." Luke said

    "And i can only be held for so long, and i really want to get up and walk."

    "Oh, right, Crysanthe, if you would be so kind..." Ophra gestured towards Paige.

    "Of course milady." The words were so clear and silky.