• Drakutha - Calloway Daily

    Drakutha climbed through the portrait hole and suddenly thought,'Where is Marieth?',He had not recalled seeing Marieth for several weeks,And he just recgonized this piece of information.He stood near a table for a few minutes,Thinking severely about Marieth.He turned around to check for anyone else in the common room and he sat in an armchair,Absentmindedly twiddling his thumbs.He stood up and climbed the stairs to the boys dormitory,To find Seirta and Elrokk staring into eachothers eyes and holding hands on a bed.He ignored them and grabbed his sketchbook out from under his bedsheet.He felt left out somehow,In a odd sort of way.

    He sat back in the armchair and sketched a couple including him and a brown haired girl,Sitting on a dock upon water.He nearly wished this brown haired girl was Calloway Daily,A blue eyed,and short brown haired,girl in his year.He admired her shining eyes and sleek hair.He closed his sketchbook and looked out the window.Immediantly he recgonized the brown haired head as Calloway's,She was animatedly talking to a group of boys,Who all gaped at her,Most drooling.Drakutha's stomach did a back-flip.

    He walked to the portrait and said,"Remindent Dofacious?",in a puzzled way.The lady in the portrait shook her head and said,"Nope.",Drakutha was prepared for this reply."Houfe.",He said.The portrait swung open and he walked out.He paced quickly down the corridor and walked down the many flights of stairs until he reached the entrance hall,He walked out throught the open doors and onto the grounds.The sky was very clear and the sun was shining brightly on the lake.He walked over to Calloway,who was now rummaging through her bag as the boys walked away."Er--Hi.",Drakutha said akwardly as she zipped her bag up.

    Her blue eyes searched her surroundings until she met Drakutha's eyes.She smiled and blushed,And Drakutha felt his face getting warmer."Hello.",she said in a sort of misty voice as she finished zipping her bag.Drakutha hastily stuck out a hand to help her up,She got up and muttered a word of thanks,But didn't let go of his hand.Drakutha took a deep breath and glanced behind him."Im Drakutha.",He said."Im Ca-",She began."lloway Daily.",Drakutha finished.Calloway looked pleased,"So..Ya know me?",she asked as they started walking near the lake,Hand in hand.

    "Not up close.But I've seen you around a few times.",Drakutha said.The arrived by the lake and Calloway lead him by the edge,They sat down and she let go of his hand.She carefully took off her socks and shoes and dipped her feet in the water.Drakutha stared into her eyes blankly.She placed her hand on his cheek and kissed him.