• Aric checked both Twilight and Saga for any wounds, and then smiled at the two.

    “Very close are ya?” She said with a laugh.

    “Nah, we’re good friends.” Saga said smiling.

    “Well, shall we go? I want to find that theif!” Twilight said licking her short fangs.

    As they began to walk through the sewer, it came to Aric and Saga, they never asked who Twilight was looking for.

    “Twi, what did this dude look like?” The red werewolf asked shaking off the water on his fur.

    “Tall, with dark black hair in a tattered black cloak. He had a black mask with white markings on it.” She said wiping her face since Saga just got her even wetter.

    “Sounds like the one we’re hunting.” Aric said with a low growl while flexing her hand tensing the muscles. “When we find him, he’s going to pay for killing the new blood.”

    They were silent for the rest of the walk till they found echos of something, they listened carefully and Twilight covered her nose.

    “Ew! Smells like Orcs!” She said with a gag. “They need a bath!”

    “So do you.” Saga joked.

    “Don’t be so rude wolf boy, you reek as well. Smell like a dog!” She said back when they heard hissing.

    A gun shot rings out and a bullet hits Saga’s left arm, he yelps in pain and took cover behind Aric while digging at the bullet.

    “It’s silver!” He growled.

    More gun shots are heard and bullets ricocheting off the sewer walls hitting various places and hitting Aric’s helmet. She growls and let her OMG Spirit to go after the attackers unseen before growling loudly.

    “Too bad I didn’t buy armor!” Saga complained while Twilight pulled out the bullet.

    “You will in the morning or later...” She said tossing the bullet away.

    Sloshing of water made the two werewolves hunker down ready to leap, but instead of leaping forward, they leap onto the darken ceiling disappearing from sight. Twilight was left alone in the water looking for them.
    “Hey! Don’t leave me here!” She shouted looking around to have Saga pull her up into the darkness.

    Attacked while hunting, but by who? The hunt continues....