• Chapter 1 ~the meeting~
    The unknown it is as it’s named. For you never know what is going to happen once you enter it. The unknown is like our lives for we never know what is going to happen before it already does, unless your psyche. All we can do hope for is the best. Well we start my story at the stroke of midnight in a small forest a couple of miles from a place I called… home. It was a cold night almost like it was about to snow. I look up at the dark cloudy sky; the only thing that could be seen between the clouds was a huge whitish silver (with a little dark blue around it) glowing full moon looking back at me.
    I sat there on a small black blanketed tree stump looking up at the moon. Most people would think me a fifteen year old girl would never be out on a night like this, epically since there were rumors floating around she had heard from her friends of nightly creatures such as werewolves and vampires in this forest late at night. But I didn’t care, I wanted to see if the rumors where true, and also my best friend Ryan had dared me to stay out all that night in the forest, so that’s what I planned to do.
    Pulling my black leather jacket tighter around me as a sudden harsh wind blew past making a piece of my long dark brown hair go into my face before I pushed it back behind my ear. I felt so cold right now, I guess that’s what I get for wearing a thin pair of dark blue jeans and a short sleeve black shirt, but at least I had my kind of warm jacket.
    Just then a howl rippled though the forest and my hazel eyes went wide. After looking around I laughed softly while saying to myself “it was only a near by dog” saying this merely helped to ease my fear. But little did I know I was being watched by unfelt eyes.
    I continued to sit there now shivering, just then I froze hearing a voice behind me “hey, what are you doing here girl” The voice was harsh but yet had a soft almost velvet like smoothness to it, I could tell was a male’s voice, but when I turned I was kind of surprised to find a young man probably about seventeen. He was very pale, almost like snow, with short jet black hair and light crystal blue eyes that you would want to get lost in and never return. He was also tall, taller than my 5’5 about maybe 6’5 by my guessing; I just stared at him until he spoke again. “I’ll ask again girl, what are you doing here?”
    “I don’t think that’s any of your concern, and stop calling me girl I have a name”
    The guy laughed and said “well what a smart little mouth we have here” he then smirked a bit
    “as I’ve been told before” I said back at him. I then got up off the stump as I saw him move toward me.
    He laughed a bit “heh you’re scared of me aren’t you”
    “n…no I’m not” I said.
    He laughed again “liar, I can tell you are scared”
    “I am not scared of-” I was cut off by a loud growl coming from the right of us…

    heart Chapter 2 coming soon n,..,n heart